One Shirt Two Looks

One Shirt Two Looks: A blog around two ways you can wear your favorite shirt.

Most of us have a favorite shirt or blouse that we wish we could wear on different occasions but are not sure about the right look to sport. This blog is dedicated to such people who want to style their beloved shirts in different ways without having to spend money on buying new clothes.

The goal of this blog is to help its audience get more out of their dresses and be able to create a new look from an old/used piece of clothing. The content will be tips, tutorials, and ideas around styling one piece of clothing in two different ways.

The blog will cover topics like how to style one shirt differently for work and party, how to style your favorite shirt for the night out with friends and date night with your boyfriend, etc.

One Shirt Two Looks is a fashion blog that focuses on giving you two ways to wear one of your favorite shirts. Each week we will post a new shirt and give you two tips on how to wear it! Check back every Friday for new posts!

This blog is about two ways you can wear your favorite shirt. This is a shirt that I really like and I want to show you how you can make it work for two different occasions – a casual look for day time and one for night time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a lot of options in your closet in order to be creative with what you already have and make it look different each time.

A great shirt should be versatile, and we have the perfect one for you. It’s this linen button down from Banana Republic. It’s got a super cool, relaxed look to it and feels amazing on your skin. You can wear this shirt in so many different ways, but today we’re going to show you two of our favorite looks: a casual weekend outfit, and a business casual outfit.


Plague Doctor Costume

The plague doctor is probably the most iconic figure of the Black Death. These physicians wore beak-like masks filled with herbs and flowers to protect from miasma, the noxious air believed to spread disease. The outfit was meant to frighten rather than comfort the dying, and consisted of a long cloak, a wide-brimmed hat, a cane and an ivory or wooden mask carved in the shape of a bird’s beak. The mask had glass holes for eyes, and it was stuffed with sweet spices and herbs like juniper, lavender and roses, which were thought to purify the air.

A 17th-century engraving showing one of Rome’s “beaked” plague doctors.”

The Plague Doctor Costume: How to Make Your Own Plague Doctor Mask, Hat and Costume

The plague doctor costume is one of the most recognizable costumes of the Middle Ages, though it was also used in the 17th century. The beak mask has become one of the enduring symbols of the Black Death.

The plague doctor costume consisted of an ankle length overcoat and a bird-like beak mask, often filled with sweet or strong smelling substances (commonly lavender), along with gloves, boots, a wide-brimmed hat, and an outer over-clothing garment. The garments were invented by Charles de Lorme. The costume was worn by a special medical physician who treated those who had the plague.

The plague doctor costume is one of the most recognizable costumes, worn by medical practitioners in Europe during times of plague. This costume was worn to protect doctors from being infected by their patients. It consists of a mask, a heavy black cloak, and a cane.

The beak mask was designed to hold scented substances the doctor believed would prevent him from catching the disease. However, it did not work in preventing doctors from catching the plague. The long black cloak protected the doctor’s clothes and body from any diseases that could have been on the clothing or bodies of those they treated. Lastly, the cane was used to examine patients without having any direct contact with them.

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