Sesame Street Muppet Costume for Adults

Sesame Street Muppet Costume for Adults: A blog about a costume for adults based on sesame street muppets.

Supplies needed:

1) White body suit

2) White gloves

3) Red material

4) Yellow material (2 pieces one small one large)

5) Orange material (2 pieces one small one large)

6) Black felt

7) Scissors, sewing machine, and thread.

It’s always fun to dress up for Halloween and make your own costumes. When I was younger, I loved to make my own costumes. One year I was a robot, another year a pirate. One of the best costumes I ever made was when I was a Muppet from Sesame Street. Believe it or not, there are actually adult sized Muppets available for purchase. These aren’t the exact costumes that were worn on the show, but they’re very close replicas and are made of nice quality materials.

Of course, you don’t have to buy them if you want to make your own Muppet costume. You can take a look at photos of the Muppets and then figure out what kind of clothes will work best to mimic them. For example, when I wanted to be Big Bird, I wore an oversized yellow sweatshirt and some orange pants with webbed feet attached to them (I used some orange tights.) For Miss Piggy, all you need is a wedding dress and some white gloves (you could also use a pink dress if you prefer.) If you’re going as Kermit, you can wear green pants and jacket with a green collar.

Are you a big fan of Sesame Street? Are you always watching it when you’re a kid, but now that you’re an adult, you still can’t get enough of it? Well, this Halloween, get all nostalgic with your favorite childhood TV show by wearing one of our amazing and unique Sesame Street costumes.

We have a great selection of Sesame Street costumes for adults. You can transform yourself into a huge, furry and friendly monster like Cookie Monster or Elmo. If you want to look cute and sexy while being friendly and lovable at the same time, then go as Rosita. You can also be the bossy and grouchy Oscar the Grouch. And if you want to be someone who’s always happy and cheerful, go as Big Bird or Ernie. Or if you want to be someone who’s smart and fun-loving at the same time, then we definitely have Bert costumes for you!

What are you waiting for? Dress up in one of our Sesame Street costumes for adults and let your inner child come out this Halloween!

This Lilo costume is the perfect Halloween costume for any “Lilo and Stitch” fan. The costume features a one piece dress with the character’s face on the front and an attached blue belt that has a bow in the back. The dress also comes with a pair of footless tights, an orange flower hair clip and arm bands.

I recently decided that I would like to be a life-sized muppet for Halloween. I started by researching what it would take to make a costume of my favorite character, and along the way I learned some fun facts about how muppets are made. This site is the record of my journey.

Lilo Costume is even more challenging than making a full-body animal puppet because it requires more than just covering myself in fabric; I have to look like someone else. Therefore, I have to use techniques that involve molding, sculpting, and other craft techniques that are not required when you’re just trying to make a wearable costume.

Lilo Costume was originally conceived as a project for an online course called “How to Make Anything.” If you’re interested in learning how to make things on your own (or with the help of an online class), check out the class here:

Before getting into the details, I’d like to make a quick note on the pricing. I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my first quote from my seamstress: $375! For a custom-made costume? That’s an amazing deal. It turns out that she mostly does wedding and bridesmaid dresses, which can run $1,000 – $3,000 each. So she’s able to do these costumes for very reasonable prices because this is such a small project compared to what she normally does.

The head pieces were probably the hardest part of this costume. They are made out of several layers of fabric (fleece, interlining, and lining) sewn together in sections and then attached to a base via velcro. The base is then padded and covered with fur so that it can sit comfortably on your head without damaging your hair. The facial features are made out of craft foam or felt that is glued onto the fabric.

Lilo Costume – Lilo And Stitch Costume

I was inspired to create a Lilo Costume after seeing the Disney movie Lilo And Stitch. I loved the idea of how she made a stuffed toy for her friend, who was an alien. I also loved that she is not afraid to be different.

The Lilo costume is very simple and easy to make. The first step is to gather all the items you need for this project. You will need the following:

Brown fabric – enough to make a top and pair of shorts

Two pieces of cardboard – one 6 inch by 6 inch and one 12 inch by 12 inch

A large piece of paper or cardboard

A glue gun

A small amount of stuffing material (cotton or polyester)


Black and red felt

Brown buttons (optional)

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