Let’s Party Like It’s 1975

Let’s Party Like It’s 1975:

A blog about the most iconic items of the 70s and how to bring them during Halloween.


Karen G. Schneider

October 31, 2017, 8:00 AM ET

It may be hard to believe, but the 1970s are not so far behind us — and for many, the style of that era is still a nostalgic favorite. So why not go retro this Halloween? Here are some great ways to have a groovy time by dressing up in your best 1070s costume.

When the 70s rolled around, everyone was ready for a change. The disco scene was pumping and the colorful outfits that accompanied it were hot. There are so many iconic items from this decade that it would be difficult to narrow it down to just one look to wear on Halloween. Here are some great items to bring back the 70s this Halloween:

The Bell Bottom Jeans: The wide-leg jeans were a way for women to express their freedom and independence during this time. When I think of bell bottom jeans, I think of John Travolta’s iconic white suit in Saturday Night Fever, but there were many different colored and patterned bell bottoms out there. These jeans can be paired with a halter top or a belly shirt.

The Wide Lapel Suit: Disco outfits were some of the most colorful fashion choices of all time. The classic wide lapel suit is all about color and flare. Be sure to pair your suit with a button up shirt and a large tie that matches the color of your suit’s wide lapels.

The Halter Top: This style was also popular in the 60s, but this was when it really took off and made its mark in fashion history. Halter tops look great paired with bell bottom jeans or

Every year, we all scramble to find the perfect costume for Halloween. With many people gravitating towards TV shows and movies for inspiration, it seems that the 70s culture is being overlooked as a gold mine of Halloween costume ideas. If you want to express your love for the decade that brought us Jaws, disco and The Godfather, check out our blog posts.

We will guide you through how to dress up as one of the most legendary icons from the era, such as punk rocker Sid Vicious or newscaster Farrah Fawcett. These are costumes that are sure to be both fun and unique.

In case you don’t identify with a 70s icon, we also have ideas on how to transform into a general character from the decade. Whether it’s dressing like a hippie or a disco queen, we can help you find some wonderful pieces so you can look authentic and stylish at your Halloween party.

70s costume

I think this is a very good idea. My dad who was a teenager during the 70s has told me that the decade is a very interesting time to dress up as. In fact, he said that it’s quite iconic and people would instantly recognize you in that outfit.

He said that there were many different ways to dress up as if you were from that decade. He suggested some of the popular looks back then for boys and girls during those times:

Boys: bell bottoms, plaid shirts, leather jackets, jeans jackets with patches, white tee shirts underneath, parted hair with a sideburn, printed tees with groovy design such as flowers and hearts (also known as hippie inspired clothing), etc…

Girls: platform shoes, mini skirts, leggings, tube tops, halter tops, short shorts (especially denim ones), denim jeans with holes on them (preferably bell bottoms), floral print dresses or blouses, long straight hair (with or without bangs), etc…

I hope this tips helps! Good luck!

During the 70s, funk ruled. The music of the day was fast-paced, colorful, and fun. The clothes were no exception. If you’re looking to dress up in a costume that is both a blast from the past and still modern, 70s costumes are where it’s at.

For women, some of the most iconic outfits include flared jeans and halter tops. Long straight hair parted down the middle and boho jewelry really set off this retro look. The 70s also saw an increase in women’s liberation and participation in sports, so you could also opt for a short tennis skirt with knee socks to channel your inner Serena Williams.

For men, you could go with a disco vibe by wearing a bright colored leisure suit with open-collared shirt underneath. Maybe add some gold chains to complete the look – but not too many! Alternatively, if you want to channel your inner musician from the 70s, donning some bellbottoms and tie-dyed t-shirt is sure to do the trick!

The 70s were arguably the most iconic period in fashion. Bell-bottom pants, jumpsuits, and platform shoes dominated the era. People wanted to feel free and comfortable in the clothes. They were also creative and were not afraid to try something new.

We can get so wrapped up in the pop culture of today that we forget that it’s the product of a long history. Halloween is no exception. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to nerd out on some of the most defining trends of the past few decades. Whether you want to be a disco queen, a hippie princess, or a yuppie stockbroker, anyone can find an excuse to dress up like a 70s icon this Halloween.

So let’s get right into it!

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