Seven Tips For Your First Time at a Renaissance Fair

You’ve got the costume, you’ve got the tickets, you’re packed and ready to go! But wait! There are a few things that might not have occurred to you when you started planning. By following these seven tips, your first time at a Renaissance Faire will be an even more enjoyable experience.

1. Bring Cash

Vendors don’t always take credit cards. At the very least, plan on having enough cash for parking and food. Also, make sure to bring small bills; it’s usually easier for the vendors to make change for smaller bills.

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Some of the Faires are larger than others and involve a lot of walking. It is important to wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk around all day without discomfort. If you’re planning on getting into costume, make sure that your shoes are part of your outfit and still comfortable to wear all day long!

3. Stay Hydrated!

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. We have found that disposable water bottles do not cost any more than they would anywhere else and they provide a great way to stay hydrated in the heat of summer (and they are recyclable!). Also, if you forget

If you’re attending your first Renaissance fair, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry about dressing up.

Dressy casual is fine for your first time at a renaissance fair. If you do want to dress up, here are some tips: You can find great deals on costumes at thrift stores. Your local renaissance faire will have vendors who sell handmade clothes and accessories for those who wish to dress up, too.

Don’t worry about the lines.

You will wait in line for everything: to get in, to eat lunch, to watch the shows, to go on some of the rides, and even just to use the bathroom sometimes. This is normal! Try to make friends while you wait; you may be waiting a while!

Don’t be afraid to talk with people in costume!

People who dress up really get into character; they love talking about renaissance life and times!

The renaissance festival, or ren fest as we call it, is an experience that everyone should have. It’s a place to go and be who you want to be. To dress up and act silly without the embarrassment of normal life. To meet new people and have fun in a safe environment. This blog contains tips for first timers, and information about all ren fairs in the US.

This blog includes information about the upcoming 2010 Texas Renaissance Festival which runs every weekend between October 9th and November 28th in Plantersville, Texas. There are also links to other ren fests throughout the United States.

If you’ve never been to a Renaissance Faire, but you want to go, this article is for you! Here are some tips to help you navigate your first time at the faire.

1. Find a Faire and Get Tickets

First things first – find a faire near you! The website has a wonderful map of faires across the country. This website also has some great information on each faire, so take some time to look at descriptions of different faires before choosing one to attend. Some faires are better than others and some are more kid-friendly than others, so it’s always best to do some research before purchasing tickets. Once you’ve chosen a faire, you can purchase tickets online or in person at your nearest ticket location (usually a grocery store). If you buy your tickets online in advance, you can save money by getting discount pricing.

Once you have your tickets, check the weather forecast for the day of the faire and plan accordingly. Some faires have large shaded areas where there is plenty of seating, but others don’t have much shade and can get very hot during the summer months. Check out my blog post about dressing up for a Renaissance Faire for more tips about what to

The first time I went to a Ren Faire it was just for fun. I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, Wisconsin with some friends on an impulse. We had a great time and we decided to go back again the next year.

This is when things got serious. By this time my friends and I had developed a fantasy LARPing group that dressed up for weekend events and played characters in the world we created. We were all already interested in fantasy and I had been reading about medieval history for years, so the Ren Faire was a natural progression. We looked up what we needed to do to become part of the faire and then we made our plan.

There’s more to going to the Ren Faire than just showing up at the front gate in whatever you are wearing that day and buying your ticket (though you certainly could do that). If you want to get into the whole experience, there’s more you can do. Here are some tips, tricks and ideas on how to get started at your local Ren Faire!

1. There is no such thing as “too many” costumes.

I had a friend who only went to her first Ren Faire with me because she had seen one of my costumes and wanted to make something similar. If you’re willing to spend a little money, you can buy costumes very inexpensively on Amazon or do an Etsy or eBay search for “Renaissance fair costume.” When I started going to the local faire in North Carolina, I made nearly all of my own clothing. If sewing isn’t your thing, you can get pre-made bodices (the upper part of a dress) from Amazon for under $20 and then pair it with a skirt from Goodwill or another thrift store. The great thing about the Ren Faire is that it’s not about fashion; it’s about having fun. You can wear whatever you want, and no one will judge you!

2. Don’t be afraid to interact with people in character.

One of the things I love best about the Ren Faire is that it’s a place where people are very willing to interact with others and have fun; they are there to escape normal life and be someone else for a day, so they are more open than they might normally be. Don’t be

The Purge Costume: A costume worn in the movie “The Purge” which is about a government that allows the public to murder people for a night once a year.

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