Make Her Halloween Costume Dream Come True

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted to share a fun and easy DIY project you can make for your little princess. As you may already know, Disney is celebrating the re-release of Rapunzel, from Tangled, on DVD with a new short film called Tangled Ever After.

Since my daughter is such a huge fan of Disney Princesses, I wanted to make her Halloween costume dream come true by making her into Rapunzel this year. Here’s how we made my daughters Rapunzel costume:

You and I are pretty much the same, except that I’m the mom of an almost 5-year-old. This is the first year that she’s really grasped Halloween, and what Halloween meant to me as a kid: costumes. In fact, this is the first year she’s really understood Christmas too, but let’s leave that for another post.

There are two types of people in this world: those who love Halloween, and those who don’t get it. For me, it’s all about creating a magical moment in time for my child. And by magical moment in time, I mean creating something fun for her to do while keeping my own sanity intact.

I started early this year because I knew that she would have a very specific request (Rapunzel), which would be hard to find at the last minute (like last year). Because I’m a little obsessive about getting a good deal on stuff, I checked out some of my favorite costuming sites online, searching for Rapunzel costumes. As expected, they were pretty expensive ($50 or more), so I decided to make her costume myself.

You might think that making your own costume would be cheaper than buying one, but you’d be wrong – at least in my case. Yes

Finding a Halloween costume can be one of the most annoying parts of Halloween. Stores are full of costumes that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, and it’s just not worth it to buy a costume that you’re going to wear once and never, ever again. But all hope is not lost if you’re hoping for a costume that’s special, unique, and all about your little princess (or prince).

You don’t have to be a talented seamstress or have access to expensive materials to make an amazing costume. In fact, you don’t even have to know how to sew! You can make this Rapunzel dress with a little yarn, some tulle and ribbon, and just about any old dress from your closet. And if your little guy is more into pirates than princesses? No problem! How about wrapping him up in some gauze and making him look like mummy? We went through our Pinterest board and found two easy-to-make Halloween costumes that will bring out the princess or pirate in your little one.

Rapunzel Costume

This Halloween, make your little girl’s dreams come true with this Rapunzel-inspired costume.


1 yard of pink linen fabric for the bodice and cuffs ($10)

2 yards of yellow tulle for the skirt ($5)

1 yard of yellow ribbon for the trim ($4)

Thread ($2)

Sewing machine or needle and thread (not shown; free if you already own one)

Optional: a piece of cardboard for the stand-up collar ($0.50)

Total cost: $22.50, plus tax and shipping if applicable. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand or find someone who has one to help you.

At year’s end, the planet’s most popular search engine has released its annual Zeitgeist list of the top searches of 2012.

Within the past few years, Halloween costume searches on Google have increased by up to 50% according to some reports, with women’s costumes jumping by an even higher percentage.

Rapunzel is one of the most popular searches in this category. It is a hot costume choice for young girls this year and will be a hit at any Halloween party.

Hey Moms, Dads and Guardians of little girls everywhere! Halloween is coming up fast and we know you’re thinking about what your little princess will be this year.

Well if she’s anything like my daughter, she wants to be a princess! And who can blame her? With so many Disney princesses in the mix, it’s hard for a girl not to want to be one.

Let me help you make your daughter’s dreams come true by sharing my tips for making an awesome DIY Rapunzel costume! (I’m sure you can use the same tips to make other princess costumes, too!)

This costume was great because all I needed was some tulle and ribbon and then I had all kinds of options of how to make it. I got really creative with it.

Here are some ideas on how to make a dress, hair accessories and more!

This Halloween, make your little princess’ dreams come true with a Rapunzel costume. If your daughter is a fan of the latest Disney Princess movie Tangled, she already knows how much fun it is to dress up like her favorite character.

Rapunzel Costume

The most important part of this costume is Rapunzel’s long yellow hair. This can be achieved by using a long blonde wig or by using yarn or fabric scraps wrapped around the head in many braids. For an added touch, you may want to include a few flowers in some of the braids.

Oversized clothes are also important for this costume because when Rapunzel was trapped in the tower for eighteen years, she had no time for laundry and her clothes were always too big for her. A large shirt and skirt will do the trick – just don’t make them so big that they fall off!

For an accessory, include a frying pan – Rapunzel’s weapon of choice – or any other equivalent object such as a wooden spoon. You might also want to carry around some paper lanterns to complete the effect!

Other costumes that work well with this one include Flynn Ryder, Maximus, and Mother Gothel. If you have twin daughters, it’s even possible

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