Thor Comicon Costume Instruction and Fitting Guide

Thor Comicon Costume Instruction and Fitting Guide

What you need to get started:

Measurements of your body

3 yards of fabric (check Joann Fabrics for sales)

Ribbon or velcro

1 yard elastic band


Sewing machine

Sewing pins

Needle and thread (white thread is best for dark colors, black for lighter colors)

The Thor Comicon Costume Instruction and Fitting Guide

The Thor costume is a great costume to wear. There are a few different versions of the costume that you can choose from, including a classic movie version, a muscle chest version and a female version. In addition to the traditional Thor costume, you can also get an Avengers version and even a biker version.


Thor’s Costume

1) Thor costume features snaps and Velcro at the flexible shoulder, elbow and knee joints. This means that the muscle sections are moveable, but cannot be removed. Please note that while the belt is made to look like leather, it is not real leather and is a separate piece from the tunic. The belt can be adjusted by using the buckles on either side. The cape will tie around your neck and hangs down your back. The helmet has a fabric interior which should be hand-washed if necessary. All other parts of the costume can be machine washed on cool/gentle cycle and tumbled dry on low heat. Remember to remove cape and helmet before washing!

2) To wear Thor’s costume you will need to completely unzip the zipper in back, step into the costume and pull up over your shoulders and chest. At this point you may adjust the muscle padding in both arms and legs for proper fit.

3) Once you have adjusted the muscles as needed, close all Velcro tabs along each arm, leg and torso so that they are not showing from under any of the armor pieces once you put them on. When putting on



What You Get

You will receive a fitted bodice (torso, back and front) with straps, a belt, two epaulets and a cape. The bodice is lined in gold stretch satin and interfaced to provide structure and support. The outer fabric is high quality black cotton. The epaulets are lined in gold stretch satin and interfaced to provide structure. They wrap around the shoulders and tie around the neck. They are easily removable so you can switch them out with other outfits. The cape is made of 100% wool crepe. It measures approximately 4 feet wide by 7 feet long. It attaches to the epaulets with snaps and hooks at the throat for extra security. You will also receive an arm cuff for each arm (4 in total). These are similar to our wrist cuffs but larger in size, fitting around the upper arm like a bracelet. They are made of stretch cotton lycra, interfaced to provide structure, lined in gold satin and edged with black elastic for a secure fit. Finally you will receive two leg cuffs for your thighs or calves (depending on your height). These are made of 100%

In this video, watch as I demonstrate how to make a Thor costume for comicon. This costume includes the upper arm bracers, gloves, hammer, leg armor and cape.

You will need:

– a large piece of poster board

– duct tape

– super glue

Begin by cutting a large rectangle out of the poster board. This will be the base of your suit. Then cut out holes for your arms, legs, and neck. Next, use duct tape to attach the pieces together into a wearable suit.

To make the arms bracers and gloves, use aluminum foil to create a mold of your arm. Then place the mold in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until it is hard. Remove from oven and coat with super glue to harden further. To finish, remove from mold and paint silver.

To make the hammer, use a large piece of wood for the handle and an old frying pan for the head. Cut out a rectangular hole in the center of the pan and then glue it onto the end of the handle with super glue. Attach additional material such as duct tape or fabric around the entire handle to create grip. Once attached, paint both parts silver using spray paint or acrylic paints. Finally, hot glue small stones

Thor is the God of Thunder, Asgard’s protector and son of Odin. Thor has been around since 1962 and is a popular superhero character in the Marvel universe. The character has also been seen in several films including Thor (2011) and The Avengers (2012).

A thorough examination of the costume used in Thor will reveal that it has many elements that are easily identifiable as Norse mythology. These include the belt, chainmail shirt, helmet and hammer.

This guide aims to show you how to make an authentic looking Thor costume for less than $100. The instructions here assume you have some experience with sewing but if you don’t then there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you out.

The first thing we need to do before starting work on our costume is decide which size we want it to fit into. For example, if we want a large then we’ll need three yards of fabric for each piece of clothing such as pants or shirt sleeves (two yards if it’s going over something like gloves). If your measurements are smaller than this then just cut off any excess material after sewing together all pieces; otherwise add another yard before sewing them together again!

But what about those pesky little details like buttons? Well there’s no need to worry about those because they’re


So you want to be Thor? The God of Thunder, the Mighty Avenger, the Son of Odin himself? Well this guide is going to tell you everything you need to know!

Before we get started into the meat and potatoes of building your Thor costume we will cover general fitting and sizing. This is important because if your armor doesn’t fit right it won’t look right and you will be uncomfortable in it. So follow this step carefully and make sure to take accurate measurements.

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