How to Choose the Best 70s Costumes

How to Choose the Best 70s Costumes

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Costumes are a great way to have fun and get into the Halloween spirit. With so many costumes out there, it is hard to choose just one. The best way to pick a costume is to go with something classic like the disco look from the 70s. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect retro 70s costumes for you this Halloween.

1. When picking out a costume, don’t just look for clothes that look like they came from the 70s. This is a common mistake made by people who aren’t familiar with 70s style. If you want your costume to be authentic, you need clothes that were actually worn in that era. Look at pictures of what people wore back then and try to recreate those looks with modern clothing items or vintage pieces.

2. Disco was one of the most popular trends during the 1970s, and it’s still going strong today! To create an authentic disco look, start by finding some old records from that decade and playing them while you work on your costume. If possible, ask friends who were alive during those years for advice about how they dressed

How to Choose the Best 70s Costumes

70s Costumes for Men and Women

The 70s were a happening decade, particularly when it came to fashion. The funky styles of the 70s have made a comeback in recent years, and now you can relive the era with 70s costumes that are perfect for Halloween parties or other fun events. Whether you want to look like a disco dancer or an ordinary person from the 1970s, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Costumes for Men

If you’re planning on dressing up as John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, then you’ll need a white tuxedo jacket with some bell bottoms and platform shoes. For those who would rather be Charlie’s Angels than one of their male counterparts, there is an eye-catching Farrah Fawcett costume that comes complete with a trendy red swimsuit top and long blond wig. If you’re going to attend a themed party as Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice, then don’t forget your pastel blazer and t-shirt. Other outfits available include Elvis Presley costumes, John Wayne costumes and hippie costumes. There are also some costume ideas for guys that put their own spin on the decade or combine elements from different eras

If you want to stand out at your next costume party, consider a 70s costume. The 70s were arguably the most fashionable decade in recent history, and that means there are a lot of great looks to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something a little more classic or something with a bit more flare, there’s a 70s costume out there for you.

In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the best 70s costumes on the market today. Then we’ll break down what makes each one special so that you can find one that works for your needs.

Why Choose a 70s Costume?

You might be wondering why you should choose a costume based on a particular decade or point in history. After all, doesn’t choosing an era limit your choices? While it certainly is limiting — the 70s weren’t exactly known for their range of fashion — it’s also freeing because it gives you some parameters to work within. If you’re not sure what kind of costume you want to wear this year, choosing an era can help narrow things down considerably.

There are many different kinds of 70s costumes to choose from. Which one is right for you? It depends on what kind of person you are, what your interests are and the type of event you are attending.

Some people want to go as a favorite singer or actor from the 70s, while others want to dress up as an entire family, an entire decade or even a decade’s worth of musical acts. If you are choosing a costume based on what you like about the sixties, then there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

If you decide to go as a member of the Jackson 5, or some other popular group from that era, then you will need to find a costume that looks good on all members of the band. You may also want to add some accessories such as beaded headbands and jewelry in order to make your costume even more authentic.

Many people choose to dress up as a group of musicians in their twenties and thirties who performed during the 70s. For example, if you were born in the seventies and grew up listening to music by artists such as The Beatles and David Bowie, then it is likely that you would enjoy dressing up as a member of these bands.

If you have any friends who

Why should you consider wearing 70s costumes? For one thing, the 70s were a fun time. Disco music was grooving, and the whole country was dancing to it. The fashions were flashy, and the mood was carefree. And because of the way those crazy people dressed in the 70s, 70s costumes are about as easy to find as any other type of costume.

70s Costumes for Women

Many women’s costumes from the 1970s have a hippie theme, which is always a popular choice for Halloween parties. A white peasant blouse with flared sleeves is a good start for a hippie costume; add some bell bottom jeans or a long skirt, and don’t forget a colorful headband or bandana! You can also go for glamour by choosing an outfit inspired by disco divas. A shiny jumpsuit, platform shoes and feathered hair will give you that authentic dance floor look. There were also trends like punk fashion that you can work into your costume idea – just choose an edgy outfit and add some funky makeup to complete the look.

70s Costumes for Men

Men can choose from styles that range from hippies to glam rockers when they’re looking at 70s costumes. Start with tight pants

So, you’ve decided that you want to dress up as a character from the 70s for Halloween. You’re in luck because there are many different characters that were popular during this time period.

One of the most popular costumes during this time is a disco costume. What could be better than dressing up like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever? Try donning your best leisure suit or even a white or pink tuxedo jacket with matching pants and a shirt with a wide collar and bell bottoms. Don’t forget to add a few gold chains for good measure.

The 70s was also full of hippies and flower children, so if you’re looking for more of a casual look, then this might just be what you’re looking for. To get this look, simply find your favorite pair of bell bottom jeans and add a vest and some wild patterns such as tie dye to complete the look.

And of course, no list of 70s costumes would be complete without the infamous Fonzie from Happy Days. For this look, all you need is a leather jacket, blue jeans and white shirt…and don’t forget the signature thumbs up!

The 1970s was a decade for music, movies and fashion.

Disco dancing and the Bee Gees were popular. Movies like Star Wars and Jaws were released to theaters. Some great fashion trends came out of this era including big hair, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and leisure suits.

70s costumes are very popular today and with so many choices you are sure to find the perfect outfit that will have you partying like it’s 1979!

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