Be A Christmas Guardian Angel

Welcome to the Holiday Angel Costume Page, where you’ll find everything you need to be a guardian angel for the holidays.

Making your own angel costume is easy with this simple tutorial and step-by-step instructions.

I’m hoping that many of you will make an angel costume and be a guardian angel for someone this holiday season. Here’s how it works:

Find a child, teen or adult who could use some extra love and kindness this Christmas. Let them know that you are their guardian angel and will do anything you can to help them have a happy holiday. Then make good on that promise!

Whether you want to be a Christmas guardian angel or an angel for Halloween, this costume is sure to please. The wings are made of white feathers attached to wire and then covered with tulle and glitter. A simple white dress and halo help complete the look.

What You’ll Need:

White feather boa

White feathers (these can be found in a craft store)

Gold glitter

Silver glitter

Wire coat hanger

White tulle (available at fabric stores)

Craft glue

Hot glue gun

Thin elastics or ribbon

White dress with a high waistline (look in the bridesmaids section of the bridal store or the prom section of a department store)

Thin gold rope or jewelry chain (for the halo)

Don’t know what to be for Halloween? Angel costumes are a great choice for the holiday. We’ve got guardian angel costumes, sexy angel costumes and Christmas angel costumes for adults and kids.

Guardian Angel Costumes

Guardian angels are symbols of protection, security and love. Guardian angel costumes are also known as cherub costumes or cupid costumes. Our guardian angel costumes come in a variety of styles including classic robes, wings and halos.

Angel Costumes for Women

If you’re finding it tough to decide on an adult angel costume, look no further than our collection of women’s angel costumes. This selection will make it easy to find the perfect one for you this Halloween! We have sexy ladybug, fairy and butterfly adult angel costumes that will make you look like an enchanting creature of the night! Or you can choose from classic women’s angel costumes that will have you looking like a real heavenly helper! Be sure to check out our selection of classic white feather wings while you’re shopping here so you’ll be ready to hit the skies this Halloween!

Christmas Angel Costumes

Christmas is one of the best times of year to wear an angel costume. You can wear your Christmas angel costume all season long at Christmas parties or even to work or school

How Do You Make an Angel Costume?

Making an angel costume is easy when you have the right supplies. Whether you are making a guardian angel costume for your child, or dressing up for a Christmas play, this simple costume design is quick and easy. Since angels are associated with the colors white and gold, those are the colors we have chosen for our example here. But feel free to use any colors that suit your taste, or what’s available in your closet or at the fabric store.

The Christmas angel costume is one of the most popular and easy to make home costumes for the holiday season. Whether your guardian angel costume is for a special performance, or just to wear around the house, you are sure to find that this is a fun costume to wear.

Many schools will put on plays that feature a cast of angels, so if your child will be performing in a play, this is a great costume idea. A Christmas angel costume can also be used as part of a nativity scene or during other school functions.

If you have never made a costume before, this project is very simple and easy to create. You can use supplies that you already have on hand, or purchase some inexpensive items at the store. You can also reuse the costume for several years or even pass it down to your younger children once they are big enough to wear it.

In order to make a Christmas angel costume, you will need:

Need a simple Christmas angel costume? You can put this together with items you probably already have in your closet. And, no sewing is required!

This Christmas angel costume is extremely simple to make. In fact, it’s so easy that even Dad can do it!

Here are the supplies you will need:

1) White t-shirt and leggings

2) White cardstock or construction paper (cut into feather shapes)

3) Scotch tape (or hot glue gun if you want to get fancy)

1. Start with a white turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt or leotard.

2. Create a skirt for your angel costume by cutting the bottom half of a white bed sheet into two equal sections (or use pieces of white muslin fabric).

3. Stitch the two sections together with a simple hem to create a tube, and then stitch the tube shut at one end.

4. Measure around your waist, and measure this against the fabric tube; cut away any excess fabric from the top of the tube so that it will fit snugly around your waist.

5. Make two holes in each side of the fabric, about an inch apart from each other. Then stitch ribbon through these holes so that you can tie the skirt around your waist like a belt (the ribbon can also be used to hang up your halo).

6. Use glitter and glue to decorate your skirt with lots of sparkly stars, snowflakes and sequins. You can also sew on some beads or bells if you like!

7. Create wings for your angel costume using cardboard and wire hangers: first, cut out two large wing shapes from cardboard and then bend wire hangers to create an arched frame for each wing.

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