12 Mary Poppins Costumes You Won’t Believe Exist

There’s a reason why Walt Disney had Mary Poppins re-written and re-filmed after the author of Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers, rejected him for 26 years. She was protective of her character and wanted to ensure that she would be portrayed appropriately in the film adaption.

However, the costume designers for the musical version of Mary Poppins must not have gotten that message as I’ve gathered a collection of 12 Mary Poppins Costumes You Won’t Believe Exist.

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Mary Poppins Costume 1 – The Sexy Nanny

Who says nannies can’t be sexy? This sexy outfit is perfect if you’re trying to decide on which Halloween costumes to wear and are looking for something easy but still attractive. If you want to go as a couple with your significant other, they can go as Bert or one of the chimney sweeps!

Mary Poppins Costume 2 – The Faux-Pregnant Nanny

If you’re pregnant this year, it doesn’t mean you have to settle with a boring costume

Mary Poppins is a children’s classic that continues to inspire young girls to be the best they can be. The story of Mary Poppins teaches children that sometimes you just have to let loose and have some fun. The Victorian nanny is known for her proper, prim outfits and her sensible carpet bag. However, these costumes are not so prim! Here are 12 Mary Poppins costumes you won’t believe exist.

1.Skimpy Nanny

This costume shows off a young girls’ legs, but it still retains the classic style of Mary Poppins’s uniform. This costume includes a skirt, top and bow tie — everything she’ll need for a night of trick-or-treating! Even though the skirt is a bit shorter than what most people would consider appropriate for a nanny, this costume is still cute and modest enough for kids.

This is the Halloween costume you didn’t know you wanted. Although, you may think the idea of a Mary Poppins Halloween costume is a bit strange, I think it’s pure genius. You can dress up in a cute outfit, act like an adult, and carry around a bag full of candy all night. Do I need to say more?

If you’re not totally convinced yet, here are 12 Mary Poppins costumes that will change your mind.

Get ready to be blown away by these incredible looks.

1. DIY Mary Pee-Poppins Costume

This isn’t a costume that’s available for purchase; however, it’s such a funny take on the classic look that it has to be included on this list.

2. Classic Mary Poppins Costume

This is the original Mary Poppins look — complete with hat and umbrella!

3. Sexy Mary Poppins Costume

Sexy costumes are always popular in October, so why not try this twist on the nanny?

The beloved Disney classic Mary Poppins turns 50 this year, and it’s just as magical today as it was when we first saw Julie Andrews float down from the sky. In honor of its birthday, here are some of the best Mary Poppins-inspired costumes on the Internet.

From homemade creations to store-bought outfits, these twelve Mary Poppins costumes will make you want to click your heels together three times and say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Quick, someone call PETA! This costume is a little too far.

Let’s face it: If you have Poppins on the brain, you’ve probably already got your own ideas for homemade Mary Poppins costumes. But not everyone can be a DIY-er, so here are some Mary Poppins Halloween costumes that are available for purchase.

If none of these fit the bill, you can always peruse eBay or Etsy for more options.

This cute little number will set you back about $120—and it doesn’t come with the umbrella or shoes!

If you want to look like this Poppins (who is actually a male model in drag), then all you need is $136 and a few hours with a makeup artist.

This Adult Premium Mary Poppins Costume includes everything shown—even the hat! It’s a bit pricey at $189.95…but if you take good care of your costume, it should last forever.

Mary Poppins is probably the most magical nanny in the history of nannies, and even though it’s been over 40 years since Mary Poppins was released, people still love to dress up as her.

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