Venom Movie Review

Venom Movie Review – This film marks the villain’s film debut with a movie based on Marvel’s comics, Venom. The film will be released in theaters on October 5th, 2018. This film is directed by Ruben Fleischer and starring Tom Hardy as the main character, Eddie Brock.

This film tells of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) who is an investigative journalist who was told to interview the founder and CEO of Life Foundation named Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). However, Eddie had done research before meeting with him. And it turns out this company is hiding something related to space exploration.

In fact, there are many mysterious deaths that involve Carlton Drake’s company. In essence, he experiments with everything that came from space and then combined it with human DNA to create a new life form. Unfortunately it can only be combined with humans who have the same DNA origin as its own species.

Many people think that Venom is a movie with a much lower quality than the rest of Marvel’s films. However, as soon as I saw the end of the film, I realized this was not true. Venom has its own unique personality and is deeply rooted in reality; This makes it even more attractive than other films.

The director of Venom has created a work different from the film universes of Marvel and DC. In fact, there are no heroes or villains in the traditional sense, but only two different opinions. The protagonist tries to prove that he is not a villain and not just a monster; This is also a reflection of our society today.

Venom’s story unfolds in San Francisco, where you can see many famous landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown. This makes me feel like I’m really in this world! The car chase scenes are well-choreographed and breathtaking. These scenes are also very realistic: when the protagonist steals Eddie Brock’s car at night, we can hear children playing nearby; When he drives the car into the forest during the day, we can hear birds chirping. We can even hear people breathing when they walk in crowded streets!

The music in this movie is amazing too. There are many classic songs like “Back

Venom is a superhero film based on the Marvel comics character of the same name and produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel [Photo / Mtime]

The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott. The story revolves around Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist investigating the Life Foundation and its illegal human experimentations. Eddie was later infected by an alien symbiote, giving him superpowers as Venom. With his newfound powers, will he be able to defeat Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the founder of Life Foundation?

The film is quite interesting, not only because it’s a superhero movie but also because it stars Tom Hardy. Moreover, Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock/Venom is spot-on; he delivers both comedy and action through Venom’s voice. The way Venom was portrayed was also just right – not too friendly to viewers or too creepy for a superhero character. In addition to that, the fight scenes were well-done; it was just the right amount of gore to keep the audience hooked without being too scary for younger viewers.

It’s hard to judge a superhero movie without comparing it to other similar ones but I will try my best

Tom Hardy’s “Venom” is a film that you either take or leave. It is hard to believe that Sony really wanted to launch the Spider-Man villain, one of the most popular characters in the universe of Marvel Comics, in a movie with a PG-13 rating and without any other superhero. And yet, it is exactly what has happened.

The realization of the film, directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), is not particularly spectacular because it never shows the title character and his alter-ego, Eddie Brock, in all their glory: Venom does not speak until about an hour into the film, which gives us an idea of how much time he spends on screen.

But in reality, we see much more than Spiderman’s black-blooded enemy. The film tells us how Eddie Brock went from being a successful investigative journalist to being a homeless man after losing everything he had due to a misunderstanding.

Poor and desperate, he manages to find work again thanks to his ex-fiancé Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), but soon finds himself involved in a series of events where he will be infected by an alien parasite that could lead him to ruin again.

The film starts very slow and develops as if it were trying

Venom has been one of the most popular Marvel characters in cinema. So when Sony announced the “Venom” film, fans were looking forward to watching Tom Hardy’s film. However, the first trailer for the movie disappointed fans and critics. The special effects did not look very good and many fear that this will be another version of “The Fantastic Four”. But Sony’s last-minute marketing push, featuring a new trailer and a scene of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) as Venom, gave fans a little more hope.

The best thing about the Venom movie is its humor. Although there are not many jokes in this film, they are well-placed and work very well. Tom Hardy’s performance is also a highlight of the film, and he brings the perfect balance between Eddie Brock and Venom. It will be interesting to see the sequel if Venom gets a solo sequel.

The main criticism of Venom is its villain. There’s nothing wrong with Riz Ahmed’s performance, but his character never feels like a real threat. The relationship between Eddie and Venom was interesting enough that the film didn’t need another villain.

Ahmed plays Carlton Drake, CEO of the Life Foundation, which is experimenting on aliens called symbiotes to find a way to save humanity from the destruction of Earth. One day, Eddie finds out from his girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) that she works for Drake, who asked her to help him get information about Drake for an article he was writing for his newspaper.

When Eddie does this, he accidentally infects himself with one of these symbiotes. This symbiote calls itself Venom, and it gives Eddie incredible strength and healing powers, but it also makes him very violent and aggressive. It also becomes clear that it wants to kill humans as much

Eddie Brock, a journalist investigating the Life Foundation, was accidentally infected with an alien symbiote. The two parties (symbiotes and humans) have a spiritual connection. They have a common goal of taking down Carlton Drake, head of the Life Foundation.

The story was not bad; the first half was pretty interesting. The second half is a little rushed, but this is not the point.

The most important reason Venom succeeds is that Sony doesn’t take it too seriously. This movie has no pretensions. It’s just a fun movie. There are many plots in the movie that make people laugh, including Eddie and Venom’s bickering in their heads (they both talk to each other) and Venom eating people’s heads.

I think another important reason for its success is that Sony has made great efforts to promote this movie. There were many trailers released before the film was released, which attracted more audiences to watch it in theaters.

If we compare DC and Marvel movies, Marvel movies are more humorous than DC movies because Marvel understands the true nature of superheroes; they are superheroes, not deities or gods like Superman or Batman. So this makes Marvel movies more popular with audiences than DC movies. And I think Venom is one of the best

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