How to Find the Perfect Costume For Your Costume Parties

The Perfect Costume For Your Costume Parties

A blog about costume ideas for your fancy dress parties.

Costume Party Dress Ideas: Playboy Bunny Costume

Posted on January 25, 2011 by admin

Playboy magazine is one of the most popular adult magazines in the world. It is founded by Hugh Hefner and it features nude as well as semi-nude women. Playboy bunnies are known as the female employees of the Playboy Club. They are dressed in bunny costumes. The costume was designed by Zelda Wynn Valdes. The costume includes a fluffy rabbit tail, a bow tie, cuffs, collar, black sheer to waist pantyhose, a name tag on a satin rosette, a pink or black bunny cap with ears and a stylized Bunny logo pin. The original Playboy bunny costume was made out of rayon-satin constructed corset and it had an attached puffball tail and matching collar with two large satin rabbit ears. In October 2009, Playboy unveiled its new bunny costumes at the Palms Casino Resort. These costumes are made of stretch knit and they feature “contemporary silhouettes” instead of the traditional corsets with petticoats. If you are planning to attend a Halloween party or any

If you’re tired of the same old costume ideas that everyone seems to use for their fancy dress parties, then why not check out some new costume ideas. It’s always great to come up with something original and unique.

Not only will a unique costume set you apart from the others, but it also means that you’ll be doing something different. And when you’re doing something different, it’s more likely that you’ll have a better time too.

One of the best places to find great costume ideas is on the Internet. There are lots of websites on the web where people post their own unique fancy dress costumes and they’re all just waiting to be discovered by the right person.

So if you’ve been looking for some great costume ideas for your next fancy party or event, then head over to one of these sites and see what people are wearing. You never know what you might find!

The best costumes? A lot of the parties are not the sort you can come in your normal clothes and then go out late to a club or bar. So it’s nice to have a costume that you can wear. But how do you decide what to go as?

I went as a Playboy Bunny one year. But I didn’t buy it from the shop, I made it myself. I just bought a pink romper suit, and got some satin and sewed it together, with fluffy pompoms for the tail and ears for my headband. And then I wore my high heels and had long socks with a white cuff at the top. And I had fingerless gloves – though they were actually my sister’s cricket pads!

It was quite good because it was cheap; if you buy something in the shops, like a Playboy Bunny costume, they can be really expensive!

Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably racking your brains on what to wear. With so many different costume ideas out there, it’s hard to decide which one you want to go with. If you have a costume party coming up, then it can be even more difficult!

Here at Costume Ideas HQ, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you choose the perfect costume for your next party. The first thing you need to do is think about what theme the party is going to have. For example: if it’s Halloween, then a costume with an evil or spooky twist would be great!

Costume themes can range from animals (such as mice or bats), cartoon characters (such as Mickey Mouse), TV shows (like Power Rangers or Transformers), movies (like Star Wars or Harry Potter), or even books (like Alice in Wonderland).

The next step is figuring out how much money you’re willing to spend on a costume. This will depend largely on how elaborate of an outfit you want. Some costumes are very simple and cost under $50; others may require multiple pieces of clothing that add up quickly! If you have any questions about pricing please feel free contact us!

Why pay full price for that bunny costume when you can make one yourself? This tutorial will show you how to make a playboy bunny costume and save yourself a lot of money.

It’s All About the Ears

So what do you need to make an awesome playboy bunny costume? A cute dress, some heels and of course the bunny ears and tail. The most important thing is to get the right bunny ears. There are many places online where you can get them made for you, or buy them pre-made. You could also just go with a headband that has the ears attached, but I think it looks a bit cheap to have them on a headband.

You can also make your own ears out of cardboard, just follow these easy steps: 1. Get your cardboard and cut out 2 triangular shapes (one for each ear) Make sure that when you wear them they point up! 2. Next, lay down some newspaper on a flat surface then lay your cardboard triangles down on top 3. Squirt a generous amount of glue onto each triangle 4. Once the glue is completely dry, paint your ears pink 5. Once the paint has dried, add another coat 6. Finally, use some black electric tape to create an outline around the tips

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