We make easy outfits to put together and impress. All you need is a crystal ball and you are on your way.

A fortune teller costume is an easy, impressive way to dress up for Halloween.

If you want to be a fortune teller, all you need is a crystal ball and you are on your way!

This detailed kit is available in two sizes, small and large. The two sizes are designed to fit a variety of body types. Wearing this type of outfit will make you feel like a true professional.

Predicting the future is a dangerous and difficult business. We make it easy for you to look into your crystal ball with our fortune teller costume. There’s no need to consult with spirits, just put on the cape, headpiece and crystal ball, and you have all you need to impress and predict.

We have the best of costumes for your Halloween party. Our new fortune teller costume is sure to make you look unique in the party. The set has a dress, headpiece, and a belt. The dress is black, red and white with lace trim and sequin detailing. The headpiece is made up of a turban with a crystal ball attached to it. Tie the fancy belt around your waist to complete the look. Get it at a special 20% discount on our website today!

What do you see in your future? Dress up as a fortune teller this Halloween and you’ll be the only one that knows you’re the real deal. Our great selection of plus size fortune teller costumes will compliment your mysterious and alluring look, so cast a spell on everyone at the party. From our beautiful gypsy costumes to our enchanting genie costumes, we have all of the styles you need to cast a spell on everyone.

Our genie costume for women comes with a harem style top that is sure to accentuate your figure. The sheer sleeves will give off just enough skin, but still leave a little something to the imagination. The genie pants are also sexy, but they are comfortable enough so that you can dance the night away at any costume party. A sheer headpiece is also included, which will make you feel like royalty when you are dressed up as a genie. With subtle sequin detailing and soft fabric, this costume is sure to be a hit!

The easiest way to make a fortune teller costume is to wear a long dress with a shawl. You can use any color you want or go with something more traditional like purple or black. A long wig is also a great way to give the outfit an authentic look.

Many other accessories work well with this type of costume. These include gold coins, beads, and fake jewelry. Add some makeup for more dramatic effect and don’t forget to carry around a crystal ball!

This costume is a great option for someone who wants to dress up as a fortune teller this Halloween, but doesn’t want to spend too much money on their costume. This outfit is composed of just one key piece: the cardigan. From there, put together some black accessories and you’re all set!

The cardigan is the most important part of this costume. I found mine at Forever 21 for about $20. It’s a really affordable option for a comfortable costume that doesn’t break the bank. The best part about this sweater is that it has an embroidered pattern on the front and back which adds to the fortune teller aesthetic without having to do any extra work or add on any additional pieces.

Any other items you can add will only enhance your look- especially if you want to go out of your way and make this look more elaborate. You can get some fake jewelry from Forever 21 or Claire’s like I did, but you could also shop around at thrift stores or even borrow from friends and family members! I love wearing my mom’s old rings because they have so much character and add so much to an outfit in general.

For shoes, the options are endless! I chose

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