Myths About Wearing Black And Why You Should Wear It More Often

I’ve been wearing black regularly for the past couple of years. It’s my favorite color, it’s slimming, it can be dressed up or casual and it’s a timeless classic. So why don’t you wear black more often?

There have been many myths about wearing black and I’m here to give you some facts so you can start wearing black more often.

Myth: Black is only for funerals

Fact: Black is a neutral that can be worn for any occasion. The reason why people associate black with funerals is because a long time ago, women wore black to funerals because they didn’t want anyone flirting with them. Also, it was inexpensive so they weren’t showing wealth and they were grieving. How many times do you think someone has worn red to a funeral? And if they did, would that mean that red should only be worn for funerals?

Myth: You have to wear nudes/browns with black

Fact: If you like your legs nude or in a nude or brown shoe but don’t feel comfortable wearing black pants then by all means, wear the brown shoe! But there are other options than just brown shoes including bright colors like yellow, cobalt blue and hot pink. Try any color shoe you want

Ever since Coco Chanel hit the scene in the 1920s wearing her iconic little black dress, this hue has been making its way into women’s iconic wardrobes.

While it will never go out of style, black isn’t always an easy color to wear. Here are some myths about wearing black that I’m going to address, and hopefully encourage you to give it a try!

Myth 1: Wearing Black Makes You Look Bigger

When worn correctly, black can be very slimming. As a plus size woman, I like to visualize my body as a box and use clothing to create balance and visual interest. Choosing darker colors for items that I want to appear smaller (like wide or large bottom half) helps create an illusion of balance and creates a more proportional look. The darker color also helps downplay any lumps or bumps that I’d rather not show off.

Myth 2: Wearing Black All The Time Is Boring

One of the great things about black is that it’s neutral. It goes with nearly everything so you’ll never have a hard time putting together an outfit when you’ve got all black separates in your closet. However, there are so many ways that you can play with textures and silhouettes in order to add dimension

For the last few years, many have been telling us that wearing black is boring and that we should wear more colors. The problem with this advice is that it assumes wearing black is a question of personal taste, when in fact it’s a question of how you want to look.

Wearing black makes you look thinner, taller and stronger. If that’s not your goal, then sure, wear colors. But in my experience, most women want to look thinner, taller and stronger.

Wearing black makes you look sophisticated and elegant.

If you’re a student or an artist or still in the process of discovering your personal style, then sure, wear colors and experiment as much as you like. But if you’re a lawyer or doctor or businesswoman who needs to project adulthood, then sophistication and elegance are probably part of your goal. And if they are — again — wear more black.

There are other reasons to wear black that don’t have to do with looking thinner and more sophisticated: it’s also flattering on everyone. Black works well on blondes, brunettes and redheads alike; it works well on those with dark skin tones as well as those with fair ones; it works well on

Black makes you look thinner. (It also makes you look more sophisticated, mysterious and powerful. It’s slimming, versatile and always looks expensive.)

Black is aging and washes you out. (It can do the opposite. In fact, because it’s so slimming and draws attention to your face, black can be incredibly youthful and fresh. If you do find it draining, wear black with a pop of color or pattern around your face – a bright scarf or statement necklace.)

Black is funereal. (Not true at all! Black is chic and stylish, without even trying.)

You can’t wear black in the summer. (This is one of my favourite myths! Black is actually perfect for summer as it does a great job of keeping you cool.)

You mustn’t wear black to interviews/weddings/etc.(Wrong! You can wear black anywhere. Just keep the occasion in mind when choosing the style of dress – such as wearing a fitted sheath dress to an interview rather than an off-the-shoulder mini.)

The first, and perhaps most widely believed, myth about wearing black is that it’s slimming. While this may be true for an all-black ensemble, it’s not necessarily true for every little black dress. The truth is that a well-constructed garment in any color will flatter your figure. A poorly constructed garment in any color will do the opposite.

The second myth about wearing black is that it’s boring. If you think of a woman who only wears black, you probably picture someone who dresses in a mannish way and behaves rather seriously. But I don’t think that’s what the woman who wears black feels like inside. I’ve never met a woman who only wears black and doesn’t have a bit of eccentricity!

The third myth about wearing black is that it’s too harsh for those with fair complexions and lighter hair. This one is just plain untrue. If you’re blonde or red-headed, wear rich jewel tones (like deep purple) or earth tones (think chocolate brown). If you’re brunette, try white or pastels. If you’re pale, wear bright colors and bold prints (think fuchsia or animal print). All women look best when they wear colors that are closest to their natural skin tone

I love black. If I had to choose a favorite color, black would win every time. I’m not sure if you’d call me obsessed with black, but I’m certainly a big fan.

There are many myths surrounding the wearing of black. Some people say it is only appropriate during the winter months while others think it is only suited for evening wear or funerals. And some people think of it as being a color that makes you look older and heavier.

None of this is true! I have outlined below some of the common myths about wearing black followed by why these are incorrect.

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