5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Michael Myers Mask

If you’re a Halloween movie fan, you know that the mask worn by Michael Myers in the original Halloween is one of the most iconic horror movie masks ever. Many people don’t realize that the mask used in the movie was actually just a Captain Kirk mask painted white to look like a skull. Here are some more facts about the infamous Michael Myers mask:

The mask was a William Shatner Star Trek Mask

When John Carpenter and his team were coming up with ideas for Michael Myers’ costume, they wanted something very simple and nondescript. Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers in the original film, suggested they use a Captain Kirk mask as a starting point. A few coats of white paint later, and voila! You have one of the most iconic horror masks of all time.

The mask didn’t fit very well

Because the Michael Myers mask wasn’t meant to be worn and just used as an idea for Michael’s face, it didn’t fit that great on Nick Castle. He had to wear it without an elastic band to hold it on and would often push it up when he walked because it was so loose on his face. In later movies, different actors wore different variations of the original mask because none of them fit very well either.


Michael Myers is one of the most easily recognizable Halloween icons, thanks to his eerie mask. The original Halloween movie, released in 1978 and directed by John Carpenter, was a massive box office success and has since become a cult classic. While the majority of sequels have been total failures (with the exception of Halloween 2), it’s pretty safe to say that Michael Myers is here to stay and will always be a fan favorite.

One question we see pop up every year is: What kind of mask did Michael Myers wear in the original movie?!? You’d be surprised at how many people actually don’t know!

Most people know that Michael wore a William Shatner mask when he was just an innocent little boy. But what about when he turned into The Shape? There are several urban legends floating around on the web, so instead of compiling a list of alleged facts, I decided to do some research and gather some new information for you guys!

When you think of iconic Halloween movie costumes, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is the Michael Myers mask from 1978’s Halloween. While the original mask started out as a William Shatner Star Trek Captain Kirk mask painted white, it didn’t take long for that mask to become an icon in its own right. Through the years, there have been many different versions of this classic horror mask. Here are some interesting facts about the Michael Myers mask:

1) The original Michael Myers mask was a William Shatner Star Trek Captain Kirk Mask

2) The original Michael Myers mask wasn’t painted white; it was actually a blue-tinted flesh color

3) The original Michael Myers mask didn’t have any hair. It was added later when John Carpenter felt that it blended in too much with the night sky

4) The original Michael Myers mask has been used in several movies and TV shows. It’s been seen on the big screen in Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Halloween II and H20: 20 Years Later as well as TV shows like Criminal Minds and American Horror Story: Murder House; it also appeared on an episode of The Office called “The Incentive” where Dwight Schrute wore it for his costume party

5) The original

The mask of Michael Myers in the original Halloween was a modified William Shatner Captain Kirk mask.

It’s believed that the mask was originally purchased at a local thrift store for approximately $1.98, but this is not confirmed.

William Shatner himself has said he’s fine with people considering him to be the face of evil.

The paint on the mask was added by Tommy Lee Wallace, an assistant art director on the movie who would later go on to direct Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

The eyes are not aligned correctly; one is higher than the other which adds to the creepiness of the overall look.

The Michael Myers mask is one of the most iconic movie masks of all time. In fact, it was ranked the

1. The Michael Myers Mask Was Originally a Captain Kirk Mask

2. The Michael Myers Mask Was Painted White by the Production Designer

3. The Michael Myers Mask Was Supposed to Have a Beard

4. The Michael Myers Mask was Supposed to be Purchased Before the Murder of Judith Myers

5. The Michael Myers Mask is a William Shatner Captain Kirk Mask that was Painted White by the Production Designer and Supposed to have a Beard that was Supposed to be Purchased Before the Murder of Judith Myers

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