Superhero Guide to Cape Making

Superhero Guide to Cape Making: A blog on how to make a great cape for superhero costumes. Capes, masks, and other superhero costume accessories.

Superhero Guide to Cape Making is a blog that’s dedicated to showing you how to make a great cape for your superhero costume. I’ll show you what materials you need, and which ones work best for different looks.

The first thing you will need is the material for your cape. This can be found at fabric stores, or online at sites like Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby. You’ll want something that has a drape to it, but is still stiff enough that it stands out from your body when you wear it. I prefer the red satin capes for Superman costumes (though any color can work). For Batman I’d go with black crushed velvet; it has more of an old-fashioned look than the shiny satins. If you’re looking for something really unique, try using an iridescent fabric like lame or lamella. These fabrics change color depending upon how they’re lit up – they’re perfect if you want to look like The Flash!

Once you’ve decided on your fabric, it’s time to cut out your pattern pieces. Most capes are made from two large

Superhero Guide to Cape Making: A blog on how to make a great cape for superhero costumes.

Making cape for superhero costumes is easy if you know the tricks! Here are some tips and also a great way to find a good quality cape at a cheap price.

How to Make Your Own Superhero Cape

Don’t make your own cape until you read this! I’ll show you the best ways to make your own cape, but also the most common mistakes that people make when they try making their own cape. Even better, I’ll show where you can get a really good quality superhero cape for only about two or three dollars.

Superhero Costume Capes: How To Make Your Own Cape The Easy Way

It’s easier than ever before to put together an awesome looking superhero costume — even if you’re not very creative or handy with a sewing machine. In fact, it’s possible to find every piece of your costume in one place and have it shipped right to your door. Not only is this the easiest option available, it’s also the least expensive…

Welcome to the Superhero Guide to Cape Making! A blog on how to make a great cape for superhero costumes.

This blog is a side project of my work with the San Francisco Superhero Street Patrol. We get asked a lot about where we get our capes, so I thought I’d write up some instructions for making your own.

I’ve made several capes, and can give you some good tips on what works for us and what doesn’t.

Whether you are a superhero who wants a great cape to go with your costume or someone who wants an amazing cape to wear for a party or costume ball, this blog will help you with step by step instructions on how to make the best cape you can have.


Fabric of your choice (preferably satin)

Sewing Machine


Measuring Tape


The cape is an essential part of the superhero costume. It’s an iconic image: Superman flying through the air with his arms outstretched, a red cape billowing behind him. What’s more, when you’re wearing a cape, you can’t help but feel a little bit heroic.

I’ll show you how to make a great cape that will last for years. I’ll also show you how to keep your mask and cape together so they don’t get separated on Halloween night.

Finally, I’ll show you some tricks for getting into and out of your costume quickly.

A cape can take your superhero costume to the next level! It’s important to get it right.

Superman is a great example of a superhero whose cape is an integral part of his appearance. The way Superman wears his cape shows off his strength and power. Here are some things for you to consider when making your own cape.

SUPERMAN’S CAPE COLOR: Many superheroes have capes with distinctive colors. Think about the look you want to achieve. Superman’s bright red cape is very easily recognizable and holds a lot of symbolic meaning for him.

CAPE LENGTH: Superman’s cape hangs at approximately knee length, but this will vary depending on your height and the look you want to achieve.

MATERIAL: Superman’s cape is made out of a sturdy fabric that moves when he does, but isn’t too heavy or cumbersome.

You’ll need about 2-3 yards of fabric for the cape. I like to use a heavier material like felt or velvet, but it can really be any fabric you want. You’ll also need a needle and a thread and something to mark your fabric with. If you don’t have any tailoring chalk, you can use lipstick or eyeliner instead. If you choose to use a lighter material, you can add interfacing between the two pieces of fabric to give it some body so that it doesn’t look limp.

Step 1: Measure your child’s neck and divide that number in half. Add 1 inch to that number and mark the top center of one of the long edges with that measurement. For example, my son’s neck is 16 inches around so I cut the measurement at 8 1/2 inches. I added 1 inch so that there’d be room for gathering and seam allowance (for sewing the sides together).

Step 2: Cut a slight curve from the edge to your center mark. This will allow the cape to drape properly over your child’s shoulders when they wear it.

Step 3: Lay your fabric out on a flat surface and fold it in half lengthwise with right sides facing each other (the side with the curve should

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