Make Your Own Ghostbusters Outfits

The Ghostbusters franchise has become a classic in the horror genre. It has sparked a renewed interest in the supernatural, and it’s entertaining enough to watch again and again.

If you’re a huge fan of this franchise, why not make your own Ghostbuster outfit? With a few simple materials and some creativity you can create an outfit that will impress anyone who sees it.

For starters, you’ll need to create the upper part of your costume. The most important thing about this is that it fits properly. If it doesn’t fit right, then it won’t look good on you. You can use felt for this part of your costume since felt is easy to work with and durable. You will want to cut two pieces of felt in different colors, one for each side of your upper body. Each piece should be roughly the same length as your torso. Cut one out of grey felt and another out of white or orange felt depending on what color scheme you like best. Next, cut two smaller pieces of felt in the same color as the larger ones but at least an inch smaller than them on all sides. These will form the straps for your upper body part of the costume. Sew these onto both sides of the larger pieces so that they form a T shape when laid flat

Whether you’re making a costume for Halloween or a convention, or want to cosplay as your favorite ghosbusters, this site is for you. I’ll guide you through the process of making your own ghostbuster uniforms, props, and accessories.

What’s great about making your own Ghostbusters outfits is that it’s easy to do and most of the materials are inexpensive and easy to find. You’ll also end up with your own set of costumes that will be unique.

Why not buy a premade costume?

You could buy an official Ghostbuster costume from Rubies or Disguise. However, these costumes are not very well made and they tend to look cheesy when compared to what was seen in the movies. They can also get rather expensive, especially if you want all four members of the GB team….

My dad is an awesome guy. He’s got a lot of hobbies, including carpentry, metalworking, and electronics. He also loves to watch movies with me, especially ones from the 80’s. So when I wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween, he went all out.

This post will show you how we made this awesome costume from scratch (well, mostly scratch). It won’t be an exact guide on how to make your own costume (the design will probably change a bit depending on who’s wearing it), but it should give you an idea of what you’ll need to do to make your own!

If you want to make your own Ghostbusters outfit, the first thing you need is a jumpsuit. You can’t make the very lightweight jumpsuits that are used in the movie (they were custom made for each actor and production), but there are plenty of options available. A simple Google search will give you several websites where you can buy one. The only thing you need to make sure about is that it’s made from a material which is easy to clean.

And remember: when looking at the photos below, don’t be scared off by how professional some of them look – they’re not as hard to make as they look!

Making your own Ghostbusters proton pack (or ‘positron collider’) isn’t too hard either. All you need is some cardboard, hot glue, a little paint, and a few other simple materials. If you have trouble finding everything, head on over to Etsy or Amazon, where there are many people who sell kits of all the parts needed to make your own proton pack.

Keep in mind that some of these parts require special tools or skills; if you’re not confident in your abilities, it may be best to buy them instead of making them yourself.

With the release of the Ghostbusters remake this weekend, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite DIY Ghostbusters costumes.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best. You’ll notice they all have a few things in common. The important elements are khaki coveralls, a belt or suspenders, and an orange GB logo on the chest. Details like a proton pack will make your costume extra awesome, but aren’t strictly necessary.

If you want to take your costume above and beyond, grab some friends and make them up as Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, or another iconic Ghostbuster character.

Ghostbusters costume is a topic that’s been touched on by a couple of people in the past, but I thought it would be good to have a single thread on it for those looking for ideas.

Personally I’m going for Dr Peter Venkman as seen in the video game ‘Extremity Retention’. It’s based on his plain grey uniform from the second movie, but with the addition of an orange stripe down the side.

The easiest way to get hold of a grey boiler suit is to find one at a hardware store or DIY market. For the orange stripe you could use little more than an orange highlighter pen…or you can buy some fabric paint and paint it on if you want a more permanent solution.

A Ghostbusters logo badge can easily be found online and attached to your chest. Alternatively, you could make your own if you’re feeling creative.

If you’re feeling really creative, then why not make your own proton pack?

The, um, proton packs are a fictional piece of equipment and as such don’t actually have specifications. That said, the Ghostbusters’ proton packs have some traits that you can use to create your own.

You will need:

A backpack

A toy gun

A flashlight (or another toy gun)

Black electrical tape

A black towel or blanket

A white shirt

Black pants or other dark pants**

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