5 Easy Steps To Preparing For Your Mermaid Costume

5 Easy Steps To Preparing For Your Mermaid Costume

So you’re going to be a mermaid for Halloween, and you’re wondering how you can best prepare? We have the answers!

Step 1: Find a costume

It’s easy to find a mermaid costume these days. The local mall may have a costume store, or you can check online. I often do my shopping at BuyCostumes.com, where I get 20% off just for being a blogger!

Step 2: Buy some makeup

You’ll need to make up your face so that it matches your costume. Take advantage of all the Halloween sales in the stores this time of year, or shop online. You can get some great deals!

Step 3: Get your hair cut and colored

This is the most important part of being a mermaid: your hair. You can’t go wrong with blue or purple; those are classic colors for mermaids. The style depends on your costume; if you’re going to be Ariel, then straight hair is fine. But if you’re going to be Ursula, then you might want to curl it and tease it out more.

Step 4: Practice swimming in your new tail!

If this is the first time you’ve worn

When you think about mermaid costumes its hard to find a good one. If you’re looking for a good mermaid costume, you can find one easily on the internet. Mermaid costumes are great during Halloween and they’re also great if you want to impress your friends. If you’re thinking of getting a mermaid costume, think again.

In this article I’m going to show you how to prepare for your mermaid costume in 3 easy steps:

1. Find a cheap wig

2. Get some good clothes

3. Wear makeup

4. Try them on

5. Get the perfect mermaid costume!

You can totally be a mermaid this Halloween if you have a little time to prepare. With just these five easy steps, you’ll have the nicest mermaid costume on the block!

Step 1: Go to the beach for inspiration.

Take some time and visit your local beach. Maybe even try going to a different state or country to really get that authentic mermaid vibe. If you’re lucky, someone will see you in your mermaid costume and take pictures to use later as reference.

Step 2: Draw yourself as a mermaid.

After washing off all that sand and humidity from your day at the beach, grab your sketchbook and draw yourself a few times as a mermaid. See how many different styles you can come up with before settling on one final design. Don’t worry if you don’t have any art skills, it’s not like anyone else has to see it anyway!

Step 3: Make the costume.

You’ll need a few supplies from your local craft store. Grab lots of sequins, glitter, and fake jewels and start sewing them onto an old bathing suit or leotard that you already own (or maybe ask for for your birthday!). The more sparkles the better!!

Step 4: Get a wig

1. Get a professional trim – If you have long hair, make sure you get it trimmed by a professional. A nice trim will make your hair look healthy and luscious, which is exactly the vibe we’re going for. Try adding some layers if you need some extra volume or movement to your hair.

2. Make sure it’s clean – Little known fact: mermaids love clean, healthy hair! So go ahead and wash your hair the day of the event. You don’t want to go overboard with conditioner or other products as this can make your hair look greasy or weighed down. Just be sure to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner like our Mermaid Shampoo and Mermaid Conditioner.

3. Accessorize – You’ll want to add a cute headband or crown accessory to your costume, so make sure you do this before you put on the wig cap (if you use one). If you need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest board for ideas on how to accessorize your mermaid costume!

4. Add a wig cap – Wig caps are available at any beauty supply store in the wig section. They help keep any stray hairs in place and give you a smooth

1. Choose your mermaid costume

2. Find the right accessories

3. Find the right makeup

4. Find the right hairstyle

5. Take lots of pictures!

1. Decide on the type of mermaid costume that you prefer. There are many different varieties available, so it is important to select the one that suits you best. You can choose from Little Mermaid costumes, which are perfect for younger girls and women; more adventurous costumes, which are great for teenagers and adults; or a sexy mermaid costume, which is ideal for women who want to show off their curves and look beautiful.

2. Find out what type of fabric your costume will be made from. Some materials can be quite abrasive and will cause discomfort, so it is important to find out what material is most suitable for you before you buy any. The most popular types of fabric include cotton, polyester, spandex and silk. If you have sensitive skin, choose a lighter fabric such as chiffon or satin rather than heavier fabrics such as velvet or burlap.

3. Choose the right accessories for your costume. Some accessories are very important in order to make your mermaid costume really stand out from the crowd; others may be less noticeable but still add an extra dimension to your outfit. Accessories can include a tiara (for a more sophisticated look), a headband (for a younger look) or jewellery such as neckl

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