The Ultimate Guide To Hosting The Best Halloween Party Ever

The Ultimate Guide To Hosting The Best Halloween Party Ever: An amazing blog to help people throw the best halloween party ever.

If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, then read on!

The first thing you need to do is pick the theme of your party. You can go with any number of themes, but here are a few ideas:

– Popular culture (eg. Harry Potter)

– Horror Movies (eg. Freddy Krueger)

– Zombies!

Once you’ve picked your theme, it’s time to start planning what kind of food and drink you’ll have at your party. Depending on the type of party you’re throwing, you may want to serve some themed drinks. For example, if you’re throwing an “Evil Clown” themed party, then maybe some candy corn punch would be appropriate.

The Ultimate Guide To Hosting The Best Halloween Party Ever

Halloween is coming and it’s time to start planning for the best Halloween party ever. I’ve outlined some tips and tricks for throwing a great bash, below you’ll find everything you need to host an amazing party!


One of the most important things about hosting a halloween party is picking the perfect location. I recommend renting out a small warehouse, this gives you plenty of space to decorate and it’s definitely the best option available. You could also try your local movie theatre or community center if they are open late enough.


Planning an awesome halloween party is all about the details, so make sure that you send out custom invitations to everyone you plan on inviting! If you need ideas for invitations be sure to check out our guide: 100 Amazing And Free Halloween Invitation Templates


Decorations are key when it comes to hosting a great halloween event. Pick up some inexpensive decorations at your local dollar store to save money and remember that making your own decorations can help cut costs as well! You’ll want to make sure that your decorations fit the theme of your halloween party so be sure to pick up some spiderwebs

What do you want to be for Halloween? A nerdy school girl, a fancy showgirl or a naughty nurse? No matter what look you choose to go with this Halloween, remember that the right accessories are essential to pulling it off. You need to make sure that you have the right shoes and tights, as well as the perfect wig and jewelry.

Here are some of the best costumes of 2012:

Freddy Krueger Costume – This is a great costume for the guy who wants to be scary this year. You can wear a red and green striped sweater with a matching hat, gloves and mask. Then all you need is a fake knife.

Marilyn Monroe Costume – If you are looking for something sexy then this is the costume for you. Marilyn Monroe was always known for her beauty and glamour, so if you want to emulate her look then wear a white dress with white high heels and make sure your hair is curled.

Angel Costume – If you want to be an angel this year there are several different directions that you can go in. You could go with a naughty angel, with a short dress and wings made out of black feathers. Or you could go with a more traditional look and wear white wings with a long flowing gown.

Every good Halloween party needs a theme. If you’re planning to host the best Halloween party ever, your theme should be Halloween. Now that we’ve got that settled, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of crafting the ultimate spooky holiday soiree.

The first thing you need to do is decide who your audience is going to be. Are you inviting over a bunch of kids for a family-friendly bash? Or do you hope that this will be the hottest ticket in town for young singles? Once you know who you want to invite, it’s time to pick your decorations.

If you’re going for an all-out scarefest, then consider decorating with skulls and skeletons and other scary props like spider webs and fake gravestones. If you’re throwing a kid-friendly party, you can still go with some scary props but tone it down a bit and include more playful decorations such as ghosts and pumpkins and witches hats. You can even get creative with how you put these things together; for instance, if you’re making a skeleton out of sticks and yarn, why not make him into an astronaut or firefighter?

What about candy? No Halloween party is complete without candy! Candy is one area where it’s okay to go overboard –

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Even throwing a Halloween party.

It’s not enough to get some beer, throw together a playlist, and leave people to their own devices.

If you want to host the best Halloween party ever, you need to put in some effort.

Here’s how:

1. How To Turn Your Apartment Into A Haunted House

2. The Ultimate Guide To Spooky Music For Your Halloween Party

3. Make Your Own Pumpkin Ale (Or Just Buy It)

4. Make Your Own Costumes — Or Don’t, Whatever

5. Throw The Best Halloween Party Ever With These 14 Awesome Recipes

What a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a night full of tricks and treats? A Halloween party is the perfect way to celebrate this ghoulish holiday. However, it can be stressful to organise a party that everyone will enjoy, especially if you have little experience with hosting. This guide will help you plan a stress-free Halloween party that your guests will remember for years to come.


Send out invitations at least two weeks before the party. It’s best to send them out early because people will have plenty of time to buy costumes and make plans. You can send out traditional paper invitations or create an event on Facebook. If you want to save money on postage, you can send free electronic invitations through websites like


Decorations are an important aspect of any Halloween party. Use orange, purple, green and black streamers, balloons and paper lanterns throughout your house to give it a spooky feel. Place carved pumpkins on your porch or by your front door so visitors immediately get into the spirit when they arrive. You can also hang decorations from your ceiling or attach them to your walls using tape or thumbtacks. For example, you can hang skeletons and ghosts from your ceiling fan or tape cut

If you’ve ever been to a Halloween party, then you know that the music is probably one of the most important parts. The best Halloween parties have an awesome playlist that sets the tone for the entire event.

Now, you can go about building this list in two different ways. First, you can just build your own playlist with all the songs you think are good. Second, and probably the better way to do it is to use one of these websites that have already done the work for you:

Spotify: Our favorite music streaming site has a bunch of great Halloween playlists. They’re sorted by decade (from 80’s-10’s) and by genre (from Halloween Hip Hop to Halloween Pop). This will be your best bet if you want to stream directly from online.

8tracks: 8tracks is another streaming service that pulls together public playlists into one place. We really like their “Spooky Scary Skeletons” playlist because it has a lot of songs that aren’t necessarily “Halloween-y,” but still fit in with the theme of spooky scary skeletons!

YouTube: If you just want a video playing in the background, then YouTube may be

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