How to make Deku costumes from Ocarina of Time

Hello and welcome to this tutorial around the famous Deku costume from the N64 classic, Ocarina of Time. I will explain how you can make your own deku mask, complete with a costume and a wooden shield (or sheild if you prefer). This tutorial is written in a very detailed way so that even those who are not very good at crafting can follow it.

First I would like to thank my friend [friend name] for his help with this project. Without him I would probably never have finished it.

I will now describe how to make the different parts of the costume, starting with the easiest one.

Deku costumes are a great way to show your love for the classic N64 game Ocarina of Time. The costumes are relatively easy to make and don’t require very much time or skill.

I first became interested in deku costumes when I was a young child and saw my brother wearing one to a Link cosplay event. My brother is seven years older than I am, so by the time I was old enough to cosplay myself, he had already moved on to other things. He still has his costume though, and I recently found it at his house.

I used the internet to find a pattern for the costume, which I used as a guide for piecing together my own suit. The pattern was pretty simple; it just required some basic sewing skills and plenty of patience.

The finished product turned out well; I’m happy with how it looks!

I have seen some pretty good Deku costumes from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but none that could stand up as a good video game costume. I know there are more ways to make Deku costumes, and if you know of a better way, please let me know!

Now, on to the materials!

The Deku costume is the first costume that Link obtains in Ocarina of Time. It is obtained after completing the Deku Tree dungeon, which is the first dungeon Link ever goes into. The Deku costume can be used to fly, and shoot bubbles out of your mouth.

There are multiple ways to make a deku costume, but I think the best way is using a jumpsuit/suit with an attached hoodie. You’ll want to use brown fabric paint, and paint the suit so it looks like tree bark, with green fabric paint for the leaves on top. Once you have the main suit done, you’ll want to create a helmet with large round eyes, and make sure that you can see through them from the inside. You should have your suit done in no time!

If you have ever played Ocarina of Time, you know that Deku Link is one of the most fun transformations. This year I decided to make a costume out of it. Each piece was handmade with various materials and tools. Below are instructions and pictures on how I made it.

The headpiece was made from posterboard, foam, and hot glue. I used my own head as a reference for how big it should be, then drew out an oval shape on the posterboard for the base. The top part was round, which gave it a nice cone-shape. I then created a dome shape out of foam to give it more dimension. The eye holes were cut out using an exacto knife, then painted black with acrylic paint.

The flower on the headpiece is made from craft foam and hot glue. I found an image online of what it should look like, printed it out and traced the petals onto some craft foam (about 6 pieces). Once they were cut out and hot glued together, I attached them to the base of the headpiece.

The body piece was made by tracing my entire torso on large pieces of posterboard and cutting them out so they would fit snugly against my body (using duct tape to keep in place

I was inspired to make a Deku Link costume for Halloween about 2 years ago after hearing about another person who had decided to do the same. I found a lot of the information I needed to complete this costume there, so I decided to create my own for the people in the future who will be looking for the same information.

I’m not going to bore you with all of the details, but I do have a short list of some of the more important things I learned while making this costume:

– The orange part of your skin is really hard to cover up, unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on full body paint.

– If you make your own mask out of paper mache like I did, wear ear plugs! It’ll save you from hearing ringing in your ears for hours.

– It’s not easy carrying a bucket around all evening, but it is pretty fun to hit people with it!

– Zippers are evil and difficult to sew onto cloth.

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