5 Ways to Octopify for Halloween

We wanted to give you a few ideas on how to celebrate Halloween with a cephalopod theme! Below are five ways to be the best dressed octopus in town!

1. Bat Wings: We love the look of bat wings, and they are so easy to make! Just cut out some wings from black or dark purple felt or construction paper, and tape them to your arms. You can also use a glue gun if you want something more permanent.

2. Googly Eyes: Use googly eyes to decorate your clothes, your hat, or even your glasses! You can never have enough googly eyes!

3. Halloween Headband: Make a headband using pipe cleaners and black construction paper. Glue googly eyes to the ends of each pipe cleaner, then curl them into tentacles!

4. Tentacles: These can be made out of construction paper or felt. If you use felt, you can use a glue gun to attach them around your wrists for an instant tentacle cuff bracelet! Or you can tape them to the top of your shoes for some wacky tentacle feet!

5. Costume Ideas: If you’re feeling extra lazy this year, just wear

I love Halloween! It is my favorite holiday of the year! I love Octopus and Cephalopods in general, so I am going to share with you some of my ideas on how to make your Halloween octopified!

1) Make an octopus costume. This is the most obvious one. You can make an octopus costume using foam and paint or fabric.

2) Make a squid costume. This one is pretty similar to making an octopus costume, but it might be a little bit more difficult.

3) Make an octopus mask! This isn’t a full costume but it is great for parties and simple enough to make in an afternoon.

4) Make a giant octopus pillow! This isn’t exactly a costume, but it can be used as decoration for the holiday season. To make this, you need some sewing skills and supplies, but it’s not too hard if you have made pillows before.

5) Wear a hat with tentacles on it! Not exactly an “octopus” hat, but close enough for me!

1. DIY Octopus Costume

This is the most basic cephalopod costume, and there are many tutorials out there for it. It’s super easy to make, but also super cute! I’ve made one before — it took me about an hour. All you need are two or three pairs of tights, some fabric glue, and a few rubber bands!

2. DIY Octopus Hat

This is another costume that I’ve tried before, and it was certainly the easiest one on this list. If you only want a subtle touch of octopus, this is the way to go — just put on a plain outfit, then put on this hat! You can buy a similar one online, or make your own like I did. It’s pretty simple if you know how to crochet and have access to a sewing machine.

3. Octopus Hairdo

If you’re going all-out with your cephalopod costume (or just want everyone to know that you like octopuses), go for this hairstyle! I’ve never done this myself, but it looks really fun and cute. There are several different styles for you to choose from: top knot with tentacles cascading down your back; half-up braid with tentacles

It’s that time of year again! Soon we’ll be carving pumpkins and dressing up as our favorite characters and creatures. Why not take a cue from the ocean’s most beloved mollusk, the octopus? There are more than 300 species of octopus in the world, so you have lots of options when it comes to creating your own unique cephalopod costume! Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Make a face mask out of paper mache. Paint it with one or two colors, or go all-out with eight!

2. Cut eye holes in an umbrella and cover it with paper scales. Use fishing line to attach the umbrella to a shirt so that you can open and close it for full effect.

3. Wear a shirt covered in felt tentacles. Sew them onto the bottom of your shirt or glue them on with a hot glue gun for a temporary option!

4. Create a tutu out of tulle, then add felt tentacles around the waistband and headband for extra cuteness!

5. Draw and color an octopus shape on a piece of poster board, then cut it out and punch holes to lace ribbon through so you can wear it like a pendant around your neck!

1. Learn Octopus Facts

Octopuses are amazing, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there! Before you get started, do your research. We recommend starting with the Smithsonian Ocean Portal to learn all about octopuses and their cousins.

2. Create a Costume

An octopus costume is a fun way to celebrate Halloween! You can make one in any style you like—simple or fancy—using an old umbrella as the base of the costume. Check out this tutorial for full instructions and more ideas for making your own octopus costume.

3. Draw an Octopus

If you’re an artist (or even if you’re not!), try drawing an octopus! Don’t forget that they have eight arms and use ink for camouflage when threatened by predators. For more inspiration, check out some of our favorite cephalopod drawings by talented artists from around the world!

4. Build a Cephalopod Pen Pal Kit

It can be hard to find exciting snail mail these days, but we have a solution: send your friends or family a cephalopod pen pal kit! This kit includes an origami octopus (with instructions), a postcard featuring an octopus illustration by artist Molly Mendoza,

October is here and that means Halloween isn’t far behind. If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a spectacular costume idea in mind, but if you’re looking for something to top your friends this year, look no further than our favorite sea creature: the octopus. From hats to full body costumes, we have five ways to make sure your eight-legged theme is the hit of the party.

Octopus Hats

Octopus hats are fun for parties and easy to make. If you want something simple, cut an arch out of a sheet of purple felt and glue it to a hat. For extra flair, add some eyes. Or, if you’re feeling more ambitious, use two sheets of felt and roll them into cones that you can attach to the top of a hat. Add some tentacles with paper accordions or pipe cleaners and position them as they would be on an octopus’s head.

Cute Octopuses

For kids who love octopuses but don’t want anything scary, try making a simple bodysuit using purple spandex or leggings and a shirt. Add felt tentacles coming from the neckline or sleeves and use fabric paint to create spots on the

What is the one thing that everyone loves more than anything else? Octopuses! They are the perfect animal. They are cute, intelligent, and squishy. So this Halloween, why not be an octopus? We have compiled a list of all of our favorite octopus themed costumes for you to check out this Halloween.


Our first costume is for adults. This costume will allow you to wear an octopus on your head, which is the dream of everyone everywhere. The tentacle movement is controlled by your mouth, which will allow you to show off your love of cephalopods while still being able to eat candy at the same time!


This costume may look like it is just a shirt with a picture of an octopus on it, but if you look closer you can see that it has a small hole in the back that allows a small child to crawl into the shirt and become part of the octopus. This will make them feel like part of something bigger than themselves and allow them to have a new best friend that they can carry around with them everywhere they go. Don’t worry if they start acting like an octopus though, they are probably just excited about how awesome it is to be an

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