Mariachi Costumes for the Holidays. Adorable and great for nativity scenes and holiday celebrations

Mariachi Costumes for the Holidays

Adorable and great for nativity scenes and holiday celebrations

by: J.J. Flores

What is a mariachi costume? If you’ve ever been to a Mexican restaurant or heard any popular Mexican music, you’ve probably seen a mariachi costume at least once. Mariachi costumes are worn by a group called mariachis, who traditionally play Mexican folk music.

Mariachi costumes are quite distinct from other types of clothing. While the traditional outfit was composed of cotton pants, jackets, and sombreros, some modern mariachis now wear purple pants and matching jackets that come in all shades of brown and beige. Many mariachis also wear large black boots and ornate silver or gold jewelry.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween costume or just looking to dress up for a party, mariachi costumes are an excellent choice for groups or individuals alike. They can be found in many places online or in stores such as Walmart and Party City, but if you’re looking for something truly authentic then consider having one custom made through Etsy’s online marketplace.

The holidays are just around the corner, and with that comes the joy of finding costumes for the kids! If you are looking for something a little more traditional, then this article is for you.

You may remember seeing children dressed up in Mariachi costumes at holiday celebrations with friends and family. It is hard not to notice how great they look, but how do you actually get them to behave? There are some things you can do to get your kids to stay in character.

Start by giving them some props. Mariachi music is very upbeat and fun, so it is important that your child feels like a part of the band. A great thing about these costumes is that they come with a guitar, maracas and even a sombrero! You can also buy other items such as tambourines and horns to give your child a variety of instruments to play with while they are performing.

If they are playing an instrument, have them practice! This will help them stay in character while they are performing. When it comes time for the show, everyone will be excited to see what kind of instrument they will be playing next!

So when my son asked to be Olaf from Frozen for Halloween (and then subsequently asked if he could be a Mariachi for Day of the Dead), I figured out how to make both costumes. They have been a huge hit with kids and adults alike. I am glad that he is getting in touch with his Mexican heritage and more importantly, having fun!

I have received many requests on how I made the costumes and so I figured a blog would be the best place to share them. I will post one each week. Use the following links to jump to each costume:

Mariachi Costume Instructions

Olaf Costume Instructions

Happy Halloween!

Olaf Costume for Kids – Frozen

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me about an Olaf costume for kids lately so I thought I would do a quick post about the one we used!

My daughter had a Frozen party with her girl scout troop this weekend. This was the costume we used for my daughter (age 5). She is quite petite and it fit her fine. It’s also available in sizes 4-6x, 7-8 and 10-12. My son (age 3) wanted to wear it too, but he’s much taller and it was definitely too small for him!

If you are looking for an Olaf costume for kids, this was the one we used:

Frozen Olaf Deluxe Child Costume

Olaf Costume For Kids

We paired it with white leggings/tights and brown boots (although he doesn’t really have brown boots…she just needed some footwear!). Although it has attached shoe covers, they didn’t fit over the boots so we didn’t bother using them. Also, the shirt is removable so she can still wear that after Halloween!

Hope that helps anyone who wants an Olaf costume for kids!

I’m making a costume for Olaf from Frozen and I am using this as a guideline. I had made another Olaf costume before and it was well received, but I didn’t have time to do all the details. This one will be even better!

So here’s what you need:


1. White fleece (1 yard)

2. Black fleece (a small amount)

3. Tan fleece (a small amount)

4. Light blue fleece (a small amount)

5. Brown felt (a small amount)**\n**6. Polyester fiberfill pillow stuffing (lots!)**\n**7. Hot glue

8. Wire hangers**\n**9. Hot glue gun

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