Want to look like the beloved Disney character? Our blog will help you learn to paint your face for halloween.

All of us are familiar with the beloved Disney character Tinkerbell. Her figure is elegant and graceful, and she is usually portrayed as a blonde fairy with a green dress and wings.

Are you planning to be Tinkerbell for Halloween this year? Maybe you want to surprise your child or partner by dressing up like the character that they love so much.

Whatever the reason, it may seem daunting to learn how to paint your face like Tinkerbell. But don’t worry! If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to transform yourself into one of the most beautiful fairies in all of Neverland.

First, start by buying green eyeshadow and foundation that matches your skin tone. A brown eyeliner pencil will also be useful.

The first step is to apply your foundation evenly across your face. Try not to add too much foundation, because we don’t want our skin tone to be too dark compared to the green hue we will be adding.

Next, apply a thin layer of green eyeshadow on top of your foundation. Start with the eyelids and work down towards your cheeks and nose. Make sure that you blend the color evenly so that there are no harsh lines or patches of darker color visible on your face.

How to Paint Your Face: Tinker Bell Halloween Makeup

As Halloween approaches, many people are scrambling to put together a costume. With time running out and no money left to buy a costume, painting your face is the next best thing.

Today we will learn how to create a Tinker Bell look. The steps are simple and can be easily done by anyone. You can recreate this look with the materials you have around your home.

Before you begin, wash your face thoroughly to remove any makeup that may be on it.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of Tinkerbell look-alikes out there. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to make your face stand out from the crowd. Follow these steps to add some magic to your costume!

Step 1: Foundation

The first step to any face paint is applying foundation. It doesn’t have to be expensive; in fact, you can get it at any drug store. Use a damp sponge and apply it all over your face. Be sure not to leave any spots!

Step 2: Powder

After you’ve applied the foundation, use powder on top of it. This will help keep the foundation on your skin instead of melting off. Make sure the powder matches your skin tone exactly—that way, no one will know you even have it on!

Step 3: Eyeliner

With a thin brush, draw a black line across your eyelid and up toward the brow bone. You can also draw a smaller line inside the eyes for more definition.

Step 4: Mascara

Use mascara to make your lashes appear long and thick! If you have brown or black hair, use brown mascara instead of black so it doesn’t look too dark against your skin tone.

Apply two coats on both upper and

If you are dressing up for Halloween, or for a costume party, as Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan movies, you will want to look as close to the character as possible. You can create a Tinkerbell face paint look with just a few simple steps. You only need a few items of makeup, and some patience, to create this look.

Use your eyeliner pen and draw on Tinkerbell’s dark eyebrows. Add on her beauty mark below her left eyebrow.

Once you have finished with your eye makeup and lipstick, you will be ready to go out as Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell is one of the most loved Disney characters. While being a tiny fairy, she has proven to be a strong character with lots of personality. For Halloween this year, why not try your hand at looking like everyone’s favorite pixie?

Start with the basics

You will need a wand, wings, and makeup. The wand can be made from pipe cleaners and green ribbon or purchased for a few dollars at nearly any costume shop. The wings are easily found online or in stores and are typically made from nylon and wire. These can be reused for years if stored properly.

For the face, you will need green eye shadow, glitter, blush, and pink lipstick. You may also opt to use a green eyeliner instead of eye shadow. You should have these items available in your makeup bag. If not, they can be found in any store that sells cosmetics.

A bit of practice is important before you apply your makeup on Halloween day. Try practicing during the week prior to ensure you have the finished look you desire.

Transform yourself into the world’s most famous fairy with our guide to creating Tinker Bell makeup for Halloween. You can use the step-by-step instructions below, or watch our video above to see how we created our own Tinker Bell Halloween look.

Get your face ready by using a primer and foundation to give you a smooth base for your makeup.

Using an eyeliner, draw three dots on each side of your nose in a triangle shape. Fill in the triangles with green eyeshadow.

Using an angled brush, apply a darker green eyeshadow underneath your eye to create a winged shadow effect. Sweep over the same colour on your eyebrows, then fill them in with brown eyeshadow.

Using green eyeliner, trace along your lower lash line to create a cat eye shape. Using the same liner, draw two small half circles on each side of your nose, just below your eyes. Fill in these shapes with black eyeliner.

Using white eyeliner, draw around the outside of the black half circles you created earlier. This will add some dimension and make them look more real.

Create freckles using brown eyeliner – we used three on each cheek. Draw little circles on top of these freckles using white eyeliner

This article will show you how to create a Tinkerbell look. It is not difficult, but it does require patience and practice.


1. The first step is to find a cheap green dress. You can find one at Walmart for about $8.00.

2. Next, you need to find some fairy wings. They are sold online in many different places and come in many different colors and designs. You can also make them from wire hangers or other craft materials if you are resourceful. Make sure that the wings fit you properly so that they will stay up on your back without assistance as you will be wearing them all night long on Halloween (or any other time).

3. The last thing you need is some green face makeup or face paint (purchased at any costume store). Use it to cover your entire face so that there isn’t any skin showing through except for your eyes, nose and mouth. Do not forget about your ears! You can use a sponge, brush or fingers for applying the makeup evenly across all areas of the face including under your chin area where it meets with your neck just above where the dress starts on top of this part of your body (and remember to blend it into the neck area

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