5 tips to put the best minion costume Everyone will Love

How to put the best minion costume Everyone will Love

1. Pick a good Minion costume

2. Make sure it is clean and ironed

3. Use shoes that match your minion costume

4. Make sure you have some accessories to go with your costume

5. wear it with confidence and show off your cool new minion costume

So you’re thinking about dressing up as a minion this year, but you’re not sure how to pull it off? Well, no worries! We’ve got the best tips and tricks to help you put on the best outfit people will love.

1. Wear the right shade of yellow. Your outfit is basically useless if your yellow isn’t right! Go with a nice bright color, but don’t go overboard. If you look like the sun, people might mistake you for one!

2. Be careful around sharp objects! The last thing you want are holes in your minion costume! You might want to buy some extra fabric just in case something goes wrong and it needs repairing.

3. Make sure you have all the accessories! People might not even realize what you are if you don’t have all your accessories with you! Don’t forget your twinkie, goggles, and minion overalls.

4. Have fun with it! This is Halloween after all – so be sure to enjoy yourself and have a good time with friends and family!!

5. Wear some makeup underneath those goggles!! If people actually see your face they won’t realize who you are unless they know who’s face is under there (hehe).

The minion costume: The most loveable, sweet, and adorable thing to ever come out of the movies. So where do you think of when you hear the word ‘minion’. You think of everything that is happy, joyous, and fun. Children everywhere laugh with delight when they hear the word minion. And what if you could be a part of such a wonderful and loveable character? Well… with 5 easy steps you can.

First off, you need to find the right minion outfit. This is the most important part of having a good and realistic minion costume, because without this specific part of the costume it would not be complete without it. The minions have their own unique way of dressing. They wear blue overalls with black buttons on them. They wear a t-shirt underneath those overalls that are yellow and black stripped or just plain yellow. They also wear black gloves and a pair of goggles on their head. And finally they wear black boots that go up to their knees.

Now that we have found our perfect outfit we need to find other little accessories the minions have to make the costume even better! One accessory is finding the right pair of goggles to put over your eyes so that it looks like you are actually wearing

The best way to put on minion makeup is to apply a base color that matches your skin tone, and then add on yellow and blue to create the minion effect. You can go all out and use professional grade makeup, or you can save some money by simply using face paint!

Remember, minions aren’t always full yellow! You can make your costume more unique by going with a purple or green instead of yellow.

The easiest way to get minion goggles is to cut out the lenses from an old pair of glasses. If you don’t have an old pair handy, consider making a pair from scratch using black electrical tape and fabric glue.

Minions are known for their overalls. Whether you’re looking to purchase your own pair or make them yourself, overalls are key to putting together a great costume.

You can’t be a minion without something to carry around. Make sure you have plenty of candy to hand out this Halloween so that people will think of you as the best party guest ever!

1. Eyes

     Some minion costumes have a mesh covering the area that would be the eyes. Some are just goggle-like, and some have nothing at all. This can make it hard to see out of the costume, especially if you are in a crowded area. You may want to consider having clear lenses put into your goggles so you can see out of them more easily without sacrificing the look of the costume.

2. Mouth

     If you are able to see better with a little less protection over your eyes, you may want to consider that option when choosing your costume. Many minion costumes have a rounded rectangle or circle over the mouth area, which can make it difficult to speak clearly while wearing the costume, or even breathe well when running around in hotter weather. If possible, opt for a mouthpiece that will allow you to breathe and speak more easily.

3. Feet

     The minion costumes that cover your feet are not only warmer than those that leave them exposed

1. Dress like a minion: The best way to dress up as a minion is to dress up as an actual minion. While this may sound obvious, there are many costumes out there that do not provide the look of a real minion. You will want to make sure that your costume includes all the details of a minion.

2. Wear yellow: Minions are yellow, and they are not ashamed of it. You should embrace your inner yellow and completely immerse yourself in the color of joy and happiness. 

3. Wear goggles: No matter what you do, your costume will never be complete without these bad boys on your head. Whether you wear them on top of your head or around your neck, you can never go wrong with these iconic blue accessories.

4. Be loud: One thing about minions is that they are usually very loud and obnoxious. It is important that you express yourself as much as possible when in this costume by yelling things like “Bello” and “Banana” throughout the day.

5. Have fun: Overall, it is important that you have fun being a minion for the day! If you fail to have fun while dressed up, then what was the point?

1. If you want to be a minion, it is all about the overalls.

You will need to buy yourself a pair of overalls, and make sure that they are blue. You’ll also want to get some yellow fabric paint and draw some black buttons on the front. Don’t worry if they look a little rough, because minions are not known for their fine needlework.

2. Get yourself a yellow shirt or t-shirt to wear underneath your overalls. You can buy one, or dye an old white one yellow with some food colouring or fabric dye.

3. Once you have your overalls and t-shirt sorted you will need some goggles to put on top of your head so that they stay in place while you are dancing around like a crazy person (sorry, I mean Minion).

4. Get yourself some black gloves to wear over your hands – Minions always seem to be wearing gloves, so it is just not complete without them.

5. Last but not least you will need some shoes or boots – if you are going for the original Minion look then go for overalls that finish just under the knee (so you don’t have too much extra material hanging

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