Harley Quinn Halloween Costume The Basics

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Basics: A blog explaining the many different options for an authentic and recognizable Harley Quinn costume.

There are some things that everyone knows about Harley Quinn, even those not in the DC or animated fan communities. Her face paint, her red & black colors, her jester hat, and of course the iconic pigtails. But how do you know what to choose to make your own official Harley Quinn costume? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help!

The first thing to decide is whether you want to go retro and use her classic colors or if you want to go with her new look. I think either way works well for a Halloween costume because it gives each person a unique look without making one option more valid than another. It’s really up to you!

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

The Basics: A blog explaining the many different options for an authentic and recognizable Harley Quinn costume.

Harley Quinn is a fictional character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. She was originally a sidekick to the Joker, and has since evolved into her own independent villain. The character has proved to be extraordinarily popular, and she’s made appearances in comic books, video games, movies, and more. If you’re looking to dress up as this iconic villain for Halloween, then you need look no further! This blog will give you all of the information you need to put together an authentic and recognizable Harley Quinn costume.

Harley Quinn is a truly unique character in the comic book universe. Her look is constantly changing and evolving; sometimes she wears pigtails, other times pigtails are replaced with buns or ponytails or even dreadlocks. She’s had numerous different colored costumes over the years as well! In some iterations she wears reds with black accents (like her original incarnation), while others see her sporting blues with white accents (like her first appearance in Suicide Squad). The list goes on-and-on…

To recreate this costume at home, you’ll need: A red

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Basics

October 18, 2012 by Costume SuperCenter

Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes for Women

Have you ever wanted to be your own superhero? It might sound a little crazy, but on Halloween you really can transform yourself into the one and only Harley Quinn. From comic books to television shows and movies, this comic book character has been through some serious changes over the years, which gives you plenty of costumes to choose from. Looking for the original Harley Quinn costume? We have those. What about the revamped look from Batman: The Animated Series? We’ve got that too. In addition to a wide selection of women’s Harley Quinn costumes, we also offer a variety of cute accessories to complete your look.

Harley Quinn is definitely a supervillain, but she will steal more than just your heart this Halloween! She is known for her signature red and black harlequin costume with diamond patterns and pom-poms attached to each point. Her outfits are sleek and full of sex appeal, so get ready to show off your legs in one of our short shorts skirts or tutus. And if you don’t want to go with the classic red and black colors, we’ve got a variety of other trendy colors available as well

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Basics

Planning a visit to a Comic Con this year? Wanting to recreate your favorite comics character for Halloween? Or, just want to show off your unique style and love of comic books at home? Whatever the reason, if you’re a fan of Harley Quinn costumes, then we’ve got all the Harley Quinn costume ideas and inspiration you need!

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Basics

Harley Quinn is a fan favorite character to dress up as for Halloween. Here are some great Harley Quinn costume ideas in terms of outfits and accessories to make a great costume even better.

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Outfits

1. Joker and Harley Quinn Couple Costume – This is the Joker’s girlfriend, so it makes sense that she would be seen with him on Halloween.

2. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn – This version of Harley was seen in the movie Suicide Squad and was played by Margot Robbie. She had pigtails and a jacket with red and blue stripes as well as shorts with leggings with black and red diamonds. She also wore a t-shirt that said “Daddy’s Lil Monster” on it in red letters.

3. Original Harley Quinn – This version of Harley was seen in the Batman cartoon series, Batman the Animated Series, and was played by Arleen Sorkin. She had blonde hair worn in pigtails with a black domino mask, a red top with blue shorts that had yellow diamonds on them and black fishnet stockings with red boots.

4. Forever 21 Harley Quinn – A more modern version of

If you want to dress like Harley Quinn, the first thing you need to do is choose which Harley Quinn you want to dress like. We will explain the basics of all the different versions of Harley costumes. Then you can mix and match different parts to create your own unique version.

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume: The Basics

If you’re a fan of the Batman: The Animated Series, you’ll love this Harley Quinn Halloween Costume. This costume is fun to wear, and is easy to put together with items you probably already own. However, if you plan on creating a movie-accurate version of this costume, there are many more steps involved. In this article, we focus on the basics of putting together your Harley Quinn Costume.

What You’ll Need To Make Your Harley Quinn Halloween Costume:

1. Skin-Tone Top or Bodysuit

2. Black Shorts/Pants

3. White Gloves

4. Black & Red Diamond Patterned Socks

5. Black Boots

6. Face Powder (White)

7. Temporary Hair Dye (Optional)

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