Top 5 80s Costumes for Halloween or Any Other Event

If you’re looking for ideas for costumes to wear on Halloween or any other event, have you thought about 80s costumes? The 80s are a well-known decade, with many different types of styles to choose from. You can go with something like the punk rock look, or you could go with a more popular TV show from the 80s.

You probably remember some of these shows like The A-Team, Knight Rider and Magnum P.I. Those were some of the shows that were popular in the 80s, and there are several you can choose from to help get inspiration for your costume.

Once you know what style and costume you want to go with, it’s time to get started shopping for your clothes. This may not be so easy unless you live near a big city that has a lot of vintage clothing stores. Luckily there is an alternative, which we will talk about in the next section below.

The 1980s was a decade that has produced some of the most memorable characters in film and television. We have compiled a list of the top 5 80s costumes for Halloween.

Rubix Cube

The ever popular Rubik’s cube needs no introduction. This toy took over America and the world by storm in the 1980s and is still found in many homes today. It is simple to recreate this costume with some cardboard, paint and a little ingenuity.


The Transformers made an appearance in the 1980s with a cartoon series and then another new series of movies more recently came out. You can dress up as a transformer by wearing your choice of black or grey clothing with armor made from cardboard or foam board. Don’t forget to paint on the appropriate designs using spray paint or acrylics (and seal them if you plan on wearing them outdoors). You can also make a headpiece using paper mache or clay to give it an authentic look!


Another popular video game character is Pac-Man, who has been around since 1980 when he first appeared on Atari systems. He later became available through arcade machines in arcades across North America before making his way into our homes thanks to Nintendo’s NES game console which came out during that time as well

The 80s was a decade full of new styles and trends for movies, music, fashion and many other things. And although many of these styles seem laughable now, they are still very recognizable when you see them from a distance. This makes them the perfect material for a costume party or any other event in which you want to go dressed as something from that decade. And here are the top 5 most popular 80s looks.

1. Madonna’s style

2. David Bowie’s style

3. Michael Jackson’s style

4. The Miami Vice look

5. Punky Brewster’s style

In the 80s there was a vast variety of fashion. It all depended on the person and their style. There were many styles in the 80s that are still around today. Some of these include neon colors, the rockstar look, and even some of the fashion from movies such as Grease. Here is our list of some of the best 80s costumes.

1) The Neon Look:

Neon colors were very popular in the 80s, especially with t-shirts. This look is easy to achieve as you can find many neon items at thrift stores or online. Just grab a pair of acid washed jeans and your favorite neon shirt, maybe a pair of legwarmers if you have them (if not we have legwarmers for sale), and you are good to go!

Halloween is the season for dressing up, and with so many 1980s costumes available, you are sure to find something that will work for your party. The 80s were a time of neon colors, aerobics gear, and shoulder pads. But there were also some outrageous characters that can inspire an equally exciting costume. Here is a list of the best 80s costumes:

1. Madonna

Madonna was the queen of the 80s, and her outfits were as eclectic as her music. You can find a Madonna costume in any costume shop, or you can make your own. Buy a white blouse and a black skirt, add lace gloves and bows in your hair (don’t forget to curl it!) Then grab your boom box and head to the party!

2. Cyndi Lauper

Speaking of music icons… Cyndi Lauper had her own unique sense of style with bright pink hair and clothes that were fun to put together. To dress like Cyndi you’ll need wild colored hair (either buy a wig or use temporary hair color spray) layered clothing, lots of jewelry and don’t forget the bright red lipstick!

3. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s popularity spanned several decades but his best known “look” came

The 80s were a decade of fashion and pop culture that is still talked about today. The music, movies, and television shows of the 80s have become staples for many people in the US. A lot of these people feel nostalgia for the time period and enjoy dressing up like characters from movies or wearing clothing from that time period.

When it comes to costumes, there are plenty of options for those who want to dress up as their favorite character from the 80s. Here is a list of some of the most common and recognizable costumes from this time period:

1) Michael Jackson – This costume can be put together using any type of black pants or leggings (like jeans), white socks with red trimming at top, black loafers with red soles, white button-down shirt with black buttons (like a tuxedo shirt), black jacket such as a leather jacket or blazer, white socks worn over one shoulder so they hang down in front like suspenders/tuxedo pants. If you’re feeling extra ambitious then add some glitter makeup around your eyes!

2) Madonna – This costume requires some special items that might not be found in everyone’s closet but can easily be purchased online or at thrift stores. You’ll need bustier

The 80s was a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes—and heaping amounts of permed hair. With trends spanning from ripped tights and leather to polished oversized blazers and fashion, there is no shortage of creativity in the era.

5. Flashdance fans know that oversized sweatshirts and leg warmers are classic 80s style. There’s no surer way to nail your look than with a few extra layers of neon spandex underneath your everyday clothes.

4. Madonna may be the reigning queen of pop music, but she’s also the queen of 80s fashion. One easy way to get her look is to wear layers of different types of lace, like she does here in Desperately Seeking Susan.

3. Every kid in the 80s had a pair of jelly shoes—but not all were lucky enough to find a pair as cool as these! Add these to your outfit for a pop of color (literally) and make sure everyone you see knows you mean business.

2. Leopard print is one pattern that will never go out of style—it just might take a few decades off every now and again! This bodysuit is perfect for the woman who isn’t

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