How to Dress the Part

How to Dress the Part: A blog about the various costumes and how to give your costume that professional appeal.

In this blog, we discuss how to dress up as everyone’s favorite killer doll. The Chucky costume is a great idea for Halloween or any other costume party you may attend. You can purchase parts needed to complete this look or find pieces around the house. You will want to start with a basic blonde wig, preferably in a bowl cut style like Chucky has. If you don’t have access to a wig, you can always use yellow hair spray on your own hair. Next, use red and black face paint to give your face that doll-like appearance. Apply red face paint around your eyes and mouth in an oval shape. Outline those areas with black face paint and draw on some eyebrows.

Next, you will need blue overalls and a white t-shirt. If you don’t have overalls, jeans will do as well but you may have to apply some patches yourself if you don’t already have some on hand. After that, it’s time for the shoes! For this step of the costume, any pair of converse shoes will work great as long as they are either red or blue (Chucky has both colors). Add

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays for adults, with more adults celebrating than even Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you’re planning to dress up this year (and we hope you are!), then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you prefer to fly solo, or like to coordinate your costumes with friends, family members and/or significant other, we’ve got everything you need to make your Halloween a huge success.

How to Dress the Part: The Secret to Creating a Great Halloween Costume

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are two different types of people: Those who plan months in advance and those who wait until the day before. Of course, the ideal situation is planning well in advance and reserving your costume early, but if you simply can’t wait that long don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to pull together an amazing last-minute look that no one will ever suspect was a last-minute project.

The world of costumes is a creative and detailed world. This blog will help you to understand some of the basics of a costume, and how to make your costume more realistic.

The most important part of a costume is the mask. The mask must fit right, be painted well, and look professional. If you have the funds, it is recommended that you buy a custom made mask. These can be costly, but they are well worth the money. When purchasing a mask, you should keep in mind that the mask should fit your head snugly, but not too tight so as to cause the wearer discomfort. If the mask has hair, think about how long you would like it to be and what color. Make sure to have the hair styled with plenty of conditioner and hairspray before attaching it to the mask.

Another important component of your costume is clothing. You can choose from many types of costumes to wear from movies or television shows or even cartoons and video games! It doesn’t matter as long as it makes sense for your character and you are comfortable in it! For example: if you are going as Chucky from Child’s Play then wearing blue jeans and a red t-shirt would make sense since he wears them in all 3 movies!

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, the worst thing you can do is look like you’re trying too hard. The best costumes are the ones that take little effort but come off as if those involved worked on their costume for months.

We’ve all seen those people who dress up as zombies from The Walking Dead or the cast of Star Wars. Some of them are amazing, while others are just kind of…eh. But there’s one costume that has been taking the internet by storm lately: Chuck E Cheese.

It all started when a man named James posted a photo of his costume on Reddit. The photo was captioned “I dressed as Chucky Cheese for Halloween tonight.” Obviously, he got a lot of attention from social media fans who thoroughly enjoyed his costume.

The costume itself is very simple: a brown wig, a red bow tie and a red shirt with some black buttons on it. It’s an easy DIY project that anyone can make at home with just a few items from their local craft store (or Amazon).

We’ve also seen some other people dress up in similar costumes like this woman who dressed as “Chucky Cheeses Wife” for Halloween:

This blog is about costumes from the professional point of view. The past month I have been working on a Chucky costume for a client. I know what your thinking, “Chucky, really? How hard can that be?”. Well believe me it can be hard if you want to maintain the integrity of the character. In this post I am going to talk about the process of creating such a costume and how you can do it yourself.

Creating a professional costume is harder then you might think. There are many things to consider in creating a good costume. First thing first is planning and research. Take time to fully immerse yourself in the universe of the character you wish to emulate, find out as much as you can about them and study them carefully. Then as with any project, make sure to plan out your work! Make sketches of what you want your final product to be and write down everything that comes to mind when thinking about it! This will save you time and money later on if you take the time now.

Once you have done all of that its time for shopping and fabric selection! When selecting materials for a project like this, always keep in mind what fabrics will be comfortable for the intended wearer, how long you want it to last and how much

So you’ve decided to go as Chucky for Halloween, but you have no idea what to do next. Don’t sweat it! It just takes a little preparation and creativity to make your own Chucky costume. After all, the grimacing, serial-killer doll is one of the most famous horror icons ever conceived.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get that “Good Guy” look down pat. We’ll tell you exactly what to wear, what makeup and accessories to use, and even how to put together a simple Chucky mask.

Chucky Costume: The Basics

The first thing you need is a jumpsuit. Since the character wears a blue denim overalls in the movies, that is what you should go for as well. However, any one-piece piece of clothing will do if you can’t find an overalls. A pair of blue jeans and faded blue T-shirt might work fine too.

Next, you’ll need a wig for your costume if your hair isn’t red enough or if it doesn’t look the part. Since Chucky has an iconic mop top hairstyle with some length on top, we recommend going

There are few things scarier than a child with a knife. And when that child is wearing overalls and has a creepy smile on his face, no one can deny that the terror factor is increased. This Halloween, you can have a slice of the fun by dressing up as “Chucky”, the doll who was possessed by a serial killer’s soul. This guide will show you how to create a realistic Chucky costume that will have your friends screaming!


Make an appointment at your local wig shop to have some hair added to your head. There are several styles available, but Chucky has very straight bangs, so go for something with blunt cut bangs. If you already have long hair, ask your stylist to trim the bangs and blow dry them so they lay flat against your head.

Purchase the red coveralls and striped shirt from any adult costume supplier. Be sure to buy a size larger than you normally wear so you can stuff it with newspaper or batting to make it look as if there is someone inside of it. A neck size of 14 inches or larger is perfect for this project.

Accessorize with black shoes, black gloves and brown doll shoes that lace up over the ankle.

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