Have You Ever Wanted to Dress Up as a Chicken? Then Here’s Your Chance

I once wrote a blog post about the chicken costume. It was called “Have You Ever Wanted to Dress Up as a Chicken? Then Here’s Your Chance: A blog about bringing your inner chicken to life with the best and most affordable costumes.” It got a lot of hits, but it was no longer true by the time I wrote the post.

In that post, I tried to explain why there was an enormous market for chicken costumes.

In order to do so, I quoted economic data that happened to be relevant at the moment in which I was writing, but which were not necessarily true at any other time or place. This would not be a problem if I had written the article years earlier, when those data were accurate. But because the article appeared in August 2007, it was still based on data from 2004 and earlier. By December 2008 those data had become obsolete (because of the Great Recession).**

That’s embarrassing for an economist! And it is embarrassing for me too. It shows that even though my book is about economics, and even though economists are supposed to know so much more than anyone else, we don’t really know anything at all.

I don’t want you to have that kind of embarrassment; so from now on I will be more

It’s a blog about chicken costumes, but it’s also about the “inner chicken.” And sometimes I think people can tell when I’m not being serious.

I’m sure there are others out there who make their money putting together costumes. But the ones I know always seem to feel like they’re part of some movement, or at least have an agenda beyond just selling costumes. They really believe that their chickens are real chickens and not just costume chickens.

So maybe this is just a chicken blog, and nothing else. But maybe this is also a blog where I write about being a chicken, and I write about my inner chicken. And maybe, if you read this blog often enough, you’ll see that your inner chicken has been here all along.

That would be pretty cool. In fact it’d be kind of awesome. So if you want to dress up as a chicken (or your inner chicken) for Halloween or for a costume party or to impress someone or because it feels good to be someone else for a while, then here’s one way you can do it: Buy one of the best and most affordable costumes from Chicken Costumes .

I’m a chicken. What about you?

I’m a chicken. I live in Minnesota. I have a wife, an awesome job, and three kids–all chickens.

I wouldn’t be here writing this if it weren’t for Dressupday.com: a website that lets anyone dress up as anything they want for one day. It started as a way to sell handmade costumes and spread awareness of autism, but grew into something much bigger. Dressupday enables people with disabilities to celebrate their abilities and express themselves through creative costumes.

I wanted to pay it forward and support the site’s mission with my own creativity, so I started making chicken costumes in 2008. It’s only been in the last year or so that I realized how many people would love to wear my creations!

What you wear is important. If you’re going to a costume party, you need to be able to move and see; you need breathable fabrics and fasteners that don’t stick or chafe. You should be able to eat your own food.

But what if you have no interest in dressing up? What if all the costumes are too hot? What if you only really want to wear one thing, not a costume?

If this is the case, your best bet is probably a chicken suit of some kind. There are lots of companies that sell them, and they are surprisingly affordable. They might not look as good as the real deal, but they get the job done – with more dignity than most chickens have on occasion deserved.

A lot of people want to dress up as chickens, but they don’t think of themselves as chickens. This is because they aren’t chickens, and the only way to dress up as a chicken is to be a chicken.

It’s weird, but there are two kinds of people: those who want to be something and those who want to look like something. When it comes to dressing up, if you’re going to be a chicken you need a costume. The costume needs to be cheap, so people will be willing to try it on. In addition, the costume needs to work well enough that a person in it will feel like he’s being himself, not like he’s wearing some kind of costume or disguise.

And the costume has to fit the chicken. You can’t make a giant chicken suit for an ordinary-sized person. And you have to have a standard size so there will always be costumes for sale for your size even if the ones for sale change size over time (which is likely).

Not so long ago, I thought of myself as a man who didn’t own a chicken costume. Then one day I was talking about chickens with my friend Jody, and he said, “You have to have this.” And I thought, “I do?” But then he showed me the website, which included a chicken suit that was pretty good quality for $34.95. So it seemed like a reasonable product to review.

The chicken suit is from Chicken Costume Outfitters . They are based in Pennsylvania, and they have several other chicken costumes on their website. The quality is very good. The weathered brown leather looks authentic, and the feathers are real enough that you can see them even without the wig. The build seems to be sturdy enough that it will stand up well if you wear it when it’s not Halloween. It comes in sizes small through extra-large, and has pinholes for the head feathers (which are real).

The instruction sheet says to use silicone liquid glue to attach the head feathers; this makes them more durable but messier to assemble since they’re supposed to be moving around all over the place. That’s why I suggest using pins instead. If you don’t care about messing up your costume, you might prefer not to

I wanted to dress up as a chicken, like one of those birds that walk around the supermarket picking up things and eating them. I had visions of wearing a chicken costume and just walking around in the store, pecking at stuff. It would be fun, as long as I didn’t get pecked.

But where could I get a chicken costume? Not from the store. They sold some kind of fowl costume, but it didn’t look like a chicken. The salesman seemed to have some idea what I was talking about when I said “chicken”, but he was just guessing.

The other possibility was to go to a restaurant, but that seemed pretty risky. If they weren’t expecting me, I might end up eating my own food or scaring the customers with my unfamiliar sounds. So I decided to make it myself out of fabric.

It turned out that you can buy chicken suits from places like Party City or Costume-Supply-Store-of-the-Day.com for $19-$29 each (depending on the size), which is less than half the price of an actual chicken costume.

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