Throw a Heist Costume Party

There’s a new movie coming out about a heist. Who doesn’t love a good heist movie? They’re the perfect genre for drama, action and suspense. The best part is that you can get some friends together and throw your own heist costume party. Invite everyone over and ask them to come dressed as their favorite character in their favorite heist movie. If you really want to get into it, you could even surprise them with a gift of the products featured in the movie.

There are many films to choose from when it comes to picking a favorite heist movie. You can pick one that is old or new, funny or serious, low budget or big budget, has one star or several — whatever works for you. There are so many great ones out there that you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your tastes.

If you’re going to throw a party for an upcoming movie release, it would be fun to make it themed around the film itself. You could rent out some costumes and accessories like masks and wigs so everyone can look like their favorite character from the film. Then serve some themed snacks and drinks like champagne (if it’s an older film), cigars (if it’s an older film) or popcorn (if it’s

Heist Costume Party

Last year, my friends and I threw a movie party to celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame. We were so hype about the movie that we just had to get together and watch the movie on the first day it was released.

One thing that we did to make our movie party more fun was dress up in costume. We dressed up as characters from the movie, except for one person who dressed up as a bad guy character from a different movie. It was hilarious!

With Money Heist being such an awesome show and with its new season coming out on April 3rd, I think it would be great to throw a heist costume party. You can do this with or without friends or family (social distancing, of course)!

Here are some great products to gift your guests or your bestie or yourself!

A new movie is coming out and you want to throw a party for it. You can make recommendations on what your friends should wear to the party, who they should dress up as, and if they do not have a costume already of the character, you can gift them the costume!

Hollywood is always coming out with new movies and it’s always fun to throw your own little themed party. Our favorite upcoming movie is Money Heist, which will be coming out in January. We’re so excited, we’ve decided to throw a party!

Here are some costume tips:


The Professor is the ring leader of this group. He’s known for his calm demeanor and his ability to lead the group through the most difficult situations. He dresses very simply in a black hoodie and jeans, but don’t forget a crucial accessory – the Professor’s trademark glasses! These glasses make it easy for the heist team to identify him as their leader.


Tokyo is another member of the heist team who has a very cool style. She wears dark colored track suits and oversized jackets. This look is practical for running from police or hiding from robbers. Her best accessory is her natural hair color – Tokyo’s fiery red hair makes her easy to identify! Don’t forget about her tattoos either. They’re a big part of what makes Tokyo such an interesting character in this TV show.


Denver is another interesting character on this show, because he always looks like he just woke up! His messy hair and relaxed style give him sort of

If you are like me, the moment you saw the trailer for Money Heist (Netflix) – you knew that it would be your new favorite show. And that costume party would be so much fun!

You can rent a hall and throw a money heist costume party for all your friends.

Below are some items you will need to carry out the most amazing money heist costume party ever:

Money Heist Costume Mask: You can buy a package of 12 masks on Amazon.

Money Heist Costume Red Jumpsuit: You can buy a package of 12 red jumpsuits on Amazon.

Money Heist Costume Shirt with Logo: You can buy a package of 12 shirts on Amazon.

Money Heist Costume Red Gloves: You can buy a package of 12 pairs of red gloves on Amazon.

Maybe you are a fan of the movie Money Heist. Maybe you have seen it and falling in love with its story lines and costume design. I have a good news for you! We have some items in stock that exactly match the costumes in the movie!

Every piece of the costume is carefully selected by our designers. The red jumpsuit, the Salvador Dali mask, and the toy gun are all included in this package. You can go to your friend’s home party with this set of costume. You will be the star of the night! Or maybe you just want to be alone when watching the movie with your favorite snacks and drinks. This package is also for you. It is great for solo viewing.

There are money heist costumes for kids, women and men. The kid one is smaller than adult size with a little lower price. All packages are available on Amazon Prime so that you can get it as soon as possible when your next party date is coming up. Please check our website for more detailed information about sizes and prices.


Movie Description: When a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make a choice between his own ideals and loyalty to the gang who raised him.


-Money Money Money Garland (3 yards)

-Money Bags (Set of 4)

-Money Heist Sign (8″ x 12″)

-Banksy “If You Want To Change The World Start Off By Making Your Bed” Wall Art (8″ x 10″)

-Police Line Printable

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