Make Halloween Great Again

One of the most popular costumes for Halloween 2017 was “Winnie the Pooh.” Yes, this makes sense for the kids, but what about the adults? How can you make your Winnie the Pooh costume stand out from all of those other adult Winnie the Poohs?

Consider adding a political angle! This year, many people were dressing up as “sexy” versions (yes, that’s a thing) of politicians and other public figures. You can do that with Winnie the Pooh too! For example, see this sexy Donald Trump Winnie the Pooh costume and this sexy Hillary Clinton Winnie the Pooh costume.

But what about those of us who prefer to be goofy rather than sexy for Halloween? The good news is that there are plenty of goofy options too! The bad news is that it’s hard to find any decent images online. Maybe I should have taken some photos myself during my extensive research (read: one evening on Amazon), but I did not. So you’ll have to just imagine them in your head.

Here are some ideas: a pirate Winnie the Pooh, a football player Winnie the Pooh, a cowboy Winnie the Pooh, or maybe even a prisoner Winnie the Pooh

Dressing up as Donald Trump this Halloween is a really fun idea.

The costume includes a mask with the President’s signature hairstyle and face, a black suit, white shirt, and bright red tie.

It’s great for kids, teens and adults alike.

And it’s the perfect way to show everyone you’re making Halloween great again!

I’m a little surprised that nobody has posted about this yet, but here is my entry:

Goofy Halloween Costume Number 1: Winnie the Pooh

One year I wanted to be Winnie the Pooh for Halloween, so I walked up to one of those big, cardboard cutouts in the store and tore off the head. Then I went home and made a hole in it big enough for me to put my head through. I wore it for Halloween that year.

The next year, people were asking me if I was going to be Winnie the Pooh again. By then, I was too old to wear a costume like that, so instead of being Winnie the Pooh, I took a broomstick with a black sock on it and taped it to my back so it stuck out straight. Then I wore a red shirt and carried around a balloon that said “Piglet” on it.

I guess you had to be there…

I had a surprising amount of trouble figuring out what to dress up as for Halloween. My wife suggested I go as Winnie the Pooh. The idea had potential: a Winnie the Pooh costume is funny, since it’s a cartoon bear that happens to be a human-size adult; it’s cheap, since you can just wear a yellow sweatshirt and some yellow sweatpants (I already have those); and it’s easy, because you don’t have to do anything other than put on the clothes.

But I was skeptical. First, I wasn’t sure I would be able to recognize myself as Winnie the Pooh when I looked in the mirror. And second, I wasn’t sure other people would recognize me. Would people get it? Would they think I was just dressed as a bear?

After some back and forth my wife convinced me to try it out. She said she could give me a red shirt so that people wouldn’t just think I was dressed as any old bear.

I still had my doubts. But on Halloween, we went to our neighborhood Halloween party, and sure enough everyone immediately recognized me as Winnie the Pooh.

“Oh,” they would say very knowingly, “you’re Winnie the Pooh.”

I’ve been wanting to make a Winnie the Pooh costume for a while, and I finally had an occasion: my daughter’s school Halloween parade. A lot of friends wanted to know how I made the costume, so I thought I’d write up some notes.

I chose Pooh as my prototype because he’s partly human, and that makes it easy to get a good fit. Of course, he’s also partly bear, but there are a lot of human-sized teddy bears in stores around Halloween. I already had a bear mask from several years ago that worked quite well. That left the shirt and the red balloon.

I made the shirt out of felt, which is traditional for Winnie the Pooh costumes. I used 2 yards of yellow and 1 yard of red felt (a yard each of two different yellows would be better). The red balloon was my wife’s idea; she bought it at Party City.

I ordered this Winnie the Pooh costume for my 3 year old son’s Halloween costume. It came quickly and was packaged in a nice little bag with a cardboard insert for extra shape. I wasn’t expecting much for the price, but it’s actually really well made! The fabric is wonderfully soft, fits my son well and looks great on! It comes with the shirt, pants, hooded cape, and mask.

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the mask is difficult to see out of (no eye holes) and it’s not breathable at all. My son had trouble seeing while wearing it, so we took it off after a little while. However, I love the way he looked in it and we got tons of compliments on Halloween!

The Winnie the Pooh Costume is a classic and instantly recognizable costume that works great as a family costume. This year, I will be dressing up as Winnie the Pooh myself, and my wife will be dressing up as Roo. We are going to have our friends dress up as Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet, and we are going to spend Halloween night driving around in our car (which we will decorate with a fun map of the Hundred Acre Wood) and handing out candy to all of the trick-or-treaters.

In this article, I’ll go over all of the components of the Winnie the Pooh Costume so you can make your own this Halloween!

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