Top Notch Costume Work

Top Notch Costume Work: We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes.

Speed: We provide quick turn around time and can meet your deadlines.

Affordability: We are one of the most competitively priced costume makers in the entertainment industry.

Reputation: We have a solid reputation for providing amazing costumes for many top Hollywood productions, award shows and commercials.

Variety of Costumes: We can make any costume from any time period from medieval to modern to futuristic.

Variety of Services: In addition to making costumes, we can cheaply rent or sell you costumes or we can provide wardrobe maintenance and repairs or alterations.

Top Notch Costume Work: We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes.

We use only the best materials available for construction.

Superior Quality Furs: Our fur is top quality and made to withstand the rigors of convention wear.

All our furs are custom dyed to the color of your choice and are fully lined in a satin or cotton blend. In an effort to reduce shedding and increase durability we double layer most areas of heavy wear.

Made to Measure: Our costumes are made to fit you, not a generic size chart.

We measure each client individually to ensure a proper fit. If you’re not sure about your measurements just ask, we can help you find someone local who can help you get them. We also take into consideration things like height, weight, and how the costume will be worn when determining pattern sizes for optimum fit and comfort.

We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes.

Our focus is on creating a costume that will last, not just one night but for years to come.

Costume Construction: We are meticulous with the way we design and manufacture our costumes.

We choose the highest quality fabrics and materials in order to create a costume that is strong, durable and long lasting.

We have produced costumes for many events including sporting mascots, corporate mascots, theatre productions, halloween festivals and parades.

Our customers include sports teams, businesses, event planners, schools and theatres.

We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes. We have been making top quality costumes for the past five years, and we look forward to many more years of serving our customers.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best costume possible. Let us help you make your next event a great success!

We do things right the first time, so when you order from us, you can relax and know that your costume will be done right. We won’t let you down!

We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes. Our furry friends are hand crafted with only the finest materials and we have been providing top notch work to our loyal customers for over a decade.

We provide a variety of costume options to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a full suit or just a mask or tail, we’ve got you covered!

Our furry friends come in many different shapes and sizes, from small to large, from simple designs like cats and dogs to more complex ones such as horses or bears. You name it! We do custom orders too so if there is something special that you want, just let us know!

We offer high quality workmanship on all costumes.

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We can’t show everything we’ve done, but here’s a small sample of our work. You can see more at our Flickr page.

If you have questions about our costumes or would like to discuss your own custom costume commission, feel free to contact us!

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