Michael Myers – The Origin

Michael Myers – The Origin is a blog that examines the history of Michael Myers and his mask. This site will cover everything from the birth of Michael Myers, to his bloody return to Haddonfield and beyond.

The Halloween series has undergone many changes over the years, but one thing has always remained constant: Michael Myers. Over the past 35 years Michael Myers has become a legend in the horror genre and is easily considered one of the most iconic villains to ever grace the silver screen.

Michael Myers is unique in the world of horror because he does not have an origin story, nor does he have any supernatural abilities. He is simply a man who kills for reasons only known to him.

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The Halloween franchise has had its share of controversy over the past fifteen years. Everything from the Rob Zombie remakes to the post-Carpenter sequels have been under constant scrutiny by Halloween fans and critics alike, each for different reasons. One thing that is undeniable, however, is that many of these movies have left their mark on the franchise and have helped shape Michael Myers into the horror icon he is today.

That’s what our goal here at The Michael Myers Costume Blog is to document those changes in the hopes of creating a comprehensive history of Michael Myers and his mask. In this article we’ll take a look at how Michael Myers has changed (and in some cases not changed) since his debut in 1978’s Halloween.

Michael Myers is the world’s most evil and iconic horror movie villain. The Halloween series of films are among the best in the genre, and to horror fans, Michael Myers is a household name.

However, not many people know what was going on behind the scenes of the movies, or how the mask came to be. In this blog we will attempt to tell that story.

A young boy named Michael Myers was born on October 19th 1957 in Haddonfield Illinois. He grew up in a wealthy family living at 45 Lampkin Lane Haddonfield Illinois. His father was an abusive alcoholic and his mother was an overbearing religious fanatic who was unable to show her child any love or affection.

The young boy had no friends and spent most of his time alone in his room playing with knives which he would hide under his bed. This would eventually lead to him killing his sister Judith Myers when he was just six years old. After this tragedy Michael went into a catatonic state for three months before being sent away to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where he lived until he escaped fifteen years later at age 21 after killing several people including Doctor Samuel Loomis (who had become obsessed with stopping him).

The History and Origin of Michael Myers Costume

The Halloween movie that was released in 1978 is a classic for horror fans. The movie has spawned a new movie that will be released on October 18, 2013. The new movie will be the eleventh installment of the Halloween series.

Halloween is about the life of Michael Myers, serial killer who was sent to Smith’s Grove Warren Sanitarium after he killed his older sister Judith when he was only six years old. He manages to escape fifteen years later and returns home to Haddonfield to kill his little sister Laurie Strode.

Michael Myers costume is a signature part of the Halloween movies. The mask has had many different looks over the years but it has always been white with a fake brown wig attached to it. The mask originally started out as Captain Kirk mask with foam rubber glued on top of it to change its shape and make it appear more scary. The mask also had eye holes cut out of it so that you could see through them while wearing the mask at night.

The original Michael Myers mask worn in the 1978 film Halloween was a modified Captain Kirk mask. 

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