9 Spells That Saved Lives In The Harry Potter Books

I decided to make this post because I love Harry Potter, and it’s my favorite book series. I also wanted to show the importance of spells, and how they can save lives. Of course, there will be spoilers in this post, so if you have not read all the way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you might want to stop reading right now!

Here are the nine spells that saved lives:

1.The Patronus Charm

2.The Summoning Charm

3.The Disarming Charm

4.The Shield Charm

5.The Impervius Charm

6.The Levitation Charm

7.The Healing Spell (Healio)

8.The Jelly-Legs Curse (Locomotor Mortis)

9.Expecto Patronum

When you think about Harry Potter, you probably don’t think about the spells. But you should. The spells are what really helped Harry and his friends come out on top against the dark arts. Imagine if they hadn’t had any spells? How would they have been able to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named?

Well, it’s a good thing they did have spells! And boy, did those spells come in handy when they needed them most. Here are 9 spells that saved lives in the Harry Potter books:

1. Alohomora

2. Expecto Patronum

3. Lumos

4. Wingardium Leviosa

5. Rennervate

6. Aguamenti

7. Diffindo

8. Incendio

9. Obliviate

In the Harry Potter books, spells are an integral part of magic and wizardry. Spells can be used for good or bad intentions, but in this article I will only focus on 9 spells that saved lives.

The following spells are not ranked in any particular order. This is just a collection of 9 spells that saved lives at some point during the Harry Potter book series.

1. Expecto Patronum

Expecto Patronum is a spell that allows the wizard to conjure up a Patronus which protects them from Dementors. Harry Potter used this spell to protect Sirius Black and Buckbeak, who were both sentenced to death by dementors. The spell was also used by Dumbledore’s Army to defend themselves against Death Eaters during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

2. Prior Incantato

Prior Incantato is a spell that shows the most recent spell performed by a wand. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger used this spell to figure out what happened to Ron Weasley when he disappeared in Deathly Hallows.

3. Levicorpus

Levicorpus is a spell that suspends an individual upside down in the air by their ankles, as if hung by an invisible hook. It was a jinx invented by Remus

The Harry Potter books are full of magic and playful spells that can have some pretty serious consequences. It’s not just about the magic, though. The spells in the Harry Potter books can save lives.

Harry Potter is a beloved character with his dark hair and glasses, but he’s also a good guy. He knows how to use his powers to help people and has saved many people’s lives throughout the series.

Here are nine spells that saved lives in the Harry Potter books:

Expelliarmus: This spell was used by Harry Potter in the first book when he faced off against Voldemort for the first time. It disarmed Voldemort and sent him flying through the air.

Expecto Patronum: The patronus charm is used to protect people from Dementors, which are creatures that suck out your soul and leave you feeling empty inside. If a person casts a patronus charm, they will be protected from Dementors because it creates an invisible shield around them.

Riddikulus: This spell is used against Boggarts, which take on the form of whatever scares you most and then become real if you don’t change its shape back before it attacks you with whatever weapon it has chosen to wield at that moment (i.e

There are plenty of spells and charms that save lives in the Harry Potter books. The Patronus charm might be the most famous, but it’s far from being the only example. We’ve put together a list of some other spells that have saved lives (or at least made life a lot more comfortable) in the Wizarding World.

The Summoning Charm

This is one of the first spells Harry learns in his magical career, and it’s about as useful as charms get. He uses it to pull his broom to him during flying lessons and to bring objects from across rooms. It even saves him from getting a detention when he accidentally sets fire to his teacher’s robes during a Potions lesson.


This spell is so dangerous that no one knows who invented it or what its original use was. It was written on parchment hidden in a book belonging to Severus Snape — leading Harry to believe Snape had created it — but when he finally asks Snape, the professor denies inventing Sectumsempra and says he didn’t know what the spell did when he wrote it in his book. Even after Harry gets past his initial anger at Snape, they never find out who created this life-saving spell.

Prior Incantato


When people think of the Harry Potter series, they often think of the magic. For some, it’s a source of fascination. For others, it’s just another way to tell a good story. But for me, the most important thing about the magic used in Harry Potter is what it represents: hope.

Hope is something that many of us have lost over the years. It might be because we’ve developed a cynical view of the world around us, or maybe we’ve just forgotten how to dream. But whatever the reason may be, we’ve lost our ability to imagine a better future for ourselves and those around us.

In the Harry Potter universe, there are spells for everything from making yourself invisible (the Invisibility Cloak) to turning into an animal (Polyjuice Potion). But there are other spells that have more practical uses in everyday life. These are known as “Utility Spells.”

The term “Utility Spell” was coined by J.K Rowling herself during an interview with David Letterman back in 1998: “A Utility Spell is one which can be used in everyday life.” These spells can help you get out of sticky situations or even save your own life! For example:

– Accio: Summons any object within

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