How to Dress Like Olaf from Frozen

To dress like Olaf from Frozen, you’re going to need a few pieces. Here are the items I used:

Fleece material – You can get a yard or two of this at any fabric store or Walmart. You can also use white felt, but fleece is much softer and easier to work with.

Black Felt – You’ll need this for the eyes and eyebrows

Yellow Felt – This is for the nose

Black Pipe Cleaner – This is for the mouth

White Felt (or fleece) – This is for the teeth

Tan Felt (or fleece) – This is for the hair and arms

Orange Felt (or fleece) – This is for the carrot part of his nose and his hands

Olaf is a snowman from the movie Frozen, and a character your children love. If you want to dress up as Olaf for Halloween or any other event, here’s everything you need to know.

You’ll need the following supplies:

1. A white sweater (or white sweatshirt)

2. A pair of black sweatpants

3. A pair of black gloves

4. Some cardboard (thicker is better)

5. A permanent marker

6. A couple of bags of cotton balls

7. Some glue (super glue or hot glue is best)

8. Some fake eyelashes (optional)

Dressing up as Olaf is a fantastic and fun costume idea! It would be great as a group costume with other members of the Frozen cast, or even as part of a couple’s costume with your significant other dressing up as Anna or Elsa. And it’s also a good last-minute Halloween costume, because it can so easily be made at home!

To make an Olaf costume you’ll need a few basic supplies.


1) A white hat or beanie (this will help to keep your head warm under all that fleece!)

2) White fleece fabric

3) White thread

4) Stuffing for the nose (I used fiberfill)

5) Black and blue felt

6) Black thread for embroidering the face details

7) Needle and scissors

8) Black fabric paint (optional, but this will make your face details more permanent and less likely to get pulled off if you wear the hat a lot!)

This Halloween, you can be the hit of your Halloween party by dressing up like Olaf from the hit Disney movie Frozen.

Dressing up as Olaf is fun and easy. You will just need a few supplies and some simple sewing skills.


•        Adult white t-shirt – $4 at Walmart

•        3 pillow stuffing bags – $6 for all 3 at Walmart

•        Bag of orange pipe cleaners – $2 at Walmart (you will have plenty left over for other projects)

•        Felt: orange, yellow, black – about $1 total for the three colors at Walmart (you will have plenty left over for other projects)

•        Black fabric paint – about $2 at Walmart (you will have plenty left over for other projects)

•        Black thread – $1 or less at Walmart or buy in bulk online (you will have plenty left over for other projects)

Olaf is a lovable snowman from the Disney movie Frozen. Often, this costume is used as a family costume. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike.

To make this fun and easy costume, you will need:

Pants or leggings





Button-up coat or vest

Stuffing for your shirt and coat

Plastic bags for gloves, hat, and shoes (optional)

Buttons (optional)

Olaf is a character from Disney’s hit movie Frozen. He is the favorite snowman of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.

Olaf Costume Supplies:

Lightweight white fabric (fleece or polar fleece work great)

Black felt

Brown felt

Orange felt

White felt

Dark green felt

Light green sequin mesh (like this one)

Black buttons (coverage, not quantity) and black thread for sewing them on with

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

It’s no surprise to hear that Olaf is one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year, especially among little boys. As a result, many parents have been asking me how they can make Olaf costumes for their kids. I’ve put together a list of the materials and steps you need to make a costume for your son, daughter or yourself.

So let’s get started!


-a white sheet (preferably fleece)

-a glue gun (or any strong fabric glue)

-two skeins of worsted weight yarn in “white” color

-two skeins of worsted weight yarn in “black” color (or you can use brown)

-two skeins of worsted weight yarn in “brown” color (or you can use black)

-a pair of scissors

-a sewing machine or some needle and thread if you want to sew by hand. You can also just use fabric glue instead of sewing; it will just take longer.

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