Make Halloween Great Again!

Is there really a holiday more wonderful than Halloween? It’s time to get your pumpkin carving skills out, and find the best way to make your home look spooky and fun. Find out how making Halloween Great Again is a great way to make people stop talking about politics!

Whether you are throwing a party or going to one, you need to know what the best Halloween costumes are and where to find them. Don’t miss our costume reviews and suggestions for the hottest trends in 2016.

You can also find out where you can get all of the accessories that will help you complete your look. Whether it’s wigs, makeup, masks or even some fake blood, we have got you covered. And don’t forget about your pets. We have some great ideas for how to dress up your dog or cat (or spider) for the night.

Make sure to check back often because we will be adding new articles on costumes, parties, decorations and more all through October 2016.

Hello and welcome to the Halloween blog. This year’s Halloween costume is based on an American classic: the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Why did I pick this costume? Well, I love Halloween (who doesn’t?), but I also love going to parties. However, I never really know what kind of costume to wear to a party. That’s why I decided to go with a costume that is both fun and comfortable.

How did I come up with the idea for this costume? Well, it all started when I was walking through my local mall and saw a costume shop that sold costumes of all kinds. That’s when it hit me: “What if there was a way to combine my love of Halloween with my love of parties?”

That’s when I started thinking about how to make a costume out of the materials that were already available at the store. After some brainstorming, I came up with the idea of making a hat out of paper and then decorating it with paint, glitter and other fun things like feathers or buttons.

Now that you know how this costume came about, let’s get started!

I always find it interesting how many people love to dress up for Halloween. The fascination with dressing up is something that I have carried into adulthood and as a result, I have helped many people create their own costume each year.

This blog will be filled with tips, tricks, and general information about Halloween costumes.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

It’s almost Halloween and you are probably wondering what to dress up as. Well, don’t worry because the mad hatter is the perfect costume for you! There are many different variations you can make on the costume, but this is a simple version to get you started.

The costume includes two main pieces: The coat and the hat. The coat can be found at a thrift store like Goodwill or Salvation Army and the hat can be purchased online or made yourself. You can use any fabric that looks similar to velvet (such as felt) but it should be dark green or blue with white stripes on it so that it matches the original mad hatter costume from Alice in Wonderland.

This costume is great for those who want something easy and cheap but still want something unique! Just remember to wear black pants and shoes, white gloves, and don’t forget about socks!

In addition to the above advice, here are some costume ideas for you to consider.

If you are a man, you can be:

A construction worker.

A cowboy.

A police officer or other law enforcement agent.

If you are a woman, you can be:

A French maid.

A nurse.

A schoolgirl.

So you want to be the Mad Hatter! Well, here’s how I would go about it.

The first step is to get a hat, and for this we will be using a top hat. You can buy one, but I would recommend making one from felt and wire.

To make your own hat, you will need felt or heavy wool, a wire coat hanger, glue or a needle and thread, and some scissors.

I would recommend using black or grey felt for this project. Use the wire coat hanger to form the shape of the hat by bending the hanger into an oval shape. An oval will keep the hat nice and flat on top.

Cut out two pieces of felt that are slightly larger than your oval and glue or sew them together around the wire frame. Cut off any excess felt around the edge of the oval.

Now cut out a piece of felt that is slightly larger than your oval and fold it in half widthwise so you can cut out a “V” shape for your brim like so:

The Mad Hatter is a classic Halloween costume, but it’s been done before. We want to take yours to the next level by making it more relevant and timely.

Here are some tricks and treats to create a Halloween look that will both scare and impress. First, you need a hat. Obviously. But not just any hat will do. Our tip: try a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat! It’s the perfect accessory for your Mad Hatter costume this year.

Next, you’ll need a jacket and tie. Any jacket will do, but choose one that coordinates with the color of your hat (see our photo below). Choose a tie that pops and add some flair by adding pins or stickers. You’ll be ready to dress up as Mr. President at any moment!

If you’re feeling really mad, add some face paint to show your true colors! And for the truly committed, consider getting some dental work done to match the teeth in our photo below. Then tell everyone who asks that you finally got around to taking care of those cavities in time for Halloween this year!

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