Classic Pirate Costumes

Classic Pirate Costumes: One of a kind costumes. Great for Parties and even Halloween!

Pirate Costume Features:

-Realistic Pirate Costume from Pirates of the Caribbean.

-Includes: Hat, Eye Patch, Belt and Shirt with Tattered Sleeves.

-One Size Fits Most Adults.

Use this costume for Halloween or any pirate themed parties!

Pirate Costume

The Pirate costume features a long sleeve shirt, long coat and belt. The shirt has an attached vest front, wide collar and open cuffs. The coat is black with gold trim and an attached red sash. The belt is black with gold buckles and a skull and crossbones centerpiece. Add some pirate accessories like a sword or hat for a complete look!

Classic Pirate Costumes

One of a kind costumes. Great for Parties and even Halloween!


– Available in a variety of colors and sizes.

– Perfect for any occasion.

— Great for Halloween, parties, and other events.

— A must have for any pirate lover!

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Welcome to Classic Pirate Costumes!

We are passionate about creating the best pirate costumes around. We have one goal in mind and that is to give our customers the chance to get exactly what they want in a costume at a price that is affordable.

Classic Pirate Costumes offers a wide selection of high quality, hand-crafted costumes and accessories for adults, children and even pets. Whether it’s for your next party or Halloween celebration, Classic Pirate Costumes guarantees you will find the exact look you want.

Our inventory of costumes include:

Jack Sparrow – like famous Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean movie series

Pirate Wench – Sexy wenches in lace-up peasant tops, corsets and wide skirts

Captain Morgan – replica outfit with authentic tricorn hat and coat

Plus, we offer accessories including hats, sashes, belts, boots, swords and more. You will also find some great home decorations, such as wall plaques and other items that will make any room look like a treasure trove!

Classic Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Men

Pirate Costumes for Women

Pirate Costumes for Kids

Pirate Accessories

Classic Pirate Costumes is your one stop shop for all of your pirate needs. While we have many different types of costumes and accessories, our specialty is in Classic Pirate Costumes. We offer both mens and womens pirate costumes as well as full outfits, shirts, coats and vests, hats, headwear, belts and buckles, boots and shoes, weapons, jewelry, masks and eye patches. Our mission at Classic Pirate Costumes is to provide the highest quality merchandise at the lowest cost possible.

We take great pride in our customers satisfaction. We strive to deliver only the highest quality products and service possible. Serving our customers every day with honesty and integrity is our goal. We want everyone who visits or purchases from us to feel comfortable and confident about their purchase. If you have any questions about a product or a particular order please contact us!

Our company specializes in making pirate costumes. We have a variety of different styles of pirate outfits to choose from. In addition, we can even make your pirate costume exactly how you would like it!

We offer free shipping on all orders over $100.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to talk to someone about a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

Pirate costumes started out as a simple and very basic outfit that was worn by pirates. They consisted of a shirt, pants, boots and a hat. Over the years, pirate costumes have evolved into a wide variety of different outfits. You can find classic pirate costumes that look like they were right out of the Caribbean or you can even find more modern pirate outfits that may have a less frightening appeal to them.

Costumes are great for children’s parties, especially if they are themed events. You can easily find pirate costumes for kids, but you also want to be sure that you’re getting a costume that is safe for your child to wear and play in. They should be comfortable and fit well so there’s no chance of them tripping over the costume or injuring themselves while playing.

A pirate costume is also great for Halloween because it is an inexpensive costume to make or purchase. It’s also a great choice for both boys and girls because it comes in all different styles from more traditional outfits to more modern ones with less scary designs.

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