The Story Of Christmas-from the elves’ point of view

The Story Of Christmas-from the elves’ point of view: A blog about the story of elf costumes and Santa.

You could say that all of us have an idea in our heads about what elf costumes and Santa look like. Or should I say, who they look like? These sweet and innocent images are often instilled in us at a very early age. The typical vision is a jolly old man in a red velvet suit with white trim, a long white beard, round spectacles, black boots, and a big red hat with a white pom-pom. And let’s not forget his little helpers, the elves! They are always dressed in green or red pointed hats and tunics with yellow or black belts and shoes. They also have pointy ears! So cute! This is the image that I grew up with and took for granted as being “the way it was”.

But what if I tell you that there might be another story to be told? A story that has been hidden from us for a long time. What if I told you that Santa Claus might not be who we think he is? Or that maybe his helpers aren’t really elves at all? Sound crazy right? Let me give you some examples of how this could

The Story Of Christmas-from the elves’ point of view: A blog about the story of elf costumes and Santa.

It’s that time of year again – Elf on the Shelf season is upon us! But what’s the story behind these mischievous little elves that seem to be everywhere?

Elf on the Shelf has become a popular Christmas tradition for many families around the world. Not only does it make for a great family tradition, but it also helps encourage children to behave in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

Elf on the Shelf was originally created as a children’s book written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell. The book tells how Santa knows who has been naughty or nice by sending his scout elves to each home. Each elf reports back to Santa each night and will return to their home each morning in a new location, watching over the household until Christmas day. The idea behind this story is to encourage children to behave during the holiday season, knowing that they are being watched by an elf all day long!

The tradition of this Christmas character isn’t new. According to history, Santa has many helpers who make toys in his workshop year round, preparing for Christmas Eve when Santa delivers gifts to good girls and boys around the world

The Story Of Christmas-from the elves’ point of view: A blog about the story of elf costumes and Santa.

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Christmas is a time of celebration when families get together and enjoy themselves, often eating, drinking and having fun with their loved ones. One of the main symbols of Christmas is Santa Claus who is known around the world as the person who brings gifts to good children on Christmas Eve.

Santa’s Own Story has previously been told many times in books, films and songs but what about his helpers? How do we know about them? Well, here is one version that may not be known to all.

We all know the story of Santa, the elves, and Christmas. This is from the elves’ point of view.

It all started with Santa Claus and his wife. They were having a party at their house one night and some of the guests arrived late. Santa’s wife had been busy making food for the party and she was out of flour for cookies so she used baking soda instead. Some of it got on her clothes, giving them a yellowish tint. She didn’t notice this until after everyone had arrived and so she couldn’t change out of those clothes before greeting people at the door. When she did finally notice what happened, she hurriedly went upstairs to change into something else but by then it was too late: everyone who came through that door saw her in those yellow-stained clothes!

The next day was Christmas Eve, which meant there was no school or work for anyone except Santa Claus himself — he had to go out delivering presents all over town while Mrs Claus stayed home baking cookies with their elf helpers (who worked every day).

When they were done baking cookies they would eat them before bedtime because they needed energy for their night shift which started at midnight on Christmas Eve: wrapping gifts using paper from Santa’s workshop (or “workshop” as

It’s the time of year when we all look back on our childhood to remember what it was like to believe in Santa Claus. And while we may reminisce about our own memories of Christmas, many of us forget that there are actual living beings who make their living from the myth of Santa Claus.

The Elves, unlike the humans who tell their stories at this time of year, live in a world where Santa is no myth but an indisputable fact. And for them, this is the busiest time of year by far.

The elves work tirelessly all year long to create magic for children. They work in factories in the North Pole, crafting toys and presents for good little boys and girls all over the world. They are also responsible for making sure every child knows about Christmas, even if they don’t celebrate it in their own country. The elves have a vast network of spies who keep track of every child’s behavior throughout the year.

While most people imagine that the elves work on Santa’s behalf, it is actually Santa who works on theirs. The head elf, usually referred to as “Chief Elf,” coordinates all of the elves’ activities, which are overseen by Santa himself. While Santa is generally seen as being benevolent and kind-hearted, he’s actually quite

It is the story of how a normal little boy met Santa Claus and how two of Santa’s elves came to America with Santa to help him set up his first workshop in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.

The story begins on Christmas Eve when a young boy named Tom Kringle was walking through the woods near his home in the small town of Greendale, New York. He came upon a strange sight-a man dressed in red, with a long white beard, sitting under a tree and talking to himself. The man said he was Santa Claus and that he had just landed his sleigh in a field nearby. The boy asked if he could help and Santa said that he needed someone to take care of his reindeer while he delivered presents to all the children.

Tom agreed and led the reindeer back to his house where they ate some hay that was left over from the cows. When Santa returned, Tom asked why he had chosen such an unusual mode of transportation for delivering presents. “Because I like it,” said Santa, “and because reindeer are better than any other animal at pulling heavy loads through snow.” Tom asked if he could go with him on his trip, but Santa told him that only elves were allowed to

The story of Christmas is a very old one. It dates back to about 3000 B.C., but the exact date is unknown. The original story was about how Santa Claus came to give gifts to children each year, and about how the elves helped him do it.

The first written record of the story of Christmas comes from a Roman writer named Catullus, who lived in the first century B.C.. He wrote a poem called “Virgil’s Aeneid” (which was probably written before the birth of Christ) which was meant to tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ, but he also included some of his own thoughts on the holiday.

The poem begins with an introduction by Virgil: “Blessed is the man who knows how to celebrate this great day, for he has seen that which is most beautiful in nature.” Then he goes on to describe what happened:

On a cold winter’s night, when all was dark and silent, there appeared a bright star in the sky above Bethlehem. A shepherd called out from his flock and said, “Look! There is a star.” The other shepherds ran towards it and saw that it was shining brightly in front of them. They were so amazed that

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