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We specialize in costumes, props and accessories for haunted houses. Just visit our website to see some of the things we have available. We offer a wide range of items and are continually expanding our inventory to provide you with more options.

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Although some haunted houses require you to buy your costume or prop, there are plenty of options to make your own. Making a ghost costume is a great option because it is simple and easy. The most important part of a successful ghost costume is knowing how to hide the body so that you only appear as a floating head.

Below is a list of items you will need in order to make your ghost costume:

– White sheets

– White gloves and socks

– Scissors

– Measuring tape

– Stapler (optional)

First, put on your white clothing, including your white socks and shoes. Put on your white gloves and pull them all the way up to the top of your shirt sleeves, making sure that none of your skin peeks through. Next, pull the white sheet over yourself and tuck it into your pants at the waistline. Wrap it around once or twice and use safety pins to secure the sheet at your waistline. If possible, have someone help you with this step. Next, cut an arm hole on either side of the sheet, just underneath where you tucked it into your pants. Cut another hole in the middle at chest level so that you can see out of it. You may also want

The Ghost Costume is a must have for your next Halloween party! The costume comes in three different sizes and is easy to care for. Just throw it in the washing machine.

The costume itself is made of a very soft cotton fabric with a sheer overlay that gives it that ghostly appearance. The hood has two red eyes, so no one will be able to see your face!

This costume would make a great addition to any haunted house this season! It can also be used to decorate your home with creepy decorations.

The Ghost Costume comes with a full body suit and hood. The fabric is lightweight, but will keep you warm. There are slits for your eyes, mouth, and hands. The material is slightly transparent allowing you to see out.

This costume is perfect for Halloween parties, haunted houses, and more!

Welcome to our haunted house!

“What do you mean, ‘welcome’?” I hear you ask. “Isn’t this a haunted house? Shouldn’t we be scared, not welcome?”

Yes, this is a haunted house! And it’s a very scary one. But that doesn’t mean we can’t welcome our visitors in a friendly way.

In fact, some of the scariest things happen in the most friendly environments! So don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.

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