Ideas for the Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costume

Ideas for the Perfect Last Minute Halloween Costume

The mummy is a perfect last minute costume! The only problem is that most of the costumes you find in stores are super expensive. So, we’ve gathered a few ideas for how to make your own Mummy Halloween costume!

What You’ll Need:

* White T-Shirt

* White Sheets or Fabric

* White Rope

* Scissors and Tape (optional)

How To Make The Costume:

Wrap your body with white sheets or fabric. You can use either safety pins or tape to hold the fabric in place. If you’re using tape, it would be best to use duct tape, as it won’t rip when you take it off. You could also use an old white t-shirt and wrap it with white rope. This is the most affordable option, but it will take longer to finish.

When finished, go over your costume with black markers to make the mummy look more authentic!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

Costume: Mummy

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Toilet Paper, Bandage, Glue Stick, Liquid Latex (optional), Makeup

Step 1: Grab some toilet paper from your bathroom. Alternatively you can grab a roll of bandage material from your local pharmacy or even pick up some gauze at the dollar store.

Step 2: Unroll about 20-30 feet of toilet paper or bandage and then cut it into strips that are about 4 inches wide. For a more authentic look try tearing them instead of cutting them with scissors.

Step 3: Going in one direction wrap the individual strips around your body like you would with a bandage. It’s best to start at your feet and work your way up to your head. Secure each individual piece by putting a little bit of the glue stick onto each strip as you go along. This will help keep it in place so it doesn’t fall off throughout the night. If you want to make it more realistic try using liquid latex instead of the glue stick. Cut out holes for your eyes and mouth (or just leave them open).

Step 4: Use makeup on your face to make yourself look more zombie like and add fake wounds if desired!

This post is about Halloween costumes. Halloween is one of the best days of the year. It allows you to be anything you want for a day, and everyone celebrates it. There are parties, and trick-or-treating, and scary movies, and candy (yum!).

However, with less than a week to go until Halloween, I still don’t have my costume figured out! It’s not so much the dressing up part that baffles me; it’s the makeup!

I love to dress up in creative costumes and get into character with makeup. The problem is that I am terrible at applying makeup. I can never seem to make it look right.

If only there was an easy way to create stunning makeup effects in a short amount of time… wait a second! There is!

The Mummy

This is probably the easiest last-minute costume you can come up with. With just some toilet paper and liquid latex, you’re all set. You can also use other kinds of gauze or even tights for this effect if you don’t have toilet paper on hand. For more details on how to do this look, check out this tutorial from SheKnows.

It’s simple, and it looks amazing! Plus, you can

I actually have no idea what to dress up as this year.

My friends and I have to go to a Halloween party this weekend and I’m completely clueless.

I’ve never been good at last minute decisions so I’m just going to grab some toilet paper, wrap myself up, and say that I’m a mummy.

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you are anything like me, you have no idea what you want to be. You have enough time to pull together a costume that will be completely original and fun. I made this list of ideas to help inspire you!

1. Mummy

2. Draped in toilet paper or cloth

3. A white t-shirt, jeans, and a scarf for your hair.

4. Use the t-shirt in different ways to make it look like bandages.

It was the end of September, a few days before Halloween. My roommate had invited me to his annual Halloween party. I wasn’t planning on going since I had other plans for that weekend, but I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go to his party after all. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a costume and neither did any of my friends. Since I couldn’t think of anything original, I decided to play it safe and just be a mummy.

I looked up some mummy costumes online and saw that they were quite complicated. One had gauze wrapped around the entire body while others only covered part of it. Some even required face paint or fake blood. After seeing all this, I realized that mine was going to be pretty boring in comparison.

So instead of using gauze, I decided to use duct tape! It’s really easy to work with, very cheap, and looks amazing when you’re finished! All you need is an old white sheet (or something white that you can cut up), scissors, and lots of duct tape in colors of your choice! Other useful materials include markers and masking tape (for marking purposes).

The first step is to cut up your sheet into strips about 2 inches wide and 6 feet long. You

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