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Plague Doctor Costume Ideas: A blog about plague doctor costumes.

One of my favorite Halloween costumes I made was a plague doctor mask and costume. To help anyone looking to make their own, I’ve put together a tutorial showing how I made mine. This isn’t the only way to make a plague doctor mask (and in fact I encourage you to experiment and develop your own style) but here are the steps that worked for me.

I’d also like to share some of my favorite examples of other people’s plague doctor masks and costumes, as well as some great ideas that didn’t quite work out.

There are some other great plague doctor costume ideas out there.

In a previous post we talked about the great plague doctor mask being used in the score of Silent Hill 2. There are some other great plague doctor costume ideas out there. In this post I will go over some of them.

The first idea is a cool looking plague mask that was made by the folks at This mask is made out of black leather and is similar to the ones that were actually used during the black plague era. This mask comes with a hat and scarf which make it look like you are wearing a medieval doctors outfit. You can purchase this mask for $125 USD on Etsy’s website or on Amazon.

Another cool idea is to make your own plague doctor costume using pieces from your closet. One example might be to take an old shirt, pair of pants and belt and then use them as the basis for your costume. You can then add details such as buttons, buckles, etc to complete the look.

You could also use an old t-shirt and pair of jeans to create a more modern version of this look. Just add a few accessories such as sunglasses or jewelry to complete your ensemble!

If you are looking for some cool Plague Doctor costume ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Plague Doctors were a common sight in 17th Century Europe, particularly in times of plague. The Black Death was a serious problem in Europe and England at this time. As a result, doctors took it upon themselves to wear protective clothing when treating plague victims. They wore long robes, hats and masks with bird-like features. The beak of the mask was filled with aromatic herbs that would protect the doctor from the disease (in theory).

Looking to make your own plague doctor costume? Here are some ideas and instructions.

In 1656, the city of Rome hired Dr. Santorio Santorio to be its ‘Consulting Physician’.

His job was to look after the health of many prominent people, including his patron Cardinal Francesco Barberini and Pope Alexander VII.

He was a man of some influence in his own time, but he is perhaps better known now for one of his inventions: an early version of the thermometer.

And he is famous for writing a book in which he catalogued the 72 illnesses he believed were caused by the ‘chemical’ action of ‘hot’, ‘cold’, ‘moist’, or ‘dry’ agents on the human body.

However, what I want to talk about here is another thing he did: inventing a new type of beak-nosed plague doctor outfit.

The best plague doctor costume ideas for Halloween, cosplay, renaissance fairs, and more. Learn about the history of the plague doctor costume and where to buy it.

The infamous Black Death has been a source of inspiration for many artists and writers over the centuries. The bubonic plague pandemic that swept through Europe from 1346-1353 was…

If you’re looking for a really cool plague doctor costume, you’ve come to the right place. Plague doctor costumes are easy to make and can be quite convincing. The following links will show you how to make your very own plague doctor costume and be ready for Halloween or any other party – in no time at all!

I would like to thank David Schaller for these great steps and photos on how to make a plague doctor mask. You can find the original instructions on his website.

So, here are some photos with instructions on how to make a great plague doctor costume in just a few easy steps…

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Here is a little bit about me: My name is Adam and I am 25 years old. I have been a fan of Doctor Who since childhood, but only recently started watching it again after many years away from home due to work commitments etc… So when my girlfriend found out that we could actually buy costumes from Amazon, she took me straight there without even asking me if we were going first!

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