The Wildstyle (Double Under) Decoration Method in Pilgrimages

The Wildstyle (Double Under) Decoration Method in Pilgrimages: A blog about wildstyle graffiti made by blake lethem, how he did his own graffiti and explanations of his techniques.

The Wildstyle(DU) is an original technique that was developed by blake lethem, which is basically the same as a big chopper but just with two underpasses. It looks very detailed and also has a strong color effect to it.

Basically, you place the first letter on top of the last one, then place a second letter on top of the first one, crossing over it with it’s shadow. This is called “du”. You then take this line or “du” and run it through your stencil again in a straight diagonal across the other way onto another wall. This creates a new “du”. You then repeat these steps until you have enough “dus” to fill up your whole canvas. This will give your piece a great bold pattern to it that’s hard to mess up!

If you want more information about this technique you can check out my website at for more info or email me at blee@blake

The Wildstyle (Double Under) Decoration Method in Pilgrimages: a blog about wildstyle graffiti made by blake lethem, how he did his own graffiti and explanations of his techniques.

As a kid I was always intrigued by the mysterious art form known as “wildstyle,” and when it was rediscovered in the mid-90’s by the likes of Dondi and Michaelangelo, I became obsessed with learning what I could about this new art form. Thusly, when I decided to eventually move out of my parents’ house, I decided to make a pilgrimage up to San Francisco to meet my idols.

I had joined the Army at 15, and upon completing basic training was assigned to Ft. Lee, Virginia as an infantryman. After 4 months at Ft. Lee, I was transferred to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina where we spent 4 more months on the range shooting guns at paper targets. I found living in South Carolina to be quite boring but not life threatening so I didn’t mind it much.

Then, at 18 years old, I found myself being shipped off to Germany for 3 years of active duty which meant that even though I was no longer in high school anymore, that didn’t stop me from being placed as a corpor

A blog entitled “The Wildstyle (Double Under) Decoration Method in Pilgrimages” provides a very nice example of this kind of stuff. The blog is a kind of guidebook for how to do your own graffiti, and someone who’s interested in doing graffiti can learn a lot from taking the time to read it. I particularly like the way in which the author explains his own art:

This is an example of painting your name into other people’s work. I like to use this technique when I’m going somewhere where I don’t know anybody, because it’s a good way to get attention without being annoying. When I’m traveling, I don’t have time for pushing my work in the local community, but if I come across some really cool stuff, then that’s something that deserves getting my name on it.

You need to know the Wildstyle (Double Under) Decoration Method to do this. It is a simple, fast and stylish way to do graffiti. The key thing is to take your time, not rush it and make sure you get it right.

The reason people say that the Decoration Method is good for beginners is because it’s easier for people who are new to stenciling than painting over with paint or aerosol. It’s true that if you have not done spray painting and have only just bought your first aerosol can then doing this method will probably be easier than painting over with paint.

You could try painting over maybe with a watered down felt tip or something like that if you are not sure about your technique. But don’t expect to get it as perfect as my example above.

Wildstyle means adding colour on top of colour so you can see how it looks on top of the colour underneath. This does not mean you have to add extra colours, just one colour and then paint over the two colours with the same brush one after another, in opposite directions so they mix together into one colour on top of the other two colours underneath.

The two colours underneath go from light to dark and from dark to light, but don’t worry about

The Wildstyle Decoration Method is an original and unique method of graffiti writing. It is a form of “bouncing,” which is the style of writing that Blake Lethem prefers to call double under. The Wildstyle Decoration Method is a way to get started in the Wildstyle like a pro and create awesome pieces without having to be a master artist.

Once I’d got the basics down, I started spending hours working things out. I figured out how to do the wildstyle in double under letters. At the time, double under letters were only a few years old. It was still pretty rare to see them anywhere, and everyone had his or her own way of doing them.

I figured it out by trial and error: what worked best for me was to do them in a style that didn’t exist yet, so I could invent it as I went along and call it something different.

We tend to think of graffiti as a recent development, but it has been around, in one form or another, since the 1920s. The first person I know of who wrote graffiti was a New York City subway artist named G. Gordon “Gordy” Shaw. He started out in 1928 by painting his initials on trains going into Grand Central Station.

Shaw wasn’t a professional graffiti writer and he didn’t invent the style: he just made it what it is today. He was an amateur who had discovered that there were two useful secrets to making graffiti look good. One was to do three lines at once: you can cover up any mistake and make your work look better than anyone else’s by doing several different things at once. The other was to use a kind of shorthand called wildstyle—a kind of decoration technique invented by London underground artists in the 1950s—that helps you fill up more space in a given amount of time, so that no matter how bad your writing is, you can make it look good if you do lots of it.

This means that the best way to improve is not just to practice, but to go where there are already people doing good work and see what they are doing differently from you. Over time they’ll think

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