Top Mummy Costume Tips

Top Mummy Costume Tips: A list of tips and tricks on getting the best mummy costume.

1. Pretend you are actually a mummy when you are wearing your costume, and hide in people’s closets until they go to sleep.

2. Do not get into arguments with people who say you are not a real mummy – just ignore them, or tell them to “go away”.

3. Be prepared for the paparazzi – they will be everywhere, especially outside your house.

4. Avoid undead Egyptians at all costs – they will not be happy to see you.

A good starting point is to find a mummy costume that’s been rated highly by other people. This can help narrow your options down dramatically, and also give you a good idea of what to expect.

You may also want to consider how easy it is to get hold of the mummy costume – either online or in person. Some costumes are only available to buy at certain times of year, so it’s worth checking this out before you place your order.

If you’re planning on buying your mummy costume online, make sure that you are aware of the returns policy of the store you’re buying from. If they don’t allow returns, or they charge an exorbitant amount for them, this could put you off from buying from them.

1. Make sure your mummy costume is authentic.

If you want to make a great mummy costume, follow these tips:

– Find an old, white sheet.

– Cut two holes in it for your eyes.

– Cover your face with toilet paper.

– Paint your face gray and black.

1. Buy white gauze and wrap your body.

2. Find a mummy mask, there are many to choose from, some more realistic and gross than others.

3. Mummy makeup: add some dark circles around the eyes and extra dirtiness to make it look old and used.

4. Add blood or red paint to the torn parts of the gauze to add realism to your mummy costume.

1. Choose a mummy in advance

2. If a kid, have an adult help you

3. Add some drama to your mummy

4. Practice walking like a mummy before the big event

5. Wear comfortable shoes underneath your costume

6. Keep the make-up creepy and simple

7. Remember to wear a mask!

1. Wrap the gauze around your body in a spiral pattern, beginning at your ankles and working your way up.

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