Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

Halloween is the perfect excuse for couples to get creative! Check out our top 10 Halloween costumes ideas for couples below.

Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

1. The Mummy

2. The Vampire and the Victim

3. The Zombie and the Scientist

4. The Health Inspector and the Hot Dog

5. The Lion Tamer and the Lion

6. Adam and Eve

7. Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone

8. Mario and Princess Peach

9. Han Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars

10. Popeye and Olive Oyl

Halloween is a great time for couples to bond and get in the holiday spirit. Dressing up together can be a great way to show off your creativity, have fun together and even get closer! If you’re looking for some inspiration for this Halloween, here are our top 10 costume ideas for couples:

1: The Mummy

It’s hard not to love mummies. This costume is so easy to put together and all you need are some old sheets and safety pins. You can even take turns wrapping each other up like real-life mummy’s! It’s perfect for any couple but especially those who want a scary and spooky costume.

2: Ken and Barbie

There’s something so iconic about these dolls that they just make the perfect couples costume. All you need is a pink dress, some heels and a blonde wig with a suit, tie, briefcase and smiley face to create your very own Ken & Barbie.

3: Batman & Catwoman

If you missed out on dressing up as Batman & Superman last year (or don’t want the same costumes again) why not try out Catwoman and Batman? This is the purr-fect costume combo if you have an inner superhero or are just looking for something bold.


Halloween is a great time of the year to have fun, dress up, and go out with friends. But when you’re in a relationship Halloween can be even more fun! It’s exciting to get to celebrate Halloween with your significant other and can be a great time to show off your creativity as well. Here are the top 10 Halloween costumes ideas for couples:

1. Batman and Catwoman – This costume idea is great for the guy that loves superheroes and the girl that loves sultry cats. There are many different versions of Catwoman costumes available so you can find one that fits your personality.

2. Mummy & Zombie – Need an easy costume idea? Dress up like a mummy or zombie and your other half can do the same! You’ll look cute together but also scary at the same time.

3. Superhero & Sidekick – This is another creative option for couples looking for a costume idea this Halloween. The superhero doesn’t have to be Batman in this case, he can be Superman, Spiderman, or Captain America just to name a few examples!

4. Mario and Princess Peach – If you love video games, why not dress up as characters from one of them? Mario and Princess Peach are perfect for each other, just like

It’s Halloween time and you are going to a party with your loved one. You want to make sure that the both of you look great. But you don’t want to spend too much money on costumes. You are looking for couples costume ideas for Halloween that are easy and cheap to make.

Here is our list of top 10 couple costumes for Halloween:

1. Mummy Costume

2. Snow White and the Evil Queen

3. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

4. Cavemen Couple

5. Bonnie and Clyde Couple

6. Batman and Cat Woman Couple

7. Cowboy/Cowgirl Couple

8. Hippie Couple

9. Minion Couple (from Despicable Me)

10. Star Wars Couple

Every year, people struggle with finding the perfect Halloween costume for their significant other.

Luckily, we are here to help you! Whether you want to dress up as a zombie or a vampire, our list of Top 10 Halloween Costumes is sure to have something for everyone.

Zombie Mummy Costume: This is one of the most popular couples’ costumes because it is easy to make and looks great on both men and women. The best part about this outfit is that it can be used again at Halloween parties in future years!

Spiderman & Black Cat: This couple was a hit last year and we expect them to remain popular this year as well. It’s easy! Just buy some black leggings, black shoes and a red top for her; he’ll need some blue pants with yellow stripes down each leg (or just wear jeans), white shirt that has been torn into rags so that there are holes all over it (use safety pins). When they’re together they look like Spiderman fighting crime together- how cool!

Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley: These two iconic figures from American pop culture will never go out of style. Dress up as them this Halloween by purchasing some white gloves and sexy dresses for ladies while guys can rock

Halloween is the perfect time for couples to celebrate their love and commitment. What better way to proclaim your love than dressing up in matching costumes? Many of these ideas are easy, fun, and can be adapted for kids as well.

1: Mummy Wraps: This costume idea is perfect for the couple on a budget who are looking for something simple and comfortable. All you need is some white clothing that can be torn, cut or distressed and a roll of white crepe paper streamers or cheap toilet paper rolls. Get wrapped up!

2: Matching Ghost Costumes: This is another easy costume idea – all you need is some old sheets! Cut eye holes out of one sheet to make a ghostly mask that fits over your head. You can also make matching hats out of smaller sheets.

3: Skeleton Couple: A skeleton costume is easy to make with some black clothing and face paint or make-up. You can use glow-in-the-dark face paint or stick glow sticks inside empty water bottles to create “bones” that you can carry around with you!

4: Animal Couples: Whether you consider yourselves two peas in a pod or two birds of a feather

Whether you’re looking for a group costume, or the perfect couple’s costume, we have some inspiring ideas that will make this halloween the best one yet. Here are 10 of the best costumes on offer.

Mumy Costume

Fancy dress costumes can be pretty pricey, and buying one for your little one is even more costly if you’re only going to use it once. So why not create your own instead? These mummy costumes are super easy to make and will have your little bundle of joy ready for trick-or-treating in no time at all.

What you’ll need:

Toilet rolls (as many as you want for the full mummy effect)

White crepe paper or toilet paper

Elastic bands or white thread


Step 1: Hold the toilet roll against your child’s body from their shoulders down to their knees and cut off any excess toilet roll. Make sure the elastic band fits comfortably around their waist, but that it’s still secure so the rolls don’t fall off before they’ve finished trick-or-treating!

Step 2: Either wrap white crepe paper or toilet roll around each roll until they are completely covered, then wrap an elastic band or some white thread around each roll to secure

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