The Rapunzel Costume

The Rapunzel Costume:

A blog outlining the history of the costume and its ties to Disney film.

Welcome to my blog! Here I will explore the history of the Rapunzel costume, in particular, how it is related to our society today. I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying costume history in film.  My interest lies in the evolution of costume design through each decade and how it is influenced by current events, as well as its ties to popular culture.  I hope you enjoy my blog!

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The history behind the Rapunzel costume is quite interesting as well as its ties to Disney films and fairy tales in general. The entire concept of dressing up for Halloween can probably be traced back to one of the most famous fairy tales ever told, Cinderella. This classic story was written by Charles Perrault in 1697 but has been around for centuries before that in various forms. However, this tale was the first time any sort of costume was used in literature as a means for escaping an undesirable situation and becoming somebody new for one night only.

In this story Cinderella is dressed in her beautiful ball gown by her fairy godmother and she uses this disguise to make it possible for her to attend a highly important event that would otherwise have been unattainable without this transformation.

Since that time there have

The Rapunzel costume is a popular Children’s Halloween Costume, but where did it come from?  Disney’s Rapunzel is just one of many characters in the fairytale, first published by the Brothers Grimm in 1812.  Rapunzel’s hair was one of the most memorable characteristics of the fairytale and the costumes have adapted to this.  The length of Rapunzel’s hair in some animated versions has reached 70 feet!  The Disney version is no exception.

The first appearance of Rapunzel was as a character in German Fairy Tales published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1812.   These character names are derived from the Middle High German words rapunz (rampion) and zel (lock).   The rampion plant is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries as food and medicine.  In fact, the common name for rampion flower is “campion.”

The Rapunzel story can be found all over the world in different forms.  Some cultures refer to Rapunzel as Petrosinella or Perrault who was an Italian fairy tale writer from Naples.  

In Disney’s adaptation of “Rapunzel” a young girl with long blonde hair

The Rapunzel Costume is one of the most recognizable costumes in the world. It is a long, flowing dress worn by a beautiful young woman with a long braid of hair. The costume is often seen as a symbol of innocence, beauty, and purity, but in many ways it can also be seen as a symbol of strength.

The character of Rapunzel first appeared in the Disney film Tangled (2010). She is an 18-year-old girl who has been locked in a tower by her mother for her entire life. She is able to escape from her tower when she meets Flynn Rider, who helps her get out and find her mother.

The costume consists of a very long braid that is worn over the head and shoulders. The color of the hair varies depending on what version of the character you are talking about. In some versions it is blonde and in others it is brown or black. The dress may be any color as well; however, it tends to be white or light blue, which represents innocence and purity.

The character has become very popular since its introduction into popular culture due to its association with strength and independence despite being locked up for most of her life. She manages to escape from her tower thanks to Flynn Rider’s help

The little princess and her long flowing hair has become an icon in the hearts of many young girls. A story originally published by the Brothers Grimm, Rapunzel has been adapted into several films throughout history. The most popular, of course, is Disney’s Tangled. The Rapunzel Costume, with its golden braids and unique dress, is a popular choice for halloween parties, birthday parties, and more.

The costume is similar to Disney’s depiction of Rapunzel in that it features a long dress with large sleeves. The costume also includes a crown headband to complete the princess look. This costume comes in small (4-6x), medium (7-8), and large (10-12). It is made of 100% polyester so it can be machine washed on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

In the Brothers Grimm’s version of the Rapunzel story, the prince falls from Rapunzel’s tower and is blinded by the thorns he lands in. Still, he enjoys a happy ending when his eyes are healed by Rapunzel’s tears. Other versions of this story have Rapunzel being sent to a desert island with her twins after the prince has climbed her hair and been discovered; some versions have Rapunzel being executed for infidelity, while others have her hair being cut off as punishment for her betrayal.

The Disney film version of Rapunzel is much more lighthearted than many of these previous versions. The film depicts an older Flynn Rider (the man who steals Rapunzel’s crown) befriending Rapunzel and helping her to achieve her dream of seeing the floating lanterns on her birthday. Their relationship develops over time until they become soul mates.

Rapunzel Costume:

The most recognizable part of the Disney Princess’ costume is her long, blonde hair. The animated movie features a number of hairstyles for Rapunzel and a number of different wigs are available to fans who want to dress up as their favorite princess. Various shades of blonde are available as well as wigs that feature multiple colors or braids

Rapunzel has always been a favorite Disney princess of mine. I love the idea that she spent most of her life in seclusion, locked away from the world in a hidden tower. I think it’s amazing that she was able to let down her hair and escape, but still went back to the tower because she felt so safe there. I have always wanted to be Rapunzel for Halloween, but I never thought a costume for the character would be easy to find. In fact, there are very few “Rapunzel” costumes available on Amazon or at any local retail store. Many people try to make their own Rapunzel costumes by purchasing long wigs and making their own dresses, which is something I may do this year if I can’t find anything good online.

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