Just In Time For Halloween Willy Wonka Costume Idea

Just In Time For Halloween: Willy Wonka Costume Idea

You may have seen the movie, but this costume is the real deal.

This costume is a perfect choice for those who love to dress up for Halloween parties and enjoy being the center of attention. The costume consists of a bowler hat, a bright purple blazer, striped shirt, satin cummerbund and plaid pants. The finishing touch is a golden ticket that comes with the outfit as well.

This year, you can be Willy Wonka for Halloween. You’ll be the center of attention when you walk in wearing a purple blazer, a striped shirt and plaid pants. And don’t forget your golden ticket!

Willy Wonka Costume Idea:

If you’re looking for a really cool Willy Wonka costume idea, then take a look at the one below. I love it because it’s a bit different than the standard Willy Wonka costumes that you can buy in stores.

The costume is so easy to make, too! You can wear anything you want underneath – just add the purple jacket and you’ve got an instant costume!

What do you think of this Willy Wonka costume idea? Would you ever wear something like this?

Willy Wonka is an icon of Halloween. What better way to pay tribute to the man who made sweet treats than to dress up as him? If you are looking for a great costume this Halloween, try this Willy Wonka costume idea.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have dressed up as sexy versions of Willy Wonka, but most people will recognize this character by his candy-making uniform. To create the familiar look, here’s what you’ll need:

A purple velvet jacket with a black and gold chain. This can be found in many thrift stores or menswear stores. Just make sure it fits right!

A purple top hat with a white band around the middle. Again, these can be found in most department stores where costumes are sold. If you can’t find one that fits your head, get a plain black hat and glue on some white fabric.

A white shirt and tie. Most men have these lying around their closets from job interviews or other formal occasions.

Black pants and shoes. Again, these can be borrowed from your dad’s closet or picked up at any department store for about $20.

To complete the look, add some white gloves, a fake watch chain and maybe even a walking stick or cane

Tired of being Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? This year, dress up as Willy Wonka himself. The look is eccentric, but easy to put together — if you’re willing to shop around.

Since Willy Wonka’s costume is meant to be fun and quirky, don’t worry too much about getting it right. As long as you have all the key elements, your friends will know who you are.

The Hat: You’ll need a top hat. This item is the most difficult thing to find and may require a little creativity. You can try vintage shops or costume stores, but your best bet may be online sites like Ebay or Etsy. If all else fails, you can make your own using dollar store supplies and a hot glue gun.

The Tie: Willy Wonka wears a red bow tie with black polka dots. Again, you can probably find these at specialty costume stores or local thrift shops (look for a children’s section). If not, it’s easy enough to make one yourself out of felt.

The Cane: If you want to splurge on your costume, try an antique store for an old cane that has been embellished with gold hardware (like the one Johnny Depp uses in

So, it’s my son’s birthday party this weekend. And he’s a big Willy Wonka fan, so I went to work on this costume idea.

The best thing about this costume is that the pieces were all scavenged or made with things we had around the house.

The most complicated piece is the vest. You’ll need an old pair of pants (I used a pair of my daughter’s jeans), some heavy interfacing, and some fabric. The pants will be cut apart and you’ll use the front and back of each leg as your pattern pieces. Cut them out of your fabric (for the front) and interfacing (for the back).

The front piece is just your pattern piece, sewn around the edges to finish them up nice. The back piece is just a mirror image of your pattern piece, with two buttonholes added at the top. I used some yellow ribbon as buttonhole trim to match Wonka’s outfit in the movie, but you could use any color or style you like.

I added some white lace trim around the edge of my vest using some hot glue (you could sew it on too). The ruffle at the bottom was made from scraps of lace left over from another project and attached with more hot

It seems as if there is a new Willy Wonka movie in the works. I know it’s not the same without Gene Wilder, but I’m gonna see it anyway. I thought you might like this costume idea because of the colorfulness and the wig! This is an easy costume to put together and the green suit can be used for other things too.

What you need:

1 Purple coat

2 Purple pants

3 Purple shirt

4 Purple gloves

5 Orange or red wig (or make your own)


Here is a last minute halloween idea: Willy Wonka. You can make your own costume and use an umbrella as a walking stick.

First, you need an overcoat. You can buy one at a thrift shop, get one from a friend or make one yourself. I made my own coat by using the pattern for a duster coat. I bought the easiest fabric I could find and did not line it. The coat needs to be very long and it should have wide lapels.

I made the hat using a plastic bowl and some felt. I used hot glue to connect the pieces of felt together.

Next, you need to make a purple velvet vest to wear under the coat (the coat needs to be open). The vest I made was more like a waistcoat because it does not have any sleeves and only covers the front of my body. I made this out of purple velvet and lined it with satin so that it would be easy to slip on over my head. It has an elastic band in the back so that it will stay up on its own even when it is not buttoned up in the front (make sure to put an opening in the lining so that you can attach this elastic).

I added

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