Dead Sexy The 5 Commandments of Zombie Costuming

It’s October, and you know what that means! It’s time for zombie costumes. I think zombie costumes are one of the greatest costume ideas of all time. They’re fun to put together and you can use them over and over again, changing them up every year. Here are my five commandments for getting the most out of your zombie Halloween costume:

1. Be as detailed as possible.

2. Be creative with your accessories.

3. Makeup can make or break a zombie costume, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do your makeup right!

4. Wear comfortable clothing underneath your zombie costume.

5. Have fun!

To begin, let me say that I have been a zombie for most of my life. I am what you might call a “professional” zombie. Not only have I worn a zombie costume for many years, but I have also done extensive work on creating the perfect zombie costume. So, if you’re going to do it, do it right!

Here are five basic principles that you should keep in mind as you try to create the perfect zombie costume:

1) Be original. Zombies aren’t just about looking like a corpse. There are different types of zombies and different ways to do them up so that they look original and stand out from the crowd. And not all zombies are green and rotting!

2) Think outside the box. Your zombie costume doesn’t have to be made entirely out of latex or plastic. In fact, some materials can be even scarier than latex or plastic because they are so realistic-looking. My favorite is flesh-colored spandex because it looks just like skin, but there are lots of other options out there too!

3) Don’t forget about your face! Any good zombie costume needs a really scary face, whether it’s from makeup or masks or whatever else you can think of that will make people scared when they

The worst thing that could happen is you’d get a call and your grandmother would say, “So, I’m really glad you’re coming to visit. What should we cook?”

“Oh, no thanks! I’m bringing my own lunch.”


“I’ve got a sandwich.”

“You’re gonna eat a sandwich here? Why are you bring a sandwich?”

“Because I like my sandwich!”

Are you going to be in the same situation with your zombie costume? You don’t have to be–it can be easy! Here’s how:

The zombie costume is something that never fails to turn heads. You can wear any and everything to decorate yourself as a zombie and you will still look pretty darn good.

Here are some tips for creating the perfect zombie costume.

1. Get creative with your clothing

One of the best things about zombies is the fact that they never look the same. The clothing you choose should be old, torn, stained, and dirty. Old clothes that look like they have been buried in the ground for some time are preferable. Any kind of outfit will work too; suits, dresses, skirts, jogging pants, shirts…all are fair game!

1. Thou shalt not try to be too scary

2. Thou shalt not forget about motion

3. Thou shalt not sacrifice comfort for accuracy

4. Thou shalt not abandon thy costume early in the evening

5. Thou shalt not be afraid to laugh at thyself

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