Disney Princess Ariel’s 10 Best Looks

As a child I always wanted to be Ariel, the little mermaid. She was my favorite Disney princess, and she still is to this day. Her red hair, her beautiful singing voice, everything about her was perfect.

Ariel’s 10 Best Looks: A blog about the top 10 looks from Ariel in Disney Princess along with other princesses.

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Disney Princess Ariel’s 10 Best Looks

We’re counting down the top looks from the Little Mermaid.

Ariel has always been one of my favorite Disney princesses. Her adorable personality, her sweet but fiery relationship with Prince Eric, and of course, her stunning looks. Throughout the film, Ariel is a bright and optimistic mermaid dressed in nothing but a sea shell bikini and flowing red locks. But after she trades her voice for legs to be with Eric, she not only gets to explore the human world, but she also gets to show off some gorgeous outfits.

Over several days I sat and watched The Little Mermaid again and again taking notes on all of Ariel’s outfits throughout the movie. Finally, I came up with my personal list of her top 10 looks!

10. Wedding Dress

After all this time searching for Prince Eric, Ariel finally finds him at his wedding to Ursula in disguise as Vanessa. Unfortunately for Ariel, she has no voice so she can’t stop the ceremony and when Scuttle bursts in announcing that Vanessa is actually Ursula in disguise, it’s too late! All hope seems lost until Grimsby arrives with his sword and cuts the rope holding up Ursula’s human disguise revealing her true form! In order to save Eric from

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel has been a fan favourite since the first time she sang “Part of Your World” on screen. As one of Disney’s most beloved princesses, her style has evolved over the years. She traded her seashells for a pair of legs and made quite the transformation from a young mermaid to a queen.

In honor of The Little Mermaid’s upcoming 30th anniversary (as well as it’s officially being released on Blu-ray), we’re taking a look back at Ariel’s best looks throughout the years. From her iconic red hair to her sea-inspired gowns, we’ve rounded up the top 10 looks from Ariel and other Disney princesses through the years.

The Little Mermaid cast is reuniting for a special anniversary celebration, and we’re taking a look back at all of our favorite moments from the movie. In honor of The Little Mermaid being released on Blu-ray next week, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite memories from the movie.

If you are looking for the most iconic Disney Princess Ariel’s looks, you have come to the right place. I will be going through each of the movies and listing out my favorite Disney Princess Ariel looks from each one. Let’s get started!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a classic movie that everyone should watch at least once in their lives. This film features some of the most iconic princesses in all of Disney history, including Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White and more.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a great movie because it shows what happens when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. You can see how difficult it is for Ariel to live without her father and how she tries to keep him alive by finding human food.

The Lion King

The Lion King is another classic Disney movie that everyone should see. It tells the story of Simba and his journey to become king after his father Mufasa dies in battle with Scar. This movie shows us that even though life may get tough sometimes, we can always find happiness again if we just keep trying!

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast is another classic Disney movie that I think everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime

It is no secret that Disney Princesses are some of the most fashionable and iconic characters in pop culture. Throughout the years, each princess has had their own unique sense of style and many fans have attempted to recreate those looks. In honor of Ariel’s birthday, we decided to take a look at her most iconic outfits and recreate them for less than $150.

Here’s our list of Ariel’s top ten looks and how to dress like her for less:

1. The infamous green mermaid tail – $125

Ariel’s mermaid costume is one of the most iconic looks from The Little Mermaid. For a DIY option, all you need is a green sequin dress ($48) and a shell bra ($13). Add purple eyeshadow ($10), red lipstick ($6), and a red wig ($50) to complete the look!

2. Pink Dress – $20

In the beginning of The Little Mermaid movie, you can catch Ariel wearing this adorable pink dress. You can easily recreate this look with a pink shirt ($8) and pink skirt ($12). Add our favorite pair of sparkly shoes ($8) for an extra touch!

3. Blue Dress – $30

Ariel’s blue dress from The Little Mermaid is probably

There are a few things that Ariel has in common with her fellow Disney princesses. They all have a love for adventure, they all have an affinity for animals, and they all have incredible style. But when it comes to fashion, Ariel is the queen of the sea. No one can pull off a ruffled top like she can! Her outfit choices are always bold and colorful. And what’s more, she even has 10 different looks!

Since Ariel was first introduced to us back in 1989, her wardrobe has certainly expanded. We’ve got your back; we’re breaking down our favorite outfits from the princess of the seas.

1. The classic look – Ariel’s iconic purple seahorse dress is the true definition of “little mermaid”. It’s simple yet beautiful and screams royalty (which she is). Plus, those sequins are everything! The only thing more amazing than this dress is how much work Sebastian had to put in to make it happen.

2. The casual look – No one rocks a casual outfit like Ariel does! This simple blue shirtdress is loose and comfortable but still has some personality thanks to the bow belt and flower in her hair. This look is perfect for a quick trip to the surface world or even hanging out at home

When it comes to style, Ariel has a lot of looks that are sure to inspire you. From her mermaid styles, to her rags-to-riches look from her adventure on land, these ensembles will make you want to be part of her world.

Even though she’s a princess, Ariel rocks some unique fashion choices during her time in the human world. She also loves to change up her hair and makeup every once in a while—just like us regular people!

Ariel is one of the prettiest ocean creatures thanks to how much she loves playing dress-up. Whether it’s an everyday look or a night on the town, she always adds something fun and unique to make it all her own.

If we could borrow any of Ariel’s outfits, we’d probably go with

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