Prisoner Costume Ideas

Prisoner Costume Ideas: Prisoners seem to have a uniform they all wear. Most of the time it is orange, or khaki colored.

Prisoner costumes can be easily created by buying an orange or khaki colored jumpsuit. These can be found at thrift stores for a couple dollars, or you can buy one new at the costume store. You may already have a jumpsuit lying around that you could use too.

A prisoner costume can be made by adding some black and white stripes to either a white or black shirt and pants combination. You could even add some color to make it more flashy. Add some “prisoner” numbers to the shirt and pants, and you are set!

Another way to make a prisoner costume is by wearing all black with a white t-shirt underneath that has the word “prisoner” on it in big black letters.

You will probably want a hat to complete your look, so get an orange construction type hat at the thrift store, or from home depot if you don’t mind spending the money.

You might want chains around your wrists and ankles too…but those could get uncomfortable after awhile!

Prisoner Costume Ideas: Prisoners seem to have a uniform they all wear. Most of the time it is orange, or khaki colored. This costume can be put together with a pair of old jeans, an old shirt and one of those suspenders that you can get at any costume store. You can also find convict costumes that are ready made. You could also go as a character from a specific prison. There are many movies that feature prison scenes and characters.

The Shawshank Redemption- One of the most well known prison movies. This movie features Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne, the man wrongfully imprisoned for murder and Morgan Freeman as Red, his friend on the inside. This movie has several memorable scenes that would make good costumes; Andy’s escape through a tunnel in his cell wall or the scene where he is first introduced to the other prisoners in his striped uniform and shower cap, carrying toilet paper under his arm.

Red- Red is a lifer who seems to know everything about anything that can be obtained by illegal means on the inside or outside of prison walls. He wears a baseball cap, striped shirt and has bushy red hair.

Andy Dufresne- Andy was an accountant before he went to prison for murder,

Prisoner Costume Ideas:

Prisoners seem to have a uniform they all wear. Most of the time it is orange, or khaki colored. You can do this at home by buying a few yards of material at the fabric store and cutting out your own jumpsuit. There are also places online that sell prison uniforms or prisoner costumes. You will also need a pair of handcuffs so that you can wear them on your wrists, and a number written on paper that you can stick on your jumpsuit. And to top off the look, an old pair of sneakers will do.

Your next Halloween costume idea could be a prisoner. Prisoners seem to have a uniform they all wear. Most of the time it is orange, or khaki colored. You can find this “prisoner” uniform at any thrift store or costume shop. If you want to make your own prisoner outfit, you just need some orange or khaki pants, and a matching long sleeve shirt.

Don’t forget the accessories! You could get some black and white striped accessories such as socks, gloves, or a hat. You could also wear an orange shirt with a number on it for your prison uniform number.

If you don’t want to buy the prison color clothes, you can always choose to paint them to achieve the desired look. To do this you will need fabric paint in your desired color, and some type of clothes that are 100% cotton. Paint each piece of clothing (pants and shirt) with two layers of fabric paint, allowing at least twenty four hours for each layer to dry before painting another one on top of it.

Be creative with your prisoner costume! You can add things like a ball and chain attached to your leg if you want to be really authentic.

Prisoners seem to have a uniform they all wear. Most of the time it is orange, or khaki colored. There are many variations on this theme, but the core of the costume is usually a jumpsuit. The jumpsuit may have numbers or letters on it, depending on the character you are looking to portray.

There are some accessories you can add to your prisoner costume that will make it stand out in a crowd. For example, many prisoners will be sporting tattoos, which you can draw onto your body with an eyeliner pencil. Prisoners have a scruffy look about them so don’t shave for a few days before Halloween and rub some dirt into your face for an authentic prison look.

A fun variation on this costume would be to dress up as a lady prisoner! That would be sure to get some laughs. You can make your own lady prisoner costume by wearing baggy pants and suspenders over your shirt.

Prisoner costume ideas include jumpsuits, T-shirts, and pants. The prisoner costumes are inexpensive and look great.

The accessories section includes handcuffs and police badges. These items make the costume more authentic looking.

The Orange Prisoner Costume comes with a prisoner costume jumpsuit, hat and number. This is a great Halloween costume that you can wear over and over again. The only problem is the stripes are horizontal, and not vertical.

If you want to be an escapee, then you will need some accessories to complete your look. You can get some handcuffs from the police costume section and have someone hold you captive on Halloween night. Or you can get a prison guard and handcuff him as well as yourself for a nice pair of costumes.

You could also get some striped socks or gloves to enhance your look as well. If you are going to be in hot weather on halloween, then maybe try a orange shirt with black stripes instead.

A prisoner costume is a great way to go if you want to go cheap this year and still be able to use it for another occasion down the road. Just make sure there aren’t any real prisoners around when you are wearing this!

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