Costume Makeover for Only $10

Princess Peach Costume Makeover for Only $10

How to make a Princess Peach costume on the cheap! This is a blog about a costume makeover project. You’ll be surprised at how you can transform even an inexpensive costume into something beautiful.

After a long day at work, I was still excited to head over to the party. I had found a great costume idea online and was looking forward to testing out my skills. The costume was for Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers.

I had bought a yellow dress for $10 at Target. Then I went to Joann’s Craft store and bought white felt, white tulle, and gold ribbon. When I got home, I cut the felt into various shapes to create the design on the front of Princess Peach’s dress. Then, I sewed it on with white thread. To make the collar and sleeves look puffy, I sewed some of the tulle onto it. Finally, to make it look more regal and sophisticated, I sewed some of the gold ribbon onto the dress as well.

The costume looked exactly like what Peach wears! It was an amazing transformation considering how cheap it was! You would have never guessed that I had made it instead of buying it!

I love to dress up in costumes. I also love a good bargain. So when my sister suggested we go as Mario and Princess Peach for Halloween, I was excited to find the best costume for the best price.

I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a peach costume at any store. There were princess costumes, but they were all pink and glittery, which isn’t really my style.

Finally I found a costume online that looked promising, but when it arrived it didn’t fit quite right. It was also a very cheap material that wouldn’t hold up well to being taken on and off all night, not to mention being worn for trick-or-treating with children.

That’s when I decided to make my own costume based on what I had available. My sister helped me out with the dress, and I had some extra fabric from another project that would work perfectly for the flower brooch on the chest. Now it was time to get started!

This weekend I hosted a Costume Makeover party, where a bunch of my friends came and helped me put together new costumes out of old clothes. (I will blog about it soon!) We had a blast in our own individual projects but we also did group projects, and one of them was a princess costume.

This one was the simplest of all the group costumes to make; the hardest part was getting everyone to agree on what a princess was. Luckily, I had YouTube on hand to show us that there are many different kinds of royalty! We decided to go with Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros., and she ended up being pretty adorable.

Here’s how we did it:Buy a light yellow t-shirt.Find some white fabric. Cut it into half inch strips and sew one end to the shirt. Then braid them all into one big braid and sew the other end to the shirt.Buy some red satin and cut out some hearts for appliques. Sew the hearts onto your white fabric belt thingie. Also make a little crown thing with gold fabric and sew that on too!Buy white socks or leg warmers, which you should also trim with lace or ribbon or whatever you have around in your scrap box.Done!

I was browsing through my local Goodwill store and I found a Princess Peach costume on the rack. It was only $9.99! So I decided to buy it and make it over.

I added a pink satin ribbon belt, then I took off the long white gloves and cut them short, leaving just enough material to attach it to the sleeves.

Next, I took some white lace and sewed it around the bottom of the dress.

I painted the crown with a metallic silver paint, then used some hot glue to attach some glittery pink gems on the side.

Finally, I used a hot glue gun to put rhinestones on the gloves.

I’ve been wanting to make a Princess Peach costume for a while now. I’m glad I got the chance! This costume was made using almost entirely recycled materials. The skirt and gloves were repurposed from thrift store finds and the crown was made from an old tinfoil plate, pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun. Even the shoes were just spray painted!

The dress was a thrift store find. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for Princess Peach, but the price was right ($3) and it looks great with a little modification. The original dress was sleeveless, so I added sleeves by cutting off the bottom of a pink t-shirt (also from the thrift store). Next, I cut out and sewed an oval shape out of yellow fabric, then glued that on to the front of the skirt. (The picture above has not been glued yet.) This created an unfinished look that reminds me of embroidery.

Here is a closeup of the embroidery-like design:

I decided to add some more details to the skirt with glitter glue and tulle. I used glitter glue to create small dots all over the skirt, then cut out two pieces of red tulle and hand stitched

I actually started this project in December, but I didn’t finish it until a few weeks ago. It was my first time sewing anything, and I am very happy with the results.

I went to the thrift store and found an old ugly striped dress for $2.50.

Also, I bought a pair of white tights for $1.50 at Walmart and a pair of black flats for $3 at the thrift store.

Then, I got a pair of scissors, some thread, felt, glue…and that’s pretty much it!

This was my inspiration:

And this is what I ended up with:

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