Guide to Everyday Elegance

Today, I want to share with you a little guide I put together on how to make the most of your clothes. It’s all about getting rid of clutter and making sure that what you have in your wardrobe is not just well-organised, but fits and is easy to wear.

First things first: go through your wardrobe and identify what you don’t need. If something hasn’t been worn in years, it probably needs to go. If it doesn’t fit, it probably needs to go too – although sometimes, clothing can be altered or taken in. For example, if you’ve lost weight and still have some clothes from when you were heavier, why not get them altered?

The key is to be ruthless. You might find it hard initially, especially if your clothes have some sort of emotional attachment attached to them – but remember that keeping those items will only add more clutter to your wardrobe! So get rid of them!

Once you’ve got rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit or isn’t needed anymore, look at what’s left. Make sure everything is clean (washed and ironed) – there’s nothing worse than putting on an outfit only to realise it needs ironing or a wash.

I had a hard time finding a nurse costume this year, but I finally found one at Target. It’s a great costume for Halloween because it looks super cute and you still feel like yourself at the end of the night.

It’s been rainy here in LA so I paired my red knee-high boots with a raincoat and hat to complete the look. I love this coat because of its classic shape and deep pockets, as well as the fun polka dot lining.

If you’re going to a party this weekend, I hope you have an amazing time!

A nurse costume is a great way to be a sexy but tasteful lady this Halloween.

A nurse costume is an easy costume to put together. You can make it yourself with a white button-up shirt, a red or pink tie, and a short skirt. If you don’t have those things laying around, you can buy them pretty cheap at the thrift store.

If you want to spend money, there are many sites online that sell nurse costumes. They come in all varieties: naughty or nice, short or long, seductive or silly. There are even ones for men!

Whatever your reason for wanting to be a nurse for Halloween may be (ahem), just make sure you have fun!

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We’ve got the classics like pirates, police officers, and nurses. But we also have some new items you won’t want to miss out on!

If you’re looking for something to do with your significant other, check out our couples section! We’ve got couples costumes that range from cute and simple to downright hilarious. You’ll love it!

Don’t wait too long to make a decision. Make sure you get your order in before October 15th so you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you want from us.

The secret to making a great nurse costume is the use of white. All your clothes should be white, from your shoes to your blouse to your undershirt. The only exception is your skirt, and even that should be as close to white as possible.

You can get a nurse’s uniform set from most costume stores, but if you really want to make an impression, you need a customized look. This outfit works especially well for a retro-themed party; just remember to carry a clipboard with you at all times so you can look like you are checking people’s vital signs.

This was a request from a friend of mine to recreate the costume she wore in her high school’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. Since we were on a tight budget, and I needed some way to keep my hands busy while I watched movies (studying for the MCAT), I decided to take on this task. This is by no means an exact replica, but more a fun take on it: things that I would wear and things that she could pass off as a costume at her school’s production.

The attire you wear to work can have a direct impact on your clinical performance and the care you provide.

What you wear should be functional, comfortable and safe. When you are not constrained by a uniform, your choice of attire becomes a matter of personal preference. You need to consider your own comfort, safety and image when deciding what to wear to work.

A professional image is important because it reflects who you are and helps others to form an impression of you. Research shows that people respond better to those who look neat, clean and organized. Your appearance also affects how others judge your competence and the level of care they expect.

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