Lame Halloween costumes? Try the dark angel Cleansing Serum, a non-greasy makeup remover that dissolves all types of makeup while gently cleansing your face!

I was always a fan of dressing up for Halloween. For those of us who don’t take it too seriously, it’s the one day a year when we can be publicly weird without being ostracized. But I often found that I didn’t have the time or resources to put together a really intricate costume.

One year, as I was walking through an upscale mall with my friends, I noticed this beauty store called “dark angel.” The name seemed perfect for a costume. All I needed to do was buy some black face makeup and wings, and I’d become the dark angel Cleansing Serum, a non-greasy makeup remover that dissolves all types of makeup while gently cleansing your face!

To this day, my friends remember me for dressing up as a lame Halloween costume.

The dark angel Cleansing Serum is a non-greasy makeup remover that dissolves all types of makeup while gently cleansing your face. It cleanses deeply, while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. The dark angel Cleansing Serum is an ideal way to remove eye makeup, especially waterproof products. The dark angel Cleansing Serum contains nourishing and soothing ingredients that are helpful for delicate skin around the eyes.

To use: Apply the dark angel Cleansing Serum to a cotton pad and gently cleanse the face, neck and neckline in circular movements.

We’re in the midst of Halloween season and we can’t help but notice all the spooky costumes. While some are downright creepy and others are cute, a good number are kind of lame. Unless you have a really creative mind or a good costume store nearby it can be hard to come up with a unique Halloween costume that doesn’t fall flat.

But if you want to stand out from the crowd at this year’s party, why not find inspiration in your own closet? We’re serious! If you look around your bathroom, you might be surprised at how many objects can serve as fun costume pieces and even make for conversation starters.

We put together three easy DIY costumes using everyday makeup, beauty products, clothing and accessories. Ready to get started? Here are our picks:

Dark Angel Costume: Do you have an all-black outfit lying around? If so, then this costume is perfect for you. Use our Dark Angel Cleansing Serum as your makeup remover for a smudgy and smoky eye. Once you’ve perfected your look, use leftover makeup or eyeshadow to create black wings on your back. All that’s missing is a halo!


The dark angel of Halloween costumes is the one that makes you look like you’re wearing a costume. You want people to think you’re a vampire, not someone who just bought a cheap mass-produced costume of a vampire.

Most Halloween costumes are terrible for this reason. They are designed to be easy for amateurs to put together, not to look good. This is why almost all Halloween costumes have the same cheesy look.

But there is one costume that works great and is very easy to put together: the dark angel. The only special item you need is black wings (available at any costume store). Everything else you can wear normally: black pants or pencil skirt, long sleeve white shirt, black tie, black vest or suit jacket. Put on your normal makeup with a few extra strokes of eyeliner, carry a prop like a clipboard or cane or silver tray, and you’ll look like an emissary from another world.

Dark Angel Costume

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For a dark angel costume, you will need the following:

– Black face paint

– Black clothing

– Wings**

**To make wings, you can use wire and fabric. Make sure to put holes in the fabric to allow air flow.

1.This is the most important step in your makeup application. Always apply moisturizer to make your face look fresh and younger. Moisturizer will also help your makeup to blend well and stay in place longer.

2.Apply concealer to the areas of the face that need more coverage. Use a creamy concealer so it will blend well with the liquid foundation. Concealers come in cream, solid or liquid forms.

3.Let your concealer dry for a moment before applying any other product on top of it.

4.Apply foundation with a damp sponge for an even, natural finish or use a brush for fuller coverage.

5.Powder will set your foundation and keep you shine free all day long. Set your foundation by dusting powder over the entire face using a large powder brush or sponge applicator.

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